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  1. How many more years does Benning get? He’s been here six years. That is a long time without really giving the fans much in terms of playoffs or championships. So how many more years does he get? It just feels this franchise will stick with him because he does whatever ownership wants him to do.
  2. Yes. I am all for playing rookies, I am more worried about our wingers. Hopefully Hoglander can come in or Podkolzin at the end of the year and surprise. I just want support for Horvat because I always feel he gets the short end of the stick in terms of wingers. That is why I had a hard time with Toffoli leaving but maybe Hoglander can come in and fill that role.
  3. Yes I can see that as well. Who knows maybe it will be good to see Rathbone and Raferty add something new back there. I am really excited about Rathbone.
  4. Yes and I agreed and you are right, there is no use in rehashing the past but it is one of reasons we are right against the cap. I also said the off-season isn’t over yet, so we need to be patient and see but if there is no more help coming we may see a regression. Maybe the goal is too implement more rookies and see if there are any great surprises this year. Like I said we will see.
  5. We will see. It’s not over yet but we are risking a lot by relying on rookies to come and play big minutes.
  6. I didn’t respond because you two want to talk about it and then go about using childish antics to get me to discuss or you just disagree anyways without admitting in how his wrongs have created a bit of cap mess right now. So I would rather not put in the effort. It’s a waste of my time.
  7. Yes, my thoughts exactly. It's just if you write anything negative about the team on here people get so upset and want you to leave. They start to use the flat cap as an excuse as to why we are where we are. He has also done some great things in terms of the Miller trade, Petersson, Hughes, Toffoli at the time, and for the most part not including this offseason, dealing with our own free agents. A very big reason we are stuck is because of the money tied up in bottom six players and players that are not really making an impact with the team, Baersthi and Ferland. The deal with Ferland should have been a show me deal considering the injuries he suffered and not for his past play.
  8. If you would at least come and quote me properly I might be able to understand what it is you want. You kept saying I said things that I didn't. I don't understand why you would think I would take you seriously if you can't even have a conversation using things that I actually said but you didn't. That is why I am not answering your questions and false statements. ….Enjoy your donuts and sprinkles... what are you six? Again have a great night man.
  9. You keep responding with the wrong quotes. lol. The topic on this thread says TOP free agents. Beagle, Sutter and Eriksson are not top free agents. Maybe Eriksson at that time but he was never an all star. Unless you have low expectations. I can't even with you anymore because you aren't even quoting what I said right. Later
  10. You just further proved my point. Look how upset you are. It's ridiculous. I never once said we should be overpaying to bottom line players so I don't know what your talking about. That is why I can't take anything you say seriously. When did I name call I said you were acting immature and from the tone of this last message I am not far off. I was talking to a totally different person that posted and you weren't even a part of that conversation. Your just bored and have to put your two cents in. You are angry because what I am saying is true. Those bad contracts for those players have helped put us in a bind right now. Again I have never said go sign bottom six free agents for lots of money. So I am done with you and whatever your trying to prove but I will keep on with the conversation without all this other petty stuff. Have a great rest of the night, weekend, year etc.
  11. Completely different as I am judging Benning based on his signings and trades and not on his personality. You like the fact our bottom two lines are one of the most expensive for what they bring to the table? That doesn't make sense. Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Detroit, will all be better then they were since the season ended. I don't understand the purpose of an argument when you end it with a weird way of trying to insult me. Seems immature to me. It would have been better to just state why you don't agree and leave it at that than coming up with childish responses.
  12. Benning has done a lot of good things. It’s just there were deadlines where he let people walk or didn’t trade players with over payed contracts where he could have and it just seems he either didn’t get assets when he should have because of where this team was at the time (rebuilding/retooling ). Now nobody wants those players because the money being paid to them is too much. Losing Toffoli hurts because he at least had a history of scoring and it was great for Bo to have a legitimate winger. He also gave up assets to get him. Now Bo doesn’t have that winger again. Benning is talking about Baertchi and Virtanen but we know what they bring. Inconsistency is a good word to sum them up. So my frustration comes from that and the fact we have no money to spend is because of those contracts that were signed that were just too much for those bottom players. It’s the fact that right now we look to have taken a step back after that playoffs where we knew we needed to improve. So as I said the off-season isn’t over. We will see.
  13. Yes there is definitely going to have to be a move made. So much money being spent in that bottom six. It’s hard to see where the relief will come from. Everyone is up against the cap.
  14. Sure. You have been responding to everything I said so far. What you were saying was ridiculous. Keep backtracking. Anyways I am out in terms of responding to you. I was merely explaining why I said what I said about Benning.