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  1. Good Morning Tuesday! (You guys are all late bastards...) From St Marks School in New England, prep star Ian Moore! @AJay I believe @thejazz97 pls confirm edit; how did quinton get in there? More coffee
  2. Minnesota would like to say thanks to @Caboose, I mean Zoom for hosting this years draft. More importantly @Nail & his exec team @Monty / @Master Mind It remains pretty awesome the work you guys do to run a great league for us. Draft as well... Our thanks for everything! Minnesota feels we played the 1st round a bit safe? We had eroded our prospect base, particularly of NHL ready forwards. So we passed on some higher risk, higher upside guys including Boose's Helge Grans & @ActionJax09 's Lapierre, Nails Mysak. Really we thought Grans might slip to early 2knd, whoopes! But we felt there were safer NHL bodies still with plenty of upside. It was also great to have an extra 1st rounder, a deep draft where Quinn was still available in the teens! A top ten pick most years? This draft a needed boost to our prospect pool! 14th 1st round Jack Quinn >> 50 goal scorer in the OHL for Ottawa. 24th 1st round Mavrik Bourque >> Slick scorer & playmaker. 44th 2knd round Joni Jurmo > Our take a Travis Sanheim raw, skilled & very athletic big D man. Needs results & some game smarts to match obvious skills, NHL Body! No 3rd rounder. 120th 4th round Aidan Dudas > Overager 2018 drafted by the Kings, a solid 2 way forward, Team Canada WJC guy looks close to an NHL utility forward. 138th 5th round Rory Kerins > One of the drafts youngest, a wicked shot, scored 30 OHL goals, leadership two way guy, player who just needs gym time to make pro. 148th 5th round Yegor Chinakhov > No idea where I got this pick? So picked a Russian overager already playing KHL at 19, should play this years WJC. Who knows?
  3. Minnesota excited to pick, 30 goal scorer from the Sooooooo Rory Kerins @inane I believe?
  4. Wait, its not Rush? Sorry, scratch that @ActionJax09 Ottawa. Do I have this correct this go?
  5. Very nervous to see If Monty picked excited to pick Canadian Gold Medalist, from Parry Sound; Aidan Dudas? If so we'll pick someone else him... @Rush17
  6. I'd be interested in Miller a depth D man for sure. But I am not a Doctor, so cannot comment as where his knee relates...