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  1. Our bottom six has one of the worst money spent on it and it doesn't get the production it needs. It is what is really hurting this team right now. Its so slow and old and offer nothing.
  2. Do we resign Markstrom after Demko's performance? I think hes ready for the big show and we can save money and spend it somewhere to upgrade. He's 24, another big factor. I love Markstrom but this really might have changed things.
  3. They need to add speed to the bottom two lines, maybe even someone with speed on the top line. Depth scoring was awful and the power play was stagnant. Get rid of some of these slower, older guys. I hope we see more urgency on it. A coach that teaches that it can change a game. It just seemed sometimes they would meander down into the zone. Need a change there. I do believe Edler should not be in the top four anymore. Tired and slow. Someone needs to step up and grab that spot. Hello Rathbone!
  4. Our power play was just awful this series. They lack urgency on their pp.They always look like they have ten min power plays out there and that if they score they score but we don't have to really push play on it. That is where I would like to see things change.
  5. Shutout three out of seven games says enough about this team depth. If the top two lines weren't scoring. We weren't going to win the series. You need four lines.Check the stats. There are so many zeros and low numbers in these playoffs by depth players. Great season for where this team is at.
  6. Just need some hungry, physical defensemen who can punish people and of course who can play great defense.
  7. Love the win. Our defense does need to be revamped in the off season. Personally I just don't think our defense is tough enough. Teams are just willing to take it to the net because there is no one there to punish them. You need to have that balance. Brent burns would look good or Webber. A player like Muzzin.
  8. Why does it seem like the points are always wide open for the other team? Its ridiculous. No pressure at all. They all collapse towards the goalie.
  9. Instead of being mad at the refs. How about being mad at yourselves for having the lead three times and not keeping it.
  10. We have lost 5 of our last 6. We could be 6 of our last 7. Our team should be as desperate or more. It just seems like they don't have the calmness to get that extra goal when they are up. It just shows where we are mentally right now. WEAK.
  11. They play different when they don't have the lead. They just don't know how to play when they have one. They lose this game they really should miss the playoffs.