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  1. The Coyotes just broke up with the Blues, lol :lol:



    1. Aladeen


      Bad form... you should always break up BEFORE Valentine's Day so you don't have to waste money on presents. 

  2. i can't really make sense of this. how is april tough on two teams only? Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg all seem to be locked for playoffs this year and they play 16, 15, 15 games respectively. Which two are you talking about?
  3. 2012-13 was the lockout shortened season, so i don't think he missed any games there. so all in all 62 games missed in 14 seasons. i wouldn't say it's bad, especially for someone who plays such a physical game.
  4. apparently another idiot glued his lips together to prove that this story was fake
  5. I don't mean to be a smartass or whatever, but isn't that how things can escalate pretty quickly? (like nazi germany, soviet russia, etc)
  6. oh okay, just for a moment i didn't see how this could be a political issue
  7. and idiots like her can vote, drive a vehicle, raise children etc...
  8. damn, now i'm curious what you sound like
  9. also, if you feel comfortable enough, maybe you could educate us by sharing some of your experiences as a non-binary person. I guess lots of people know, love or respect you here, so i would imagine it would be more "real" for them to read about these topics coming from you, rather than from some random stranger's story off the internet. And it would certainly be more fruitful than just calling people transhobic left and right.