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  1. Which i dont think Hogs tried to do and Greiss wasnt playing the puck. as for what Smith does he still can be outside the crease and should not be hit. If he rins interference back there as long as he isnt run over they will not call it.
  2. I think its different styles of game for sure. Loved those St louis and Detroit series back in the west coast express days Miller is rubbing off on Petey i think. I like what Miller brings in intensity but he has to stop the brooding and pouting for sure. That line misses Boeser for sure. I think we have the talent to be very competitive again its just how they all gel and who do you play with who. I like Garland and Hogs games so far but Pearson hasnt been great and Petey and Horvat need to up their game also. Petey trying to do too much on his own.
  3. totally agree here when we hit home ice and can choose who plays against whom that will be interesting for sure. I think Bone and Burroghs have been solid so far.
  4. The goalie is allowed the space regardless of where he is on the ice. There are no hits allowed whether behind the net in his crease or out at the blue line. Thats Smith taking advantage of the rules
  5. I am not sure why you think i am advocating that. I am not saying dont call penalties its when they are called and what is deserved that is in question from me. I dont think calling one against a team that has had the run of the play to allow the other team to stay in the game is correct. Thats manipulation of the game to keep the fans of the lesser team in the game. What I am advocating for is that the rules should be if it takes away a scoring chance or the health of a player is threatened then I think thats a penalty that should always be called. Thats the playoff version and it makes for a much more entertaining game. The ticky tack hooking calls because you touched another players hands with your stick or the cross check as it has been called this year are bad examples of penalties needing to be called. Its not just the calls against our team that bother me its in any game that makes it less enjoyable to watch when they are inconsistent with how the rules are applied.
  6. well to be honest 1/6 of our top 6 hasnt played yet. Brock will make a big difference on the Power play for sure. His shot is heavy enough to go through a lot of goalies. Horvat and Petey need to pick it up. Petey seems to be trying to go through some of the teams on his own instead of making the play. He will get it figured out. The other teams are aware of that play on the power play with Bo taking the one timer in close and they are watching for it. Same with Peteys one timer from the circle. Getting the shots through from the point will have success and thats what OEL and Hughes are good at. We signed Chaisson to screen the goalie and he hasnt done a very good job of it so far in my opinion. I like what Garland and Hogs have been doing though. Once we get Brock back it opens up both sides of the ice more and will be a better PP
  7. The primary point of the hit was Garlands back and if you want to be that technical thats a penalty on Zadina as well. this is a pointless argument and a waste of time if you feel it was a justified penalty then fine. I dont. Cheers to you
  8. The Hogs hit to the head of the goaltender that waved off the goal would have been a better called penalty in my opinion but Greiss didnt flop on the ice causing the Refs to think he was hurt. Sometimes they call the penalty based on the reaction rather than what actually happened. Thats all i was saying. So many great things happened in that game we just got beat by a goalie that stood on his head again. Last time i checked the goalie is part of the team. We used to get that result from a lot of Luongos games also.
  9. I didnt think it was reckless.and what happened was Zadina reached for the puck and lowered his head into Garlands back. Garland was protecting himself against a hit from behind. Like i said the refs blew the call because they saw something that didnt happen, were called to review because of it and had to save face by calling the minor. Thats my take on it. Whether you agree or not is based on opinion.
  10. I think the young defenders have acquitted themselves well so far and Burroughs has done ok also. Rathbone has been a pleasant surprise as well. If we could just get the power play going , Petey, Horvat, we miss Boeser , we would have less issues with this defense. Losing 3-1 to Detroit with an empty net goal wasnt about how our D played. It was that we didnt finish our chances up front. I give Burroughs a B for his game so far.
  11. im sure other fans were saying that when Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison retired Linden and Bure too Every team goes through turnover. I much preferred the 94 team to the 2011 team. big tough could score and defend. But we all have our favorite players from each era.
  12. Regardless I appreciate Stawns opinion but its frustrating to some of us to see the game manipulated. Its much more entertaining in my opinion when they let the teams play and call only what needs to be called. I prefer a game where there is less power plays and the Referees are invisible.
  13. I dont think these two situations are the same at all. If you are driving you have to be in control of the car but if someone jumps out in front of you and you try to stop but they get hurt you rarely get charged.
  14. I agree he backed into Zadina knowing the hit was coming but he cant see where Zadinas head is. This is why i was so upset about the major penalty. Bad call, reversed on review, probably shouldnt have been a penatly on any player but this was based on trying to keep a lid on a very passionate game. If Zadina wasnt falling into Garlands back nothing gets called here.
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