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  1. Watching this I just realized how much I miss Detroit having a good team. It feels weird having playoffs after playoffs without the Red Wings.



    1. Herberts Vasiljevs

      Herberts Vasiljevs

      awood40 is HANDS DOWN the best youtuber out there...


      I love any Fedorov video of his. He was just beautiful out there.



  2. very nice passing on the PP


    1. Rubik


      btw, the white team (SKA Saint Petersburg) has Askarov in net, Fantenberg on defence, and Linden Vey and Podkolzin up front. Lot of familiar names :P

  3. LOL guy crashes through the glass after scoring a goal



    1. goalie13


      I saw in another story that it was his first ever professional goal.  What a way to enhance the occasion!

    2. nuckin_futz


      <------- I endorse this celebration..... OH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

    3. Chickenspear


      Hockey Gauds has some celly competition I see, lol

  4. Dallas Stars' new third:



    1. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      The colours make me think of a custom team you'd see in an NHL game. The logo is a bit too high, but overall not bad.

    2. The Lock

      The Lock

      Could be worse. Could be a lot better but it could be worse. lol


      It's bold with the bright green colour scheme but conservative with the jersey itself.

  5. Would you retire Pekka Rinne's number after he's finished playing?


    There are four teams left in the league who have no retired numbers; Nashville's one of them.

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    2. internationalhippy


      doubt shea weber

    3. Herberts Vasiljevs
    4. Coconuts


      I'm not sure tbh, he leads them in every category as far as goaltending goes but all he's won is a Vezina at the NHL level


      But if they were going to retire anyone in the near future it'd be him


      Don't see Weber getting that honor 



  6. which game was the most physical in the Finals?

  7. so my cdc page looks a bit off, anyone knows what to do?




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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i’m not that pesky.

    3. BoKnows


      Joe you ain't pesky at all

    4. Coconuts


      So many squares 

  8. so apparently the Senators are switching back to these jerseys from next year. what do you think?






  9. What is your opinion on the two-line pass rule? I've read a mini-article on it, and towards the end there are some sound arguments why it should be brought back.



    1. Rubik



      The jury is still out on whether it worked. There are three arguments against the rule change. First, scoring has not increased. After a short bump following the rule changes, the goals per game average fell back down to where it had been before the two line pass rule was eliminated. So far this year, an average of 2.76 goals are scored per game, which is right in line with the averages in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The second argument against the removal of the two line pass is that it goes against the other key motivator for rule changes. Getting rid of the two line pass rule has made the game more dangerous for its players by allowing for faster play that takes place over a larger area of the rink. As we know well from football, a faster moving, more free flowing game is exactly what causes brain injuries and concussions to be such a problem. Some have called for the NHL to bring back the rule to slow the game down and make it safer. Last, it’s also possible that getting rid of the two line pass has made the game less interesting to watch. Oh, sure, it seems crazy given that those neutral zone trapping teams were famously boring, but the alternative is not great either. Passing through the neutral zone is still a dicey proposition fraught with the dangers of having an opponent steal the puck, so teams have adopted a tactic where they send a player up to their opponent’s blue line, rifle a hard pass up to him, and have him simply deflect the puck into the opponent’s zone and then chase it. It’s safe and legal but it doesn’t have the artistry that was required when the two line pass rule was in effect.


    2. Chickenspear


      Two line pass rule sucked, I was so happy when they took it out when I was a few years into playing minor hockey. More whistles slows the game down.


    look who's no.1 :)

    1. c00kies


      Commenting so I might be able to see this later when I'm not at work

  11. NHL, what the &^@#?!



  12. haha, &^@# Doughty :lol:



  13. The Ducks are once again using their orange alternative on the road.  Yesterday in Vancouver, now in Calgary.

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      It's desperation sales for that market. Saw miles of tents/tent city homeless, a stone's throw from their beloved Honda Centre

    3. HerrDrFunk


      @Nuxfanabroad You can throw a stone from Skid Row to Anaheim? I'm impressed!

    4. Rubik




      oh, it makes sense now)