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  1. Oh my gerd! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Sell the team! Fire the front office and coaches and trade all the players for picks! Is any journey in life a straight line? Any at all? Or is it progress at all costs? Regression is forbidden? Doesn't seem like a very realistic perspective to me. This season has a pile of extenuating circumstances that make performance at a high level difficult. I would suspect that not getting off to a good start exacerbates it. They have by far the most games played in the league; very little time off to rest, review performanc
  2. The man is the head of the household. ... and the woman is the neck that turns the head.
  3. I’m not drinking any koolaid thanks. I’m sorry if I don’t share your opinion. The world isn’t a binary, simple, reductive place. There are countless variables in relationship to each other that create any particular condition. Having veterans on the team doesn’t negate what I said. What I said is simply my opinion based on my experience over decades and my recent observations of this team based on that experience. I find it frustrating to watch them struggle, but I also find it interesting to watch the learning taking place. Just like golf, I enjoy the good, the bad and the ugly. I
  4. I agree, but I attribute much of that to young guys thinking the game too much. Paralysis through analysis. I bet they’re stuck between the old system and executing the new one. Hockey is so fast that processing it has to get to an instinctive, intuitive level. To me it looks like they’re thinking the game instead of playing it. You don’t get plays like ‘the shift’ overnight. I remember watching the Sedins in the early 2000s when they were still learning the game. There was a game I was at against the Sakic/Forsberg/Roy Avalanche and Vancouver lost 4-1. Crow was throwing the Sedins
  5. Tough times for the team. It’s hard to learn to play a higher risk, but more dangerous system when you’re a young player. Watching this team this year takes me back to another young core with a new coach in Alain Vigneault. AV was using a very straightforward dump and chase, defensive system when he first came here. He adapted his systems and the teams style of play as the players improved. I remember him saying that coaches adjust the teams sytems and style of play to the personnel they have. He was highly criticized early on in his tenure here too. What I’m seeing is
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