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  1. I don't really care for him but the previous PM wanted to ban muslims. And the 1990s still had Residential Schools open. Justin nothing to be super happy about but this is a bit of an exaggeration
  2. I disagree. I'm against any loss of innocent life and oppression (btw Palestine also has large christian populations and they too are being murdered). The fact that Biden enables this and has advocated for zionism for decades now is telling of the kind of person he is. Its not even solely about his stance on the Israeli apartheid, Bidens impact includes his role in the discriminatory laws set in place to target black men, his vice president who is known to support the unjust judicial system that further targets and oppresses the black populations in America with harsh penalties, his role in the Obama campaign, etc. While Biden and Trump certainly conduct themselves differently in the press and I suspect thats the reason why Biden is seen to be superior in the eyes of the public, I feel as though they're actions and the resulting effects from both of them are similarly unjust to put it lightly.
  3. You mention Trumps children being Jewish but you should know two of Bidens children are married to Jews. Also, it's much more than Biden not speaking out, he flat out said "Israel has the right to defend itself" when its clear that Israel has been the aggressor since its formation. In addition, the US repeatedly blocks UN sanctions and statements against Israel. Don't you realize this exact behaviour that is supported by Biden gives Israel a path to commit horrid crimes against humanity and breaking dozens of international laws? Israel for decades now has been able to do whatever it wants without having to face any consequences thanks to the US and guys like Biden who support them. Again, you may disagree with me on this, but Biden and Trump are the same in my eyes regarding their life in politics (Trump should be in jail for s.a I agree with you).
  4. Bidens support for Israel has been going on for decades, not only his term as president.
  5. whats been happening recently is not about the location of the US embassy but rather Israel continually taking more and more land displacing and dehumanizing Palestinians. it reached the boiling point when settlers were kicking out Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah followed by the attack on Al Aqsa Mosque. The Us embassy wasn't in the other occupied Palestinian lands when Israel took those were they? The Israeli plans were always to expand its borders until Palestine was wiped off the map I'm not defending Trump in the slightest however, I just hated that many people here were delighted when Biden got elected as if he was anything more than marginally better than Trump.
  6. I remember mentioning here about how Biden and Trump were two sides of the same corrupt coin and had a few people argue with me trying to defend Biden lol. since then Biden had repeatedly defended the ethnic cleaning and apartheid happening in Palestine and twice now vetoed UN statements on the topic. LoL y'all really tried defending this absolute cretin
  7. Thats fair, I can understand you having an optimistic view on things. I just personally throughout my life have come to believe the absolute worst when it comes to US politics
  8. It depends on your view point I guess. You may see it that way, however I view Saudi as a monarch that desperately does anything to preserve power. they've have funded pro royalists in yemen and how disastrous this has been there. You can also point to the Bahrain revolts where Saudi offered armed support to prevent the spread of a revolution in Bahrain. Overall, Saudi does many despicable things and yet, the US would not interveine due to foreign interests and oil
  9. Wether a person is Jewish is of no concern to me. Being Jewish and actively supporting an illegal state are two different things. Also, never said that I'm the only person who has the ability to speak on a topic but I do have first hand experience in such situations and I am more suited to speaking on it than many others and my opinions should not be dismissed and not made out to be some "crusade" as another user called it. Now onto the rest, BIden is also the same guy who worked with Obama to supply Saudi with an arms deal into the billions of dollar. Saudi, a monarchist country which actively destabilizes the the rest of the Muslim countries because if democracy spreads to them, eventually Saudi's monarch will be at risk of revolution. America talks about spreading freedom yet actively allows and is complicit in the restriction of freedom to many other areas. Again, my point was not that Biden specifically hates Muslims( if it came across as such, that is my bad), its that Biden does not care innocent human lives and if it benefits America, a child's death to him is no problem. It just so happens that in modern times, muslim lives have been the ones being taken. I do not specifically care for muslims, rather innocent humans lives regardless of affiliation to anyone which is why I've also brought up the immigrant situation in america and the crime bill which was devastating to black communities. As such, I simply cannot and refuse to support anyone who shows so little empathy for humans.
  10. only in north america, can a group of privileged likely white males/females tell me that speaking out against my peoples oppression and murder is a crusade LoL
  11. I made one initial comment??? to which multiple people replied??? so i replied??? its almost as if thats how dialogue works??
  12. The man was vice president of the United States. If you seriously think he doesn't heavily influence things you're either delusional or acting purposely dense and refusing to admit Biden is not a good person
  13. It's definitely not hyperbolic. As an immigrant whos family had to flee Afghanistan due to the proxy war between the US and Russia on Afghan lands, who are you to say its hyperbolic
  14. Again, nothing with regards to human rights has Biden ever done that can be said is better than Trump. They both are equally terrible. That include handling of undocumented immigrants, middle easterners and the illegal israeli state. I will say that I forgot you mentioned climate change so,,, yay! lets plan the parade bois. Biden will talk about climate change all the while murdering innocent people to further US control over the globe!
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