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  1. Because he is a a racist entitled punk who is only concerned about himself he is not ashamed about what he did he is ashamed it is costing him a potential career in hockey bottom line, he wrote a letter to all teams imploring them to draft him as he has seen error in his ways yet he could not go and apologize to the child’s parents I hope he rots in hell when he gets there once a racist bully always a racist bully, “maturity” just moves it underground
  2. You are failing to see the real issue this racist entitled 18 year old to this day refused to apologize to the boy’s family or your loving blue sky world is an18 year old racist entitled punk also a child? would you have the same opinion if this event happened to your child? Ask yourself that this punk is getting karma rolling at him now in a big way and it’s well deserved Now was booted off the ND hockey team poor child, maybe you can adopt him and help him reform?
  3. That “child at 14”, right up to now, has refused to apologize to the child’s family any excuse for that while you are in your high horse? in your world do you give child killers a second chance because they simply made a mistake?
  4. Nice to see Arizona came to its senses .... or more likely was “told” to come to their senses see ya you racist entitled bully hope your career at minimum wage works out for you think twice next time
  5. Until that happens nobody will take their diversity propaganda seriously nfl bans players all the time
  6. Pos punk He can’t even apologize to the mother of the victim and only reason he admitted it is because it was caught on camera yet he can take the time to write a letter to every NHL team prior to the draft to try and ensure he can have a shot at a career. To me, that shows his true lack of character Arizona is a pathetic franchise for selecting him. Props to the Canucks for steering clear (like most teams did) I hope this entitled racist bully never sees the ice in nhl and if he does I truly hope he is mercilessly destroyed game after game why has Bettman not stepped in? same old nhl .... dog and pony show about diversity and inclusion yet nothing changes in this old boys club
  7. It may be cheaper if Tree-Living asks his dad to buy the Canucks instead of a acquiring them piecemeal
  8. Marky and most starters in the league had a higher save percentage than Murray 2 of the last 3 years Murray is far from an elite goalie. Not only was he sub 900 save percentage last year the major issue was the fact he was allowing terrible goals against you think Pittsburgh would have let him walk if he was their future?
  9. He is a sieve, his own former team knows it that is why he is now in Ottawa imagine if he played in Ottawa the last 4 years? He would be chased out of the league altogether
  10. 2nd round draft pick, 32 overall improved every year he played in the WHL to the point of being a 100 point guy improved every year he has played in the ahl to the point of being a point a game guy has produced at the NHL level but has had limited games and limited minutes there is some potential here I like the signing
  11. That would be unethical are you suggesting we commit illegal acts as a team?
  12. Is that some kind of new math? that does not even come remotely close to correlating to Magpie’s math
  13. All great points Green had no choice but to play Petey, hughes, Brock as frankly they were all highly touted and he would be fired immediately if he didn’t get them in the show right off the bat my take is we need to cycle some top utica performers in the lineup once in a while for a few reasons. See what they can do in the bigs, help in their growth and development, reward for hard work in Utica, and to sit guys that are not performing in the bigs
  14. I am totally on board with that in fact I wish that during the season we gave more chances to let guys have a crack at the lineup seems like Green is like Willie was .... only loves the “foundational” vets
  15. Give him a true chance to succeed by having Green finally give him the line spot (top 6) and ice time to be successful if he blows it then he better be ready for the consequences