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  1. I’m now 3 seasons in to each show, and think I’ll bump each of the ratings up another half-point...maybe even a full one. The Expanse goes in bold new directions, and really nails it. The acting and effects also go up a notch. Truly original and epic sci-fi. And Superstore may not be a classic sitcom, but it’s one of the better series currently running (at least among the family-friendly ones, anyways). Consistently funny.
  2. I haven't been able to get into them either. But I did enjoy The Postal Service album at the time. However, the song I posted is great. Love the guitar work.
  3. I'm not much of a Death Cab fan... But damn, I would be if they had more songs like this.
  4. EP has been fantastic... But at the same time, he's been sheltered a lot from heavy matchups. It would be nice for him to prove that he can produce against the best night-in, night-out before we hand him a blank cheque.
  5. Agreed. I've seen it a few times now, and each time loved it. Best Will Farrell movie? Probably, IMO.
  6. What are you suggesting exactly? That we don't pay our stars? You singled out Vegas and Dallas in the OP. Both teams' star salaries didn't seem to hold them back these playoffs. Vegas even doubled down, ditching a very good player on a mid-range salary to add another high-priced star.
  7. Daley was an underrated addition for the Pens. Rutherford bought low on him and Hagelin, they both panned out big time, and helped turn their season around.
  8. Watched a movie with the kids last night: Tarzan (animated Disney) - 6/10 This is called the last movie if the Disney Renaissance, but it's not at the level of the best ones. The music was great (all Phil Collins), and the kids loved it, so can't complain. But a lot of the animation and voice-overs were poor. Not even close to Pixar quality.
  9. Was just reminded of this movie recently, and wanted to watch it again. Loved it the first 2 times.
  10. That's probably what a bunch of fans of other NHL teams will say when we (or some other team) brings back Tryamkin. Obviously not the same type of player, and a little older now. But there are different reasons why players go back to the KHL other than they just couldn't cut it in the NHL.
  11. He seemed like a decent prospect back when he played in Tampa, and had a good (but short) run with Montreal, but ended up going back to Russia. Guess it's worth another shot.
  12. Look at the contract - one year at $2.8M, then two years at $4.0M. He's obviously getting traded before next season.
  13. I think that was the issue with Patrik Berglund. His agent neglected to send the list, so STL traded him to Buffalo, which was one of the last teams in the league he would have wanted to go to.
  14. I'm not a big Brodie fan. He complimented Giordano well when they were together, but wasn't very good when they were apart. Tanev is a pretty even trade off for Hamonic. The wild card though is Valimaki - that kid is legit. Would not surprise me if he replaces Brodie and then some. Regardless, even if they are worse on defense, it pales in comparison to how much significantly better their goaltending should be. And for us, even though Schmidt and Juolevi/Rathbone may end up a solid improvement to the D-corps, the inverse in net is also likely true.
  15. As much as I'm glad we didn't give Markstrom and Tanev those contracts in the long term, Calgary definitely got better in the short term, and we got worse (even with a great addition in Schmidt). And we were fairly even before these moves, so it's a fair assessment to say that Calgary will be better than us next season. ...That is, barring significant regression of some of their players, and significant improvement of some of ours.