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  1. Would not be surprised if EP gets an offer sheet in the 9-10m range and also would not be surprised if he signs it its a crap show in Vancouver with incompetent management and coaching. The passive coach does not play an aggressive style and its constantly open season on the small stars money talks, if EP gets paid..say goodbye to EP as JB has completely tied his hands if an offer sheet comes https://blueseatblogs.com/2021/04/17/skip-jack-eichel-the-rangers-should-offer-sheet-elias-pettersson/amp/
  2. Guy works his way back from injuries and then the incompetent duo of JB and TG bury him in Utica while they played useless plugs like Roussel Yet another reason Aqua needs to clean house
  3. Dim Jim and his clown coaches will be gone soon enough
  4. Dim Jim will be gone this post season and so will Green finally we can hopefully turn this crap show around after a 7 year disaster
  5. Not a problem at all given he coaches an atom system and he is an atom quality coach
  6. Green can’t even count 5 skaters, relying on him to operate a blender is a stretch
  7. Not even remotely comparable examples Gauds has delivered at the NHL as rect as last tear. He is still young under am incompetent coaching staff and playing with plug linemates he had a legit stomach issue and his biggest dropoff is his scoring ratio of shots taken, bad puck luck he has way more upside He will be successful in chicago
  8. We will regret this trade just like we will regret keeping Pearson We dumped the wrong guy Gauds played great last season, had health issues this season and is playing under an incompetent coach on a pathetic bottom 6 he will light it up for the Hawks awful move Benning with a joke of a return
  9. Clears room for OJ and then picks up Bowie? really? we need Rathbone, OJ, Tram no a flop in Bowie please clean house aquaman
  10. That's the point .... Guads had a downfall the no name game has never had a high point
  11. If you get zero production out of your bottom 6 you get us .... out of the playoffs you can’t rely on 2 lines to score specially when Pearson is in that top 6 all good competitive teams have a bottom 6 that contribute offensively
  12. His points last season suggest he is a whole lot better than the no namer we took off the Hawks hands gauds was snake bitten on many attempts this year
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