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  1. I confess ~ I was on my essential walk today and walked past a free box with a bunch of chocolate in it! I was very tempted to take some of it. I mean, it was Russell Stover Easter chocolate and Hershey's. But, I decided to pass. It was hard, but I have a bunch of chocolate on the counter right now.
  2. I confess ~ It's been my second confession today. I spent close to $50 on face wash from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I strive to be frugal and take pride in saving and spending less, but this time I was not being frugal. I love the Blue Lagoon, and when I bought the face wash, I was thinking about how much I love the Blue Lagoon and Iceland.
  3. This is my chocolate stash ~ It’s not as enticing as yours.
  4. Ooh, I like! You know what would be excellent Tre Mac?! Sitting around snacking on those delicious chocolates while drinking champagne!
  5. I confess ~ I have not worn jeans in over a year. The style is leggings, a shirt, and hair pulled back.
  6. That's great, those red buttons are like Habs-like. It reminds me of the Habs.
  7. As I sit here enjoying my afternoon chocolate snack and drinking my coffee, I just noticed that I am the top poster of this site. That's so cute! I must be that bored
  8. Instead of blue and red, make the site blue and green with green buttons, instead of red.
  9. How long is your hair? It will probably be months until I can get my hair cut. I've been wearing it tied back with a headband on most days.
  10. I have not had my hair cut in over a year, but I did cut my bangs super short over the summer. I really like pixie cuts, such as previous photos. So when I can get my hair cut, it is going to be super short!
  11. I confess ~ When I was 7 or 8, I was obsessed with Joey McIntyre of NKOTB. My friend and I would spend hours of watching NKOTB on VHS. When NKOTB toured, I never went to their concerts, but other kids in the neighborhood got to go. It was not until 2019 when I attended my first NKOTB concert. I sat close to the stage, in row 7 or 8. But before the show, I was in the VIP area, and there was Joey McIntyre riding around in a banana bicycle in the back of the room, and no one noticed, but I noticed, and I kept starring, watching him ride around. It was my moment and when no one ot
  12. That is a great song! I had the album on cassette, and the song was on the second side, so I play the song and then press rewind when it was over to hear it again and again! This was in the 1990's and I probably still have the cassette somewhere.
  13. It’s champagne and dessert!
  14. These are my favorite teams and of course I am going to have coffee mugs of them.  The Canucks mug I got at a thrift shop in Yaletown and the Canadiens mug, I think I got it at a shop in Old Montreal. Ugh... the decal is pealing off...  



    1. TNucks1


      was about to say that MTL mug has seen better days, also whats that thing behind them a pancake maker? lol

    2. brilac


      Yeah it's a pancake/egg cooker.  I cook my eggs in it.  It's great and cooks fast!

    3. Bure_Pavel


      You might as well finish the job on the Montreal mug, and throw a nucks sticker on there. 

  15. I was going through things and found this. This ticket is from 2005. I was flying from Paris to Detroit, and the ticket is from Detroit to Seattle. It's interesting with the no smoking. At that time it was quite a Q&A session to get back into the USA, and it was easy to get into Europe. It will be interesting for when we can travel again of how it will be. The last time I went to London, I scanned my passport at customs without speaking to an agent. I wonder what the process will be when we can travel again. If I can just scan my passport and that's it, or if I am going
  16. I confess ~ There’s a towel on my kitchen floor. I used it to clean up water, and the cat immediately took to the towel by pouncing on it and rolling around. She’s my precious, so it’s hers.
  17. George! She thinks the couch is hers and scratching post. I ask her what’s going on, but she just looks at me.
  18. Gosh my eye sight is not good today. I thought that 2 next to Ottawa was a zero.
  19. Been eating seaweed lately. I love snacking on it and tend to eat packs each time. I had two more after this followed by chocolate. It was a very delicious snack.
  20. Well it's time to clean, fold the laundry, and organize. I really like organizing. Maybe kombucha 2nd period.
  21. I was on my essential walk today and saw Mt. Baker from Seattle. I also saw a free sale and picked up a pair of lounge pants and a few other items. They're in the wash right now and the other items have been wiped down. Lounge pants... those are a commodity right now. I have not worn jeans in like a year!
  22. I love MTL and they are my 2nd favorite team too! You gotta see them at the Bell Centre during the Playoffs when allowed. Plus there's fun activities before the game, like FanJam.
  23. I've been reading books on frugality and finished: "Meet the Frugalwoods - Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living" by Thames, Elizabeth Willard "The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living" by Luther, Daisy. I'm currently reading, "Frugal Isn't Cheap - Spend Less, Save More, and Live Better" by Levison, Claire K. I've been checking books out in digital copies from the library. Even though I have had some occasional expenditures before the pandemic, I've always been into saving and finding ways to save. I really get a thrill out of budgeting. I
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