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  1. I suspect something like Podkolzin + a pretty decent pick.
  2. But I was a All-Star, dammit! AN ALL-STAR!!!!
  3. Watching Elemental with the kids right now. Pixar used to be money. But this is just terrible.
  4. "In the end, what you don't surrender Well the world just strips away" Coming to Calgary in 8 weeks - can't wait!
  5. Ahhh, you're right. I'll attribute that to posting when tired. Second highest scoring C then! You can't just go by points though. Maybe he was used in a matchup role in the playoffs, and was effective at it? Perhaps they saw the tools needed for a shutdown 3C? There is so much to learn by watching the players, and determining their trajectory. And the pandemic really changed the development curve for a lot of prospects.
  6. "Utility forwards" are a huge part of the league. But finding the "right" ones can make a huge difference. Tampa Bay is a team that realizes that, and pays a premium to acquire them while still young and cheap. In many cases, the players were drafted as overagers (Coleman, Colton) or not even drafted at all (Jeannot, Gourde, Goodrow). There is value to be found there, whether it's as a team trying to compete in the present, or as a team cashing them in for more draft capital. Ty Mueller is an interesting pick. He's not a guy putting up numbers against Junior players as an overager (as so many of these picks have historically been). He scored 25 points in 34 games in NCAA hockey, most of it as a 19 year old. He's one of the younger players, in fact the youngest C on the team, and yet the highest scoring. For comparison's sake, Cameron Berg put up one less point, and is 1 year older. He was drafted by the Islanders in the 4th round of 2021, and they seem overall happy with his development. But Mueller may be on a trajectory that is even higher. Don't know as much about the other overager, Matthew Perkins. But he seems to have come out of nowhere - probably due to missing time due to Covid. In his first year in the USHL, he was the highest scoring C on his team (by a longshot), and the team won the USHL championship. Seems to be a late bloomer.
  7. I don't gamble strictly as a matter of principle, never have. So for myself, the ads don't bother me more than any other product shilled that I have no interest in. But they are invasive enough that I avoid watching a live game with my kids around. Fortunately, I have a solution that works for me. I don't watch the games live. I start them an hour after, and skip any commercials, and a lot of the intermission junk. I'm live by the end of the game, but the kids are usually in bed by then.
  8. That's just a manufactured standard, because 1 team in the last 25 years managed it (Chicago). 3 Finals appearances straight, with back-to-back cups? In this era, with 31/32 teams and a salary cap, that's as dominant as you'll see any team be from this point forward. In other words, if Tampa isn't a dynasty, then you'll never see a dynasty team again in your life.
  9. Makes sense, the Bruins originally drafted him. Only got rid of him because he earned too much on his 2nd contract. Expect he'll earn a spot there.
  10. Hard to believe it's been 14 years...still sounds as fresh today. There's nothing like it.
  11. Yeah, the Speyside is fantastic for those who like smooth, non-peaty scotches. I lean towards peat/smoke myself, but occasionally have a bottle of the Speyside for guests. My Dad (who hates peaty stuff) loves it... Think I'll buy him a bottle next time I'm there.
  12. I don't think I've bought a Scotch for less than $80 that I like more than the Kirkland Islay. Not sure who makes it, but at that price... Not sure I care!
  13. I have a bottle of the Benromach in my cupboard. Good stuff, for the price. If you're able to go to Costco Liquor, grab a bottle of the Kirkland Islay single malt. It is hands-down the best Scotch you can get at its price point, and it's not particularly close (only $60!).
  14. “I'll keep you safe If you keep me strong”
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