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  1. A canucks loss and hawks win tonight puts us within 3 points of third last, that would be closest I've seen us be to the bottom since the start of the season 

    1. A.A.A


      We still have more points than Arizona, Anaheim, San Jose and CBJ.

      Chicago would be up to 49 points with a win tonight, so still a couple points behind us if we lose. I don't see us outtanking most of these teams unfortunately. Hoping for some draft luck!!

    2. Watermelon


      lol yep we have 51, with a canucks loss and hawks win tonight , Ari and Hawks have 49 each, and Sharks have 48 . Putting us 3 points away from third last 

    3. Guest


      Don't dare to dream.  


      That's my only advice! 

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