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  1. Welcome Luke! Carolina places Kevin Hayes on I/R to make room. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/flyers-kevin-hayes-undergoes-abdominal-surgery-will-miss-6-8-weeks
  2. The crazy thing is, even Meier has limited value. He’s essentially a UFA after next season, because his qualifying offer has to be $10 million! Sharks could still get something for Burns with retention. Couture too. Problem is, each of them only has a 3-team trade list.
  3. I took the paternity leave with my firstborn. Partially because in my union, they pay you almost the whole difference between EI and your regular salary while on maternity/paternity. But mom still stayed home most of the year too - just unpaid. It was a really nice time, both at home with our little girl.
  4. Definitely. However, on the lost earnings side, she possibly only worked part time. She may have made considerably less than $35K per year. And on the pain-and-suffering side, this usually is directly related to the assets of the accused. I doubt “Alberta Pipe Trade College” is rolling in endowments. They might be in financial trouble - I doubt too many were choosing a career in oil & gas when oil was trading for LESS than zero. So there are logical reasons why it might be that low.
  5. Grant was a decent depth player in his late 20’s. But he’s in his early 30’s now, and might not be living up to the salary. Don’t see any other reason why Anaheim would waive him (except to help facilitate a potential Eichel trade). Pateryn…meh. I’ve liked Burroughs so far.
  6. It only took 3 games…Garland is officially my favourite Canuck.
  7. Even though that mentally challenged ref waived off Rathbone’s goal with such authority, I still would have challenged it. Simply to stick it in his face, and make him go on record saying that was legit. Weakest goalie interference call I’ve ever seen. That was the definition of incidental contact, and it was initiated by Greiss, outside of the blue paint.
  8. Seems rich. But he’s as good or better than Nurse, Jones, and Werenski, so that’s now the going rate for a top D-man.
  9. I like Joseph and all, but I think the game needs more of this.
  10. 2 Cups in like 9 months, so would make sense. I think it’s mostly Vasilevskiy. He’s been really off so far.
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