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  1. That’s a dirty play, no question about it. I hope he’s not marchand/kadri-ish all the time but I love seeing that edge from him. Maybe we got a guy that will go apesh*t in the playoffs and have the monster games you need from your support players.
  2. What a dream for the arena announcer. Can you imagine how hard he’s going to be able to belt out Hoglander in a starting lineup call. I could probably get a pretty good one off and I’m not even good.
  3. Anyone hear Bo’s interview on sportsnet radio? Said something like it’s good to see a guy like that that’s “almost nhl ready” haha. Just Bo’s opinion from practicing with him but still pretty cool.
  4. There's 2 now, one on tsn 1200 too. He's unreal lol. You feel like your listening to the greatest hockey player of all time when he opens his mouth. I can see why Willie and Lou lost their minds over this. I'm absolutely in love with the guy already. Give him the C.
  5. good call on konopka hahaha.