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  1. Bowey played 53 games last year. Should cover a required body to be exposed for ED. Cost > Downgrade a 4th to a 5th. Means we can protect both Meyer & Schmidt, one of whom otherwise would be the only body who meets requirements, And presumably Juolevi. Happy with this part, for this reason. Gaudette was pure ''we gave up!'' Sad, because we don't have a young C knocking on the door. I am not one who believes Jasek & Lind are NHL ready.
  2. Give us Dante Fabbro; to take on yan Johansen's cap? Something similar. Is that what you mean?
  3. There's nothing you and I won't do? I'll stop the world & melt with you! (The 80's were not all bad...)
  4. I said we would lose one of Holtby, Jake or Meyer to Seattle. That we would buy out Loui Eriksson. S heesh
  5. We can try to be match makers here???
  6. Minnesota, sadly would like to terminate the contract of F Ryan Kuffner; signed in the DEL Link @Nail
  7. Its still $1 Mill lower real cash than we would owe LE if we kept him on the books. If all it does is make room for Podkolzin, or Lind's ELC? I am good with dat!
  8. Good post. Its also likely we will this off season; 1) Buyout Eriksson. My math says the last year will cost us $3 mill real dollars (versus $4mill owed). Resulting in a $2.33 hit next year $1.33 next following. 2) Lose one of Holtby, Jake or Meyers to Seattle. Save some salary in any case...
  9. People are, absolutely, panicking over nothing. I personally would have preferred he be a rental, but he was hurt. I don't mind the signing. Its not $5 mil. Its anxiety over a year gone bad? We did have a sh!t start. Mostly because our best defensive D, Tanev Hamonic was unavailable. And needed time to get his groove on... We were catching on. 6-3-1 in our last ten. Without Pettersson. It probably would not have been enough considering our poor start? 6-3-1 in our last ten! Add Podz, and re-sign Petey &a
  10. Keep it under control boys! We can still trade Pearson before his new NTC kicks in...
  11. I sorta agree. But more so than bottom 6 forwards? They do need to be sorted. Our D did not gel this year. At all! Waaay to many chances against? I supported the acquisition of Schmidt. But I really wish we had just hung on to Tanev.
  12. There were other factors. Toronto's guys are home town boys. Brodie, a core signing cost $5 mill. Nobody wanted Corey Perry after some of his stunts. If Thornton was from Burnaby, maybe he would have come home to play with Pettersson? Its as mentioned elsewhere, just not that easy to sign bargain contracts.
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