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  1. Interesting more trolling from a mod Guess you have immunity?
  2. Ron Francis one the most respected hockey guys in the league
  3. Kraken will never be dumb enough to take him they are run by real hockey people they want and need a real coach Gallant
  4. No Lind, no OJ, No Gadj sure are developing our youth during these meaningless games
  5. When the opponents are firing at will, they are bound to hit a few of our guys in the process
  6. Edler is playing D with an extra forward forechecking. Very unlikely he was going to get a clean look why not play both?
  7. You play the hand you are dealt minor leaguers can play with discipline snd structure you set a gameplan and system to your strengths
  8. Its about building confidence and recognition for a great effort
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