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  1. At the level of bewilderment/shock where you can't help but just maniacally laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. I hope this is some Aquilini money management bull$&!# because I don't want to accept that Benning &^@#ed us. 

    1. Dazzle


      People are so ridiculously impatient and shortsighted. There are three things affecting this team now.


      1) Flat Salary Cap

      2) Expansion Draft

      3) Offer sheets


      Benning is ensuring his team is protected from all three factors. This is why Benning was insistent on short term.

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I've been strangely indifferent to everything that's happened. Not that I'm happy with how it's played out, but I can't find the energy to be angry or even annoyed.

    3. Zhukini


      4) Money tied up in players who shouldn’t be playing 

  2. Pack er up people, see you all come draft time. 

  3. If had some semblance of a contenders six man D roster we would be such a formidable team. Silently hoping we pick between 9-11 and snag Drysdale. We desperately need prospects to usurp the over the hill vets.
  4. Lol this kind of pond hockey reminds me of that Flames-Canucks series. Appalling defense by both sides.
  5. So many people on here are going to be flabbergasted when we get a new coach and we still bleed goals against. This 'defense' Benning built simply isn't that good. Myers is a third pairing defender ideally, Edler and Tanev have slowed down a lot and Stecher and Fantenberg should not be in the NHL. Green's hand has been forced recently to play a offensive defenseman 27 minutes in a game because we have no better options. That back end needs to be torn down and reconstructed.
  6. Baertschi left the game with the athletic trainer in the second period. Hope it's not concussion related, guy can't catch a break.
  7. Spoke too soon, Lafreniere is back on the menu boys and girls.
  8. Your best bet in the future is if you know an artist is coming to town in advance is to scout out when pre-sale tickets via the off the official retailer. I use an app called BandsInTown to know when my favourite bands have local concerts announced. If you look up "Band X" + "Vancouver" on facebook there'll usually be an event page up if they're even remotely popular. That'll usually have a link to the official seller + pre-sale codes. Otherwise, honestly buying tickets off stubhub the day of the concert if you have the patience. That's when the scalpers get semi-desperate. Like Aladeen said though, if tickets have already been put on sale you're gonna get &^@#ed.
  9. Lmfao, Motte is good at every aspect of hockey except the part where the puck is on his stick.
  10. Definitely didn't see this one coming. /s Hopefully Demko adapts to the new workload quickly.
  11. This is what I came to comment. Possession, possession, possession. Hughes knows the name of the game.
  12. This isn't hot potato Myers you numbnut. Stop with that flip play.
  13. Feels weird to not be invested in a draft, outside the top ten I'm pretty clueless.
  14. If Markstrom's injury is bad there's a decent chance we miss the playoffs. There's no way Demko is ready to carry this team's defense. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  15. Gaudette's frame is really underrated, just looking at him now I know if he fills out the kid will be a forechecking monster.
  16. This &^@#ing guy.
  17. ... What? Lol. I was referring to Bo with the poor chap.
  18. Pearson and Eriksson.
  19. Give him to Bo damnit! Poor chap gets saddled with scrubs.
  20. I think the failure in our systems lies a lot in our awful defenseman. None of them are capable of generating a clean transition off the break out pass aside from Hughes. We chip and chase because that's all our defenseman allow our forwards to do. They wait, and wait, and wait until the forwards have to track back to take a pass and by then the neutral zone is clogged.