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  1. how is this any different from benning's (or for that matter, any GMs') press conferences? sounds the same to me
  2. roller coaster of a game, but congrats to podz, what a beauty! красивый гол!
  3. for those who are already burying the team, the astros red sox game is starting in a minute.
  4. unpopular opinion here, but I kinda like Hirsch as a color guy. ofc Garrett cannot really be replaced.
  5. ugh, that was ugly. should have been more imo. guy was totally defenseless, down on one of his knees, trying to get rid of the puck.
  6. true, that really gets me as well, being shutout is one of the most frustrating things in hockey. and smith looked like a f-cking brickwall for 50sth minutes. i just hate losing to him. i'd rather have the team lose 6-1 than 2-0.
  7. you should include a poll. but i really believe it's gonna be the canucks. I'm very excited about our team right now.
  8. i was very surprised to read this from you, i thought we played a really good, entertaining game all throughout. I though we were much better in the first, second period was theirs, but the third period was once again ours. What really bothered me was our powerplay in general and their powerplay goal. That too many men penalty is just so maddening, and you could just tell, that's gonna be the one they convert into a goal... i was so furious. I don't know about you, but to me our powerplay just looks so slow and predictable (except that couple of touch passes right before OEL's goal, that was pretty neat); we had much better shifts even on 5on5, especially in the first period. Also, I didn't see much of Podkolzin, which i thought was a shame. I loved Garland, Hoglander, Highmore, and that Myers hit on Keith was soo sooo satisfying. And I've just realized, I hate Mike Smith so much, I was so worried we would get shutout. Glad that didn't happen, but still, did you see his celebration at the end? Like he just won a round in the playoffs. what an embarrassment. Also also, I don't mind Chiasson on the powerplay for now, but I hope he starts converting those chances very soon, Pettersson was feeding him with great passes.
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