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  1. I’ve been cheering for the Canucks probably since you were in diapers. As a fan, I want what’s best for the team. IMO, getting a better GM is best for the team.
  2. Chicago just got a 2nd rounder for Mattias Janmark, who they signed as a UFA last offseason to a 1-year deal. Then they flipped another guy they signed as a UFA (Highmore) for a once highly-touted guy (Gaudette), with upside to replace Janmark. I am often jealous of teams with good management.
  3. Even if Gaudette fizzles out, the fact remains that he was a highly coveted prospect at one point, and that we most certainly could have got significantly more if we move him earlier. Benning is just too slow. Waited too long on Gaudette and Virtanen. "Ran out of time" for Toffoli. Also ran out of time to get anything for Miller, Hamhuis, and Vrbata. Just piss-poor management.
  4. Thanks to @Art Vandelay for the negotiations. I misspoke earlier - I still needed an Oiler to have rep from all 4 Canadian playoff teams. I’m not sure the Oilers have what it takes to win a round, but glad to have my bases covered. Happy with the team now. Unless a certain AWOL GM suddenly responds to an offer I made him, I’m probably done for deadline shopping.
  5. Well, I tried offering a 7th, but for some reason @Gally wasn’t biting.
  6. First things first, we welcome Denis and Simon to the organization. Although the focus is primarily on this year, still wanted to plan ahead to next year a bit. Hoping at least one of these guys will make an NHL roster next season, to help replace one of the numerous pending FA forwards. I’m very excited to add Radim “The Dream” Zohorna, who has looked fantastic in his first few games in the NHL. He’s 6’6”, can skate, and make plays - what’s not to like? And lastly, thanks to @Gally for the negotiations. I figured, if that 15 year-old GM of the Maple Leafs can sid
  7. The pieces were there, but it took Gillis identifying and acquiring quality veterans to take it to the next level. Something Nonis seemingly wasn’t generally able to do (see: Chouinard, Isbister, Carney, Ritchie, etc). Benning has drafted very well, but his attempts to identify and acquire veteran talent have been very Nonis-like. That’s why I don’t think he has what it takes to build a true contender.
  8. "This 17 game sample under never-before-seen circumstances shows who the real Canucks are - not the 37 games this year, or the hundreds of games prior to it." Gotchya. What happened the year after that playoff win over Dallas? We missed the playoffs, and then hired a new GM who identified inefficiencies and problems with the team, and made a series of moves to surround the young core players with better talent and leadership. Exactly what I wish would happen this year.
  9. Our record for the last 5 weeks of the 2019-20 season was 6-9-1. We were falling in the standings, and in the last game prior to the COVID shutdown Tanev suffered an injury and would have missed most of the rest of the season. We beat Minnesota, who had goaltending troubles. Then we came up against a Blues team that was still recovering from multiple cases of COVID, and whose starting goalie was majorly off. Then we got absolutely steamrolled on the ice by Vegas, but hung on for dear life all the way to game 7 because of some epic (read: unsustainable) goaltending. It was a nice li
  10. Good news for the Stars and Blackhawks. Might still be a chance for one of them to snag the 4th playoff spot in the Central.
  11. Carolina places Andrew Shaw on I/R: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/blackhawks-andrew-shaw-lands-on-ir/ @Nail Hope to find a replacement player (on a playoff team) this weekend.
  12. I’m largely not in favour of this contract. That said, I think Pearson could have got it in UFA, maybe even more. There was obvious interest from other teams as a rental, so he would likely have many suitors in free agency. This offseason will be different than last. Teams have had a year to prepare for a flat cap world. A lot of teams will have a lot of cap space this free agency, and most of them are starting to have fans in the building already. A number of teams that spent little this season look ready to take the next step (such as LA and New Jersey), and will likely look to f
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