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  1. Bottom line, love him, hate him, indifferent or just don't care he's our GM Our team is better, deeper than before JB worked it hard this off season Go canucks go
  2. Excellent long answer Thank you I'm too hung over to type much
  3. Him and Motte centered by Miller would be an interesting 3rd line High Dick Motte for the 4th line looks good as well Haven't seen much goal scoring finish from Highmore but he certainly plays with speed and determination
  4. Rusty, unengaged, did not notice any intense back checking, hemmed in the D zone. Going to take some time to get going, and we need that line clicking when we play the powerhouse teams
  5. I have to give a shout-out to Hogs Dick High That line was good
  6. 1. Demko 2. Nice pp goal Bo, Seattle 0-2 3. 16 minutes in the 2nd the Kraken pored it on but we won, 2 points. In 70 games from now those will be huge. Yet you still find a way to complain
  7. Ostravar Pilsen, Wasn't it like 68 cents? i would go buy 10 and hand them out to strangers for fun Good times that was. Hey did you get sick after the tournament? our group all got something bad, respiratory flu like illness
  8. We hear you LOUD and clear, over and over and over about the Coach Go Canucks Go
  9. like the useless plugs Green iced that won the game in Chicago ? Go Canucks Go
  10. What did we not learn? OJ was given every chance to succeed Virt, was given every chance to succeed Try, he left for Russia Gaud, I'll take highmore in the TRADE Lind n Gadj, win some, loose some Grab n Forsling, way way in the past to count
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