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  1. I just love how many people want to keep him on as GM when he does the same thing over and over and all he has to say to those fans is “He’s an important piece in our group.” What has the experience of these players and what has all these important pieces gotten us in his 7 years here? The third and fourth lines are a major problem. Too much money spent on below average players. If you look at great teams, they aren’t spending as much as we are on their bottom lines. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t know what the answer is. Obviously Benning is staying. It’s also obvious he is terrible at contra
  2. People have to realize that they have not practised and are going to be out of shape, skating wise if and when they do return. The virus takes away energy and their bodies will have to recuperate. They aren’t going to be magically better. There will be lasting effects that will take months and months to go away. Just because they get cleared to play doesn’t mean they will be close to being healthy. They won’t be icing anything close to a full nhl lineup, yet people have this idea we still have a chance. The writing is on the wall for this season. It is a lost season.
  3. Maybe that kick to the head at their wedding dislodged something. Pretty stupid to go on social media when your husband is part of the league and say stuff against league-issued protocols. Some people, I tell ya.
  4. The curse continues. Honestly, how many bad things can happen to this franchise? It’s just one after the other. Mercy, we give up already!
  5. They are perpetually losing anyways. lol. How many winning seasons have they had?
  6. I love that when people don't agree with people they are considered dense, only see grey and not black and white, which is not true. The biggest problem with this team is a lack of depth. We weren't deep enough with Pettersson, Sutter, Pearson in the lineup and without them we are even worse. The bottom six statistically is bad. It's why they are not doing well this year. It's just facts. So who does that fall on? Well I'm sorry but Benning hasn't really changed the bottom six the past couple of years. My thoughts are based on Benning's history. I hope he does find a way to get some assets bac
  7. I wonder if he may need surgery at the end of the year. Sad to see his season go this way when he was just starting to look like the Petey of old.
  8. I am sorry but this has been a lousy year. The biggest and best thing about this year has been Demko and Hoglander. Their record is lousy. If I had a bunch of great things to say about this team I would but right now we don’t really have a bottom six. We have a bunch of contracts that are hard to get rid of because of money and term that Benning gave. He wants two more years. Even during that winning steak the way they were winning was unsustainable hockey. Demko basically had to win them games. I am not going to sugarcoat a bad season. We don’t really even have a bottom 6 or a top 6. We hav
  9. I have not mentioned one trade the Canucks should do. I am saying they tend to sit on players who have expiring contracts. We get nothing for them in the end. How is that good asset management? It’s not. I am sorry but when you try to throw insults by saying you are behind your laptop making deals and I bought my team for 79.99 at Walmart. What would you call that? That is immaturity. That’s not having a conversation. That’s an accusation. There is more than enough evidence to point to the deficiencies of Jim Benning to be replaced. More failures than successes. I understand you guys like Jim
  10. I love people who respond in a post by attacking people they don’t know and using big works to sound smart. It’s a very immature response with video game comparisons. It’s not the first time I have seen you try to do it to others. You try to use video game references to stop people in their tracks and make them feel stupid. It also makes it hard to take you seriously. Bravo but it doesn’t work on me. There is more than enough evidence to understand who Jim Benning is and how Jim Benning works. This isn’t his first year. He has always made excuses as to why he hasn’t been able to move players.
  11. I think the players have to be held accountable and have to realize that it’s a consequence of playing so poorly. If you don’t want things to change, play better. He can’t just let things be either. If they are angry they have to accept responsibility for putting the gm in that position. You can’t pretend there is a chance of making the playoffs for the sake of the players.
  12. A lot of these were just picks that the Canucks already had. He hasn’t been able to acquire more picks when he should have.
  13. Yes and they say they aren’t ready to make an impact now. The depth right now isn’t there.
  14. Yes and people want to forget who overpaid the amount to all these veterans. The cap was also a lot tighter because we gave too much to bottom 6 players.
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