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  1. It's raining here in Seattle, WA and windy too.
  2. Does anyone else on here like kombucha and/or champange or is it just me? I have not drank the champagne in a while, but boy, that kombucha is great!
  3. I like those Metropolitan jerseys. I want a vintage like t-shirt.
  4. 90 minutes? Is this driving in Vancouver from point A to point B?
  5. Woo, 142 miles from Seattle to Vancouver. I thought it was about 100 miles or 120 miles.
  6. That's cool, but not for $225 bucks. A tee shirt one would be cool and much cheaper.
  7. I like those Metropolitan sweaters. It could be cool if they sold shirts and vintage looking.
  8. I keep forgetting that this game is in Seattle. I keep thinking it is in Vancouver, and then it's like - oh yeah, this game is in Seattle.
  9. I really don't get the rivalry. Yeah, Seattle and Vancouver or 100 miles or 120 miles away, but I like both teams. I really don't know how Seattle plays. I have to give it time.
  10. That is the best singing for the American national anthem ever! Way to go Ann Wilson!
  11. This is supposed to be a 100% face mask wearing arena. It just gets me.
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