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  1. Oh man I was going to have a huge rage attack if they choked that away…. not sure what green is doing benching podz he’s starting to anger me a lot
  2. Matthews is actually quite good defensively . &^@# toronto still though
  3. That one play where he got the puck and was wide open for like a solid five seconds .... then proceeded to take a the $&!#tiest shot ever into smith's pads. Brock can't get back soon enough.
  4. good for the sens. Must be hard to keep talent around in ottawa.
  5. Never understood that signing.... way too much. Then they draft spencer knight? Who looks well on his way to being a quality starter and will probably take over the number one role this year. That bob contract is brutal and untouchable.
  6. Never want to hear people downplaying or bad mouthing ep and Hughes ever again. They are so integral to our success and by FAR our best players . Put some respect on their names !
  7. All thing’s considered Jimbo has had quite a good offseason. Tip my hat to him , only concerned about that RD depth.
  8. Brock has been getting faster since his comeback season last year , and from training camp looks foot speed and quickness improved yet again. Will put up 35 plus this year imo, and been one of the best young wingers in the league . Plus that dynamite shot, being one of bennings picks and peteys best friend , can't see it. Miller will be the odd man out which is unfortunate, I really like his game but out of all those I think it would have to be miller taking age into account as well .
  9. Pretty sad seeing a bunch of "fans" turning on our two best players.
  10. This way always going to happen regardless , all are due for raises.
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