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  1. Physical play is the Oilers kryptonite and it’s how you stop McJesus take away his space let’s hope this game was an outlier and not a sign of things to come
  2. McEwen dished out hits Jake is capable but refuses to engage hogs and ep have had more hits
  3. I though Jake played well yesterday specially in our own end but he did not do much tonight just really thought he would come out on fire on the big line just a guy that refuses to play with passion and hunger
  4. Just basic finishing checks don’t have to be a power forward to finish a check
  5. We are such a soft team with series like this year you NEED to hit and wear down the opponent Oilers are fresh as can be
  6. We NEED a player parked on front on the pp, not only is it a screen but it naturally follows down the box down low and opens up the wings
  7. Our powerplay is not even close to their uptempo puck and player movement and rotation we play static positions and over pass