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  1. Any ideas for a canucks meme? I was thinking this spongebob scene has a lot of potential. Spongebob could be CDC or canucks fans in general while patrick could be jim benning. I was thinking sth like the first time patrick puts the money into the vending machine could be "signing louie eriksson", the machine rejects the dollar: "drafting pettersson" and so on... but i really suck at these things so pls give me some better ideas. (important to note: this is just for fun, not trying to incite any animosity between the benning haters and benning supporters)



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    2. Petey_BOI


      Last one, got to let the evening folk a chance to post their dankest memes.


    3. Petey_BOI
    4. Petey_BOI


      deleted because facebook removed it so if you want to see it. message me

  2. https://www.wbez.org/stories/a-chicago-blackhawks-player-from-the-2010-championship-team-is-accusing-a-coach-of-sexual-assault/8dd7e951-c039-4572-9fb1-f3f099f86371?utm_campaign=Web-Share&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=twitter
  3. How is a potential liar any better than a potential rapist? both parties ruin others' lives. With the rapist is no brainer, but with the liar you send an innocent person to prison, where he'll be raped regularly. I think they are equally bad, both destroy lives.
  4. Slow down buddy, we have to leave some cap space for Messier. He won't come cheap.
  5. why are you so obsessed with a bottom 6 player's production? for scoring, there's your top 6. jimbo said gaudette wasn't going to work out that way, there's just no place for him there, especially with lind and podkolzin coming in. Highmore sounds like an awesome player: skates really well, goes to the net every time, plays his heart out and very good defensively/good PK guy. how about not panicking every time benning makes a move?
  6. Lithuania is 8th on that list, but i don't know why would anyone want to live in Eastern Europe, male or female...
  7. ummm... just noticed that the dark mod uses the colors red and yellow... does this mean the organization goes back to the flying skate next season? :P

    1. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      Sorry bud. It’s just to make it easier on the eyes at night. Plus the skate jersey is bad ass. :metal:

    2. -AJ-


      Just Stealth exposing his bias.

  8. i don't like that many rap/hiphop songs, but the ones i love are almost all of them from him. Rest in peace.
  9. i think no revolutionary idea is needed here. let every team play as many games as they can until the regular season is over. then just rank them based on their winning percentage, like last year.
  10. from now on only one theme will be available? i really liked the default version.

  11. Classic flames



  12. does anyone know the mathematical chances of the Canucks making the playoffs at this point?

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    2. Petey_BOI


      http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL.html gives the canucks a 1.1% chance of making the playoffs.

    3. falcon45ca
    4. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      just above 'snowball'


  13. oh my, talk about misery... Buffalo is 2-13-2 in their last 17 games, while getting shutout 5 times at home (!).



    1. Bell


      Without covid would their attendance record be much different

    2. goalie13
    3. Bombastik der Teutone
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