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  1. Maple Leafs Release: Barret Hayton Brett "Joe" Pesce Call up: Salim Marini Bruno Fernache
  2. Julien Zaikos Maple Leafs C 0.7 0.7 N/A Salim Marini Maple Leafs RD/LD 0.7 0.7 N/A Peter Onofrej Maple Leafs RW/LW N/A 3.5 3.8
  3. shoutout robbie eriksson on player of the month
  4. Shut up, buddy doesn't know how to handle his alc or what
  5. Toronto sends down Peter Antonoff
  6. Peter Onofrej Remember the name fellas
  7. Congrats to Peter Antonoff and Ian Taormira on First Career Goals in the SHOW
  8. Maple Leafs call up Peter Antonoff Jordan Bavaro
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs Forwards Tkachuck - Matthews - Suzuki David- Copodano - Kyrou Bothwell - Niskanen - Onofrej Lajoie - Lapirerre - Galambos Defence Rielly - Durzi Makelinen - Hamilton Sandstrom - Abahassine Goalies Rose Hogberg First year with the Blue and White will be an interesting one. We brought in some studs in Durzi and Suzuki. If they can't take us to the promise land nobody can. IDK what to expect tbh, who knows if we will be nasty or dogwater but time will tell. If we win the cup I won't be surprised and if we get 1st overall i won't be surprised either. Should be a fun and interesting year for the BUDS.
  10. Maple Leafs call up: Kim Abahassine
  11. As Mentioned on the RGMG PODCAST. I am Returning as the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs Just wanted to say im happy to be back with the boys on RGMG and stoked for the oppourtunity to take control of the Leafs. FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS. I'm Blowing it up, Toronto will have a new look. Everyone is Avaiable. Go Leafs Go Sincerely, Carlutch
  12. Annoucement SUP FELLAS For those who don't know @Patrick Kane and I have started an RGMG Podcast. We already have 3 Epis out, so if you haven't listened yet go to the discord to interact with not only us but WTB!!! If you don't have discord......then get it and join the channel, it's free bro. For those who have listened we appreciate the love and support so far. The Questions, debates, chirps and overall feedback are greatly appreciated. We hope to continue this for this RGMG and future RGMG's. If you guys have any suggestions of what you want us to add or do PM myself or PK and let us know. If you guys want to be on the podcast, it's really simple........don't be Qwags. We are trying to get every GM in RGMG on it at some point, just don't be weird (ZP). Other than that boys, I hope to be a GM at some point in RGMG again. As always, it's not a goodbye, it's a talk to you later.
  13. Guess who's back..............again
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