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  1. Communicating to fans about the direction of the team is also important which they have been terrible at as well.
  2. Part of being a gm is making decisions. It’s pretty sad if this was the case considering he got a vote of confidence going forward.
  3. After a season like the one this team had and the way that the organization as a whole has been run, it is very fair to be upset and worried about the direction of the team going forward. The truth is they really screwed up in an area that should have been one of the easiest to navigate which was communication. Now this organization has a reputation of being terrible at communicating. It maybe a big reason we lose key peices. Sometimes people have a hard time hearing that this organization is in a bit of a home. What makes them think Benning can climb them out of it? 7 years and stories after
  4. I don’t get why they are having a hard time bringing back Ian Clark? Does this not say something when again we have a big problem retaining people in the organization that are currently part of the organization. If he walks it just looks so bad. I just don’t get how nothing changes and letting people walk are smart moves. Makes no sense.
  5. Does anyone realize the problems that come with bringing him back? What players are going to want to sign with this team when communication problems are a huge issue. It’s going to be really hard going forward trying to convince any quality free agents to come here after all the issues there have been with communicating with players that fans loved and are now gone. It just screams saving money as the main reason for bringing him back. Apathy is setting in. I really don’t get how this can be turned around by someone who is so short sighted.
  6. I just want to see a strong voice at the top who doesn’t always look scared in interviews. I feel like how he presents is the same way he deals with signings and negotiations. Not good.
  7. I mostly care about a change in management. If they all come back, I dont see much changing next year. The coaches not being signed is terrible. The only thing that makes sense is that there will be a chamge in management and they will want to pick their own coach. These last minute deals are stupid. Ian Clark should be signed right now. The "I ran out of time" keeps replaying in my mind when I see Benning. The management is riddled with incompetemce.
  8. Love that people want to keep him around because hes good at one thing, drafting. Great gms can draft, trade, negotiate and sign quality players. I ran out of time.
  9. Right. How many times have fans said that its important to win these games for next year? Its a dumb statement because it has never really brought momentum going into the next year. This has happened over and over and fans come in and always say its important going into next year. Players shouldnt be going into next year saying hey remember when we beat the flames at the end of the year. We were so good. I don't get that thinking and when has it ever made a difference?
  10. Typical canucks to screw themselves a good draft pick. This organization. Same thing over and over. Now Benning will stay. so dumb.
  11. How many times have we said Horvat needs a winger? It’s ridiculous that it hasn’t been addressed by now. Year after year it’s the same thing. Benning is not the man that can bring the players needed to support our young stars. That has been clear.
  12. Can anyone explain to me why Benning still has a job? How does he have a job? How does someone hold onto a job through drafting alone. Yes he’s made the odd nice trade but rarely has he made multiple great trades. We keep hearing of this lack of communication. It’s embarrassing. It doesn’t make sense why he’s still here. It just seems like next year will be another lost year where no changes are made. He can’t sign Toffoli, he can’t sign Clark, he can’t sign Green. I just ran out of time.
  13. I’m calling they are going to screw themselves a high pick in these last few meaningless games. Typical Canucks way.
  14. Yes everything sucks this year yet everyone gets to stay and no one is held accountable. Makes sense.
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