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  1. Oh man. Can we for once not always give credit to the other team?
  2. Ok then let’s keep doing the same thing and see if it changes. What’s another seven years.
  3. What’s scary is that aquillini doesn’t care that they have done so poorly and has lost money from all this losing. He says he likes the job Jim has done. It feels hopeless when he gives him a vote of confidence when there is no justification as to why he does. He’s done well on some drafts. Not all drafts but it’s just sad that we don’t have an owner who cares about winning.
  4. Ya that’s becuase we have seen this story over and over again. You know what the definition of insanity is? Doing something over and over again and expecting different results.
  5. Every move Green has made blows up in his face. There is a pattern here. You can’t ignore it. It just feels like it’s déjà vu. Every year at the beginning this is what happens. Bad starts.
  6. They tried their best? We are in trouble if that was their best. How many times over the last couple of years have we said well better luck next time. Eventually there is no next time. It’s always starts like these that get them into trouble for the year. They need way more than what’s on the team.
  7. Let’s face it. The team is not built properly. It’s patchy, filling holes, hoping things work out. Always been Benning’s way to build a team. He needs to go. Green needs to go. It’s the same garbage over and over and over. Tell me what’s changed in the way they play?
  8. When have we played well? We have spurts but then we get periods like this. You can’t tell me your happy when they take a period off like this.
  9. We are a weak team. You have to be good first. We aren’t even good yet. We are trying to get there but there has been no success. How are we better than Buffalo? On paper? Maybe.
  10. Sad when you watch Edmonton score with ease and it is such a struggle to get goals on this team. Like pulling teeth.
  11. Bad pp and a bad pk. Not a recipe for success. Hopefully they kill this one. I don’t know too many playoff teams that have a bad pk and pp.
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