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  1. It was a weird game for Demko. We saw playoff Demko for parts and regular season Demko for others but overall it wasnt his fault. It just seems like he always lets in four goals during the regular season.
  2. Exactly. its why they only signed him to a one year deal. You would think someone who grew up watching the canucks he would have more passion. He just lacks that drive to want to be an impact player. He was given a top 6 position out of default and he still hasnt wanted to prove something. Its very telling. He should be grabbing this opportunity and run with it but hes not built that way.
  3. One thing that I wish Petey had that Mcdavid seems to have is that wanting the puck and basically forcing a goal. He is either really good or is really quiet.
  4. Why is Pettersson playing in that position? Why would they change a powerplay that works? Newell Brown is so frustrating. Its like he has to think of ways to make things better when they are already great. Stop!
  5. Yep. All our important veterens on the ice and again are just standing around watching with cement blocks on their legs. So easy for him. We need younger blood on those lines. The are garbage. To only keep them on the team because they can kill penalties is a bad way to run a team.
  6. Pretty easy to score when everyone just watches you come in and shoot. Motte needs to be benched for two penalties that he know should be called. Our pk tonight has been downright awful. They look so old tonight. Pettersson so far has been invisible for 1 and a half games. Lets just come to terms Virtanen is what he is. He is not a driven player which is the biggest problem. I don't think you can tech to be hungry. That is the most important thing he lacks in his game. He just along for the ride.
  7. What has happened to his physical game? He use to be a big hitter. He also lacks the drive to be a Bertuzzi type player.
  8. Great first period. You can tell everyone is rusty. The breakout pass was a struggle but to be expected without preseason games. In regards to Virtanen. Whats happened to his physical game? Canucks could use a power forward like Josh Anderson. Virtanen looks so disinterested. Its early, but I dont know if Virtanen will ever have that drive. he needs to hit and use his body
  9. I just think this colour scheme works better than the Bertuzzi/Naslund era colours. Having said that, I do think there were better fan made jerseys out there. I always think that the acqulinis see and know what the fans want but always go with the opposite. They and the people making the jersey always seem to go against what the fans desire to put their mark on it. A full green jersey made sense but they have to put their own twist on it. Now that I have seen the full jersey, pants and socks it doesnt look too bad but there were better choices. Here are a few I would have chosen: I really like this green jersey and it seemed to make sense but as I said they love to come up with their own jersey that has to have a twist. This just looks cleaner and could have been worn for a long time.
  10. I think the white on the leggings looks way better than last years alternate with just green and blue. If they would have added white to the striping it would have finished it perfectly to bring it together.
  11. it actually looks pretty good! Especially on Pettersson. It just needs an A on the jersey.