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  1. Fired by teams doing well. Unceremoniously! He clearly pisses in peoples cornflakes.
  2. On planet Earth? Eddie Vedder would be embarrassed at someone in his name croaking...
  3. Question; Has it ever been Jim Benning's FAQ's style to sell / trade viable veteran key foundational living and breathing components on his roster? My conclusion is our energy would be better spent discussing something different. The odds of us trading Schmidt are just not that great...
  4. Known for flamboyant pop. This is a side of George all should see?
  5. Maybe? I never heard them. He won OHL most sportsmanlike player. Which does not scream bad character. Closer to what I really think; I recall more him being voted by the leagues coaches as best defensive player. When coaches are voting for your work ethic and compete. He was a team captain for Brampton? Heading into the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Hodgson was ranked ninth among North American skaters by the NHL Central Scouting Bureau.[23] He went on to be chosen tenth overall by the Vancouver Canucks. Scouting reports and former coaches emphasized Hodgson's hockey se
  6. That is some kind of wicked. I loved it! Got a funk soul drummer, and groove line behind it. That could make many rappers blush...
  7. Depending on your definition of problem? That description might fit 40% of NHL players... In K's case however? He's both been caught. And had a decrease in productivity lasting 18 or 30 months. I am more concerned with his salary. And whether we need an $8 mill guy shifted to wing because its too much on our 3rd line? Thats the low end of the conversation. I do like the player, if he has it together. At the high end of possibility Kuzetsov / Pettersson / Boeser would be a wickedly talented 1st line!
  8. Jake was 200 lbs plus when he was drafted. Forget center's for a second. There were smaller wingers available who have proven better. Jake also had speed. And a shot, maybe best in the draft?. So did those guys; plus wicked agility, dangles and puck protection, endurance. Passing in their repertoire! All I am saying is measure the whole package? Dont get caught up in size until the other factors are relatively equal. FTR I do not think Jake was a bad pick. I called myself neutral when the pick was made. Lysell's wicked athletecism interests me
  9. Just for giggles? Lets dig in to the vault... Cody Hodgson was a high character guy, future captain. Killed penalties, took key face off's. Had boat loads of skill? Things still go astray...
  10. Its not that he spoke out. They are quoting documents he filed in court/ Unless I misread?
  11. One of the great treats of my life was to have the sisters take me there live!
  12. Van Morrison doing a Streetheart song anyone?
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