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  1. I saw somewhere (either reddit or cdc, i cant remember tbh) comparing Seider and Hroneks stats this year with and without Chariot as their D-partner. Basically, Hronek was paired with another D man and was doing amazing while Seider was paired with Chariot (i think) and was doing poorly (because of Chariot). Then at some point, they paired Hronek with Chariot and Hroneks stats nose dived whiile Seider got a new D partner and started playing much better. Does anyone have these stats or know where the original post is? I feel like that would be insightful since a few posters in this thread believe that Hroneks injury caused him to play bad (and not Chariot) so I'd like to see how the timelines line up,
  2. A canucks loss and hawks win tonight puts us within 3 points of third last, that would be closest I've seen us be to the bottom since the start of the season 

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    2. Rubik


      nice jinx bro

    3. Watermelon


      @Rubiki knowwwww :sick: literally every time ive posted about this typa stuff, ive jinxed it. imma just keep my mouth shut from now on smh

    4. Guest


      I've jinxed them many times too :P

  3. if canucks lose tonight and sharks win, we'll be one point away from dropping to 4th last and four points away from 3rd last
  4. if the Yotes can hold on and win, and Canucks lose, we'll be within 2 points of dropping from 6th last to 4th last
  5. If canucks lose and sharks win, we drop two spots from 7th to 5th last 

  6. probably true, but long term getting rid of that contract (hopefully for picks) is probably best
  7. sheesh, if ducks win today, canucks are within 4 points of being 3rd last. need to ship out boeser and schenn asap.
  8. Would Carlsson or Fantilli be able to contribute in the NHL year one? I could see canucks finishing as low as 3 if the tank goes well.

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    2. Coconuts


      I'd love a top five pick, top three would obviously be better. I'd rather not rush whoever we draft though, if they look like they can step in and run right off the back so be it but I don't want us to keep a top pick in the bigs just because they're a top pick. I don't want to be sold on the excitement of a rookie, I want them to develop properly. 

    3. Odd.


      Fantilli is NHL ready (also one of the oldest in the draft). Carlsson is about 1-2 years away. 

    4. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      Fantilli is on pace to have better numbers than Jack Eichel in his draft year.  Also, he is already 18 and is almost one year older than Bedard.  He will be 19 by the time next season starts.  He will be in the NHL on day one, same as Bedard.  I think they will be the only two to play in the NHL next season.  Carlsson will stay in the SHL for one more year...

  9. so no chance he gets a shot to make the canucks roster this year?
  10. greatest pg of all time no cap
  11. i just think OEL plays more passive and defence orientated when he plays with Myers which hurts his offence. I would rather have OEL with someone more defence minded so OEL can produce more points and it would be good for the team to have OEL produce points since right now the only persion who conitrubutes on offence singificantly from our D corps is Hughes
  12. I been liking OEL without having to cover for Myers, I hope the D pairings go something like this: OEL-Hamonic Hughes- Schenn (hughes said thats what he expects) burroughs/poolman-Myers
  13. it’s actually pretty crazy that even after these past  three games they haven’t fired the coach lol nothings going to change as long as that bozo green is around 

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    2. Coconuts


      I don't mind Benning, in fact Iiked his offseason moves, but I'm beginning to lean towards his moving on. Surely another GM could draft well too. 


      If Green doesn't go and we miss I could see that being it. This is his last fire the coach card, he needs to use it.

    3. Drakrami



      Torts complain his teams are stale whenever his results go downhill, he said something similar before leaving CBJ lol. 


      Anyone with a top 10 pick can draft well, nonetheless multiple top 10 picks - it is not rocket science. Being able to find gems in the lower rounds. Like Fox in round 3, Aho in round 2, Point in round 3 now that's a different story. 

    4. Dazzle


      McTavish and Boudreau are available, among many candidates. There was no reason to extend Green.

  14. 4-2 Stars Canucks end up being the real winners because we'll finally fire green and co.
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