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  1. Yahoo leagues aren’t allowing it either. I’m stuck with an unusable JT Miller in another league for 2 weeks.
  2. I’d be tempted to throw something extra Seattle’s way to take Myers. He was a stretch at $6M pre-COVID. Now with the flat cap and him not getting any younger, it would be in the team’s best interest to free up that $6M.
  3. Seems about right. But next time Blais should get a lot more.
  4. Carolina Hurricanes place Alan Quine on waivers, to send to minors if he clears. And recall Marc Michaelis. @Nail Opening Night Roster: Ovechkin - Hayes - Smith Burakovsky - Kadri - Coyle Mikheyev - Shaw - Brome Smith - Rooney - Rowney Michaelis Hedman - Schmidt Sergachev - Ekholm Chiarot - Staal Nesterov Lauzon Vasilevskiy Delia
  5. If only you had a replacement player with the same first 4 letters in his last name...
  6. Girgensons is out for the season. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/sabres-zemgus-girgensons-season-hamstring-injury/
  7. A bunch of Japanese people went to the mall one one day, and happened to stumble upon magic:
  8. I’m no expert (so take this with a grain of salt), but I have to review bankruptcies occasionally for work. They aren’t always cut-and-dry. Sometimes the person presents alternative proposals to liquidating everything and giving all their discretionary income for a limited period of time. In Canada they are called “Consumer Proposals”, but not sure of the details in the USA. The creditors here are probably considering a similar proposal from Kane. They might play hardball and ask to liquidate everything and/or take a considerable amount of his net income, and/or extend the proposal period multiple years (I have seen some proposals go 5 years). Kane is likely putting it out there that if their demands are too onerous, he’s willing to screw them completely over and throw away his guaranteed income. This isn’t a bad strategy either, since if his proposals aren’t accepted, it would likely go to a standard bankruptcy. He’d lose pretty much all his assets, and all his discretionary income for a set number of months (as low as 9 months in Canada - so possibly just 1 season), but after that he’d be completely free-and clear. And he’s young and effective enough to still make decent money going forward, none of which could be taken by former creditors. My guess is, Kane is trying to save his house, keep enough of his income for the next few years for his family to still live well, and keep the last few years of his contract out of the deal so that he’ll still have a nest egg for his family. If the creditors don’t like that, and are threatening to take more (for longer) or go full insolvency, he’s threatening to pull a grenade pin on them. Sucks for his creditors, but it is probably his right. Even if that could be challenged under normal circumstances, the prevalence of COVID and his family circumstances make it a conveniently placed grenade for him.
  9. The “may opt out” part sounds like him playing hardball with the creditors. Basically saying, “You better accept this proposal, or else we’ll go with the nuclear option...”
  10. Should be reverse of last year’s standings.
  11. Hurricanes terminate the contract of Danil Yurtaikin, who signed with CSKA (Moscow). https://en.khl.ru/players/21896/ @Nail
  12. Carolina welcomes Andrew! He really solidifies our 3rd line, with Mikheyev and Rowney. (He should get lots of opportunities for icetime IRL.) All that is left is to determine who will play with Zack Smith on the 4th line. 2 spots up for grabs. Hope 2 of Brome, Quine, Michaelis, Letunov, and Murray can step up and fill them.
  13. Carolina Hurricanes waive Gerald Mayhew, and send to the minors if he clears. @Nail Will be looking for a roster replacement in the coming days. Nice to see that Mathias Brome looks like he will earn a regular spot though.
  14. I remember wanting the Canucks to draft him in 2015. But the kid they drafted instead turned out ok too.