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  1. I don’t see the point of buying out Okposo or Skinner. At least, not yet. Okposo only has 2 more years left. Better to just ride it out, instead of extending cap penalties for 4 years, when they might actually be getting good again. For Skinner…yeesh. That cap penalty will go to the end of time. But kind of the same deal. Every year you let it ride is 2 years less of cap penalty. And there’s always the remote possibility of amnesty buyouts at some point. Unless they need the cap for something else, may as well ride it out as long as possible.
  2. Carolina is switching gears, and going with 7-3-1: F - Kevin Hayes (NMC) F - Reilly Smith F - Andre Burakovsky F - Ross Colton F - Nazem Kadri F - Nicolas Aube-Kubel F - TBD D - Victor Hedman (NMC) D - Nate Schmidt (NMC) D - Mikhail Sergachev G - Andre Vasilevskiy (NMC) (Exposed - Josh Archibald, Kevin Rooney, Alec Martinez, Ben Chiarot, Jeremy Lauzon, Jake Allen) Decided the team was much better situated to lose a D-man than a forward.
  3. Could be…COVID really screwed with opportunities to sexually assault women. Might have been a real downer. …Jokes aside, if the allegations against Virtanen don’t have much weight (beyond “he said, she said”), I wonder if Seattle takes a shot at him. The rest of their options aren’t pretty, especially if the organization stands pat and protects Juolevi. If he had a good season like pre-COVID, he could be a decent trade chip at the deadline.
  4. They are going to protect Makar and Girard, then probably have to protect Johnson (NMC). They have too many good forwards to go 8 skaters, and have Byram ready, so I suspect they’ll leave both Graves and Toews unprotected. Trading 1 doesn’t allow them to protect the other.
  5. Guess so, but then they are down 2 experienced blueliners. Not sure that’s what they want, in “win-now” mode.
  6. Avs are either going to strike a deal with Seattle, or lose one of Graves or Toews. Trading for one of those players doesn't help them protect the other.
  7. Man, if I only had the depth to get through early. I’d still be rocking: Vasilevskiy Hedman Martinez Sergachev Smith Colton Chiarot Merrill Allen Damn you, @Tylez!!!
  8. Carolina Hurricanes release the following UFAs - they will not be re-signed: Mark Jankowski Carter Rowney Riley Nash Jon Merrill Gerald Mayhew Zack Smith Alan Quine Also, we release the rights to the following RFAs as well: Mathias Brome Joe Snively Brandon Duhaime Dawson DiPietro Matthias Elfstrom
  9. Just read this from the Athletic, didn’t know this before: Which is to say, a player claimed or acquired by Seattle prior to the July 21 expansion draft will still be able to sign an eight-year max contract with the Kraken prior to the opening of free agency on July 28.
  10. As of today, here is the protection/expansion list for Carolina: 8 Skaters, 1 Goalie: F - Kevin Hayes (NMC) F - Reilly Smith F - Andre Burakovsky F - Ross Colton D - Victor Hedman (NMC) D - Nate Schmidt (NMC) D - Mikhail Sergachev D - Jeremy Lauzon G - Andre Vasilevskiy (NMC) (Exposed - Nazem Kadri Nicolas Aube-Kubel, Kevin Rooney, Alec Martinez, Ben Chiarot, Jake Allen) I'm looking to improve my depth next season, and am going to lose a good player no matter what, so I'm willing to add expansion-eligible players
  11. If we’re releasing rights to RFAs, would we let you know now, or later? @Nail
  12. Maybe. It wasn’t too long ago that Colorado were being hailed as one of the league’s worst tire fires.
  13. And if they win, let alone win multiple times, it will have been worth it. Being awful isn’t a bad strategy. Sometimes, it’s better than picking 9th.
  14. That was a very realistic article. Canucks aren’t a couple years and a few players from being an elite Cup contender. Even if things go right (and they eventually become one), it will take 3-5 years.
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