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  1. Agreed! He scored some nice goals and knew his role. I wouldn't have minded him as our 4C this year or at least an option if there was an injury.
  2. "The game was attended by 18,000 crazy crackheads"
  3. Sekeres knows very little about sports and has no pulse on the Vancouver sports landscape. It doesn't look like he has much respect amongst fellow media or certainly with fans. I can't take anyone seriously that claimed Michael Jordan ran shotgun to Scottie Pippen...which he actually said once!
  4. Anyone's an upgrade on Newell "Drop pass" Brown.
  5. Just look at Justin Trudeau. Proves any dimwit can hold a position of power
  6. I could see something like: Hughes Hamonic Rathbone Schmidt Juolevi Myers Chatfield - Veteran UFA
  7. He's more concerned with growing his eye care business. Seems to want to also paint himself as an insider. Perhaps a relation to Rick Dhaliwal? I know I've heard Rick pumping Taj's business before.
  8. Thats an instigator no question. Same ref that called Hamonic on it. McKewan needs to drop the gloves on Marner or someone and just start whaling on him. No question.
  9. Thanks so much for sharing those wonderful stories Deb. They are so true. We have a 14 and a half year old with High Functioning Autism with bit of OCD and ADHD as well. We have been very involved with Canucks Autism network in the past and met many of the Canucks and even the young man who was the in arena host tonight. You are right, eventhough it's a ton of work he a blessing a brilliant young man. He could tell you anything about any make and model of car or train. He can tell if a cars license plate is expired even if the car was passing by at a 100kph. He has a collection 200 plates himself that he could describe each one in depth. Last time we were at Rogers Arena he told me the exact model of train horn the Canucks use as their goal horn thats up above the score board. I had no idea! He can sit and do Canucks play by play and have every player name and number and fact bang on. Your right, Autistic folks are often misunderstood and in some cases people feel threatened by their smarts and brilliance. As one therapist told me ...he sees black and white and not grey. This is why folks with autism often come across as very littoral as they truly tell it like it is!!!
  10. This ranks up there with "we couldn't beat the Zamboni driver" for the Leafs.
  11. Ontario locked down because of Covid then Leafs lose to Covid riddled Canucks. What kick in the balls kinda weekend for the center of the Universe.
  12. Agree with you 100%. They've been over rated since they beat us in the playoffs a few years ago and Sam Bennett was still 18. They have no idea what identity they are and its obvious their current make up doesn't fit Sutter type players and his style. At least we have much higher end talent and the potential for a more successful future.
  13. Yeah - I drive past his house at least twice day. Was sold within a week. Needs a serious renovation! Outside looks like a baby blue 1970's tuxedo my father got married in!
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