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  1. Going to start hitting the gym soon :D

    Is there any type of healthy food I can just grab in bulk and stock up on? I'm not too worried about being a nutrition freak, I just don't want to be eating anything that's going to have a bad effect rather than a good one.

  2. I take they mean he has all the attributes one is looking for. Watching video clips of him shows he's clearly the kind of player we're lacking. A guy who is hard to knock off the puck, goes to the net with authority, goes THROUGH d-men, and has a wicked shot.

    What does he lack? Using team-mates more. Isn't that what we want a player who's first instinct is to SHOOT for a change?

    I feel like you just described our entire team barring the Sedins. So no, I wouldn't like more Booths, Higgins or Keslers on our team. One man shows get you top ten picks. However, if McDavid is our main goal here I hope we take him.

  3. Are you kidding me? Do think anybody in this draft, even in the top 5, can be compared to Crosby or Nash for that matter? Btw, Virtanen was ranked as the 8th best player in the draft by Bob McKenzie and every mock draft I've seen has him in the top 10. There's no way he falls outside the top 10.

    It was an analogy. I didn't even argue against the bolded.

  4. Basically a tweener jack of all trades player.

    Not a knock on him, but that really doesn't sound appealing with the team we have now ...

  5. Why does Schroeder keep coming up in the Ehlers discussion. I would think Patrick Kane would be a more apt comparison in terms of style of play, position and height/weight In fact I know he would. The Schroeder comparison is just way off base on every count.

    Pretty much. One is a lock for top ten and the other slid down to 22nd overall. I think Ehler's has the kind of raw skill that this club is sorely lacking. And that speed... god I'd be ecstatic if we got him.

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