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  1. To be fair benning worked along chirelli, an even bigger idiot. Chris has been under the tutilage of Sakic.
  2. Just think he’s a really good viable candidate and would be willing to come here for a promotion.
  3. Weisbrod is a complete idiot I seriously don’t know why he is here aside from being jimbos boy. Gear is supposedly in charge of cap and what not but he is a recent promotee so he gets slack . This debacle is all on jimbo.
  4. Had pass to futa, Lombardi has been rumoured to decline the offer before due to aquamans hands on approach. Macfarland is who we should go after hard.
  5. We are stuck in such a bind, Aquaman needs to bite the bullet admit his mistakes and get a new GM in now , &^@# waiting till the end of the year
  6. Will jimbo be smart enough to sell of some assets? I doubt it , dark times man .
  7. Fire benning chants would’ve been rampant . Too bad , would love to see it .
  8. I would seriously consider a timeout here if I was green . Calm everyone down we look like chickens with their heads cut off .
  9. Love that petey is finally letting them rip . Don’t know what the hesitation all season was about .