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  1. Last nights game was frustrating to watch. Its not really the fact that we lost, it just looked like our team was skating in sand. All teams go through down stretches every year. With the reduced schedule this year it is just more important to get off to a good start. The Canucks game isnt very good without the puck and you have to be moving to get it. Theres no doubt the PK has to be better. Theres no doubt the PP has to be better. Holtby seems to be playing fairly well in the two games i have seen from him so far. I cant pin the loss on him. This was a team loss and every player needs to look in the mirror. What is a little concerning to me is the way we are being made to look slow. Calgary beat us to every puck last night. The puck retrieval both on the PK and 5 on 5 was terrible. We didnt want it bad enough. When you dont have your legs, you dont have the puck. When the Canucks are "on" the little three and four foot passes hit the tape dead on. That hasnt been happening the last two games. The pass isnt to a player moving his feet its often to someone standing still or in a tough spot. Also a lot of passes in their feet. I recall a chance for Petey last night that instead of being on his stick went to the skates and he lost the chance.I think he whiffed on a play in front of the net on the PP also. Petey will be fine and he will get it together. Losing Miller for the first 10% of the season is difficult because it means players are playing out of position. Petey is ok at center just not a star center. He is better playing on the wing. Virtanen is not a top line player on any team in the league. Im not trashing the kid but thats not his role nor should it be.The other piece is Miller is obviously a leader to this team. Horvat is the Captain but i think Miller drives this team. Hoglander has been a nice surprise, but he had a jump coming into camp as the only player playing before camp. I like his skill set but we will see how he performs thru the season. First three games on the road, 1-2. Win the next game , come home 500, win the games at home. Thats how we will get to the playoffs. Montreal is in for three games. Those are not going to be easy games, but if we are 2-2 when they start , going 2-1 against the Habs would be a good start to the home ice games. Ottawa is next after the Habs, young hungry team looking to gain some respect. I dont think our record against Canadian team has been that great the last few years. Winnipeg, Montreal, even Ottawa have given us trouble. Its not panic mode time yet. Three games in but they better get it fixed quick because digging a hole in the shortened season doesnt leave you a lot of games to get out of it.
  2. That was awful to watch and really no heart to this team. That’s not the same team from the playoffs. Not sure what the difference is. Holtby was not the reason they lost. That was worse than the Edmonton game. No effort. Sadly if this is what we will see this year it’s lottery pick again.
  3. I feel your fixed list is off but I wont "fix" anyones predictions because thats what they are. Their predictions. Thats just a trolling effort to start an argument. You dont back up your predictions with any facts. not sure why you chose to only fix my predictions ???? y opinion on the upcoming season is as stated with reasons. I Hope the Canucks finish first in the division. I know hope is not a strategy. Reality starts Jan 13. we will see who is closer to correct.
  4. This season will be about a fast start. The Canucks will have to jump out of the gate in their first ten games to have any chance of making the playoffs. A shortened season will benefit the veterans like Edler. 56 game season, less travel than most years, especially with playing games in a series like Baseball does. This all benefits the Canucks. They have the most miles on by any team every season, and the lack of travel should keep them fresh. As with most years injuries will play a significant role as the depth here is the question. Healthy we can compete with anyone. Lose a defenseman or two and we will see where we sit. The big advantage might be the Canucks power play. I see the north division settling out like this 1Winnipeg-best goaltender in the division , gives them the upper hand 2Montreal- great goaltending again, added firepower 3Vancouver- If Holtby and Demko can make us forget about Marky we will be right there. 4Calgary- Markstrom can take this team higher if he plays like last season 5Toronto- Still not enough defense or goaltending here to improve enough, 6Edmonton- two great forwards and still no D or goaltending, Cant win without D 7Ottawa- while they will be more competitive, they still are not there yet. The good Petterson leads the team in goals and points this season Brock has a real good season. Horvat is a beast. Miller has another great year. Hughes continues to be a force Schmidt comes in and is exactly as advertised. Tanev not missed on the ice. Juolevi has a strong year as well. Holtby shines in net and Demko backs up in most games Now the bad Pearson has a tough year, cant get the empty net goals he had last season to boost his total. Virtanen does not impress and is 4th line material Hoglander makes the team out of camp but does not produce Eriksson has one goal all year. Sutter out again for at least 10 games in other divisions Vegas beats out Colorado for the West division Dallas beats out Tampa for the Central but cant sustain it in the playoffs Buffalo almost beats out the Islanders for the crown in the East Going bold i say the Islanders beat the Jets in a 7 game finals. GCG. Just finish ahead of the Laffs.
  5. Merry Christmas to all. So many things to be thankful for this year. Canucks playoff run. Stayed healthy despite working through all this crap. Family all well. CDC still here. Time to drink eat and get fat until January, Peace love light and happiness to all
  6. He was at a rally that encourages people not to wear masks in a pandemic in which wearing masks has been proven to be helpful in stopping the spread of the virus. Note i said helpful not a proven cure. Its time for some people to realize that this is not about just you or me. Its not about infringing on your rights. Its about doing something for the greater good. Some people seem to be unable to see things that way. When something this big is happening and you need to do something so small to help it is so anti Canadian to not take up the cause. Its a good thing our veterans from WW1 and 2 didn't think this way. Canadians so far in this pandemic have had a much better response than our neighbors to the south. I have said all along what will kill Americans through this is their inability to see things as a group rather than a single person. Its not about the "We" its about the "I". Here in Canada for the most part we have figured out taking care of one another sometimes takes some sacrifice. If my wearing a mask saves one life, keeps one person from being on a ventilator, stops one family from having to say goodbye over a tablet rather than in person.I am glad i have done my part. Mark Donnely has a right to speak his mind. He has a right to sing at whatever event he chooses. He has a right to decide for himself what causes to support. But he does have to understand and accept the consequences of those actions. In this case his actions did reflect on the Canucks organization as he is known as the Canucks anthem singer. To see proof of this look at the news and see the headlines used to lead the story. "Canucks anthem singer fired" or some version like that. While i don't like the social media platform Aqualini used to fire him, during these troubled times and with the restrictions in place, I can understand it.
  7. Odds are better for a 2nd round D man than a second round undersized forward. they are not all Cliff Ronning. 1915
  8. my point exactly. odds are he never plays in the NHL but K Korczak will. Wheres the D? 1915
  9. i equated him to Gaudreau who did disappear in the 2019 playoffs. 1915
  10. thats pretty far fetched, fans dont always have to agree on what management does. even when I dont agree with a posters comments I will stand up for their right to be unhappy with what they think is a bad move. I dont always post about things I am unhappy with and many here can attest to that. I believe most of JBs moves have been good for the team. Even the Juolevi pick as I didn't want a Tkachuck on the team however I am still waiting for some D improvement that he promised before the draft. Drafting a 5'8 forward and saying all the same things about him others have said about small forwards before is a repeat of what I have witnessed as a fan of this team from October 1970. If i didnt care i wouldnt be on this site. If everyone just agreed it would all be rainbows and unicorns here but we still wouldnt have a cup. 1915
  11. Conceded, however just because hell froze over this year doesnt mean it wont thaw out next season. Congrats to the Blues and their fans they have waited longer than our Canucks for a championship. The Raptors, Meh not a basketball fan but good for TO. 1915
  12. Thats the only way we will know for sure. I truly do hope i am wrong, history just is on my side. 1915
  13. I actually just posted in there that I have less concern over the Miller trade than i do with JB not drafting any D men so far. especially after he said he was going to improve the D pool this year. Hoglander is just another Schroeder. Agree its a different Gm though, i just see it as the same mistake. 1915
  14. Jordan Schroeder is selected 22nd overall in the first round of the 2009 NHL draft in Montreal. Scouting report: He's a dynamic player, a leader and a type of player that has developed into a complete offensive and defensive threat every time he is on the ice. He has a rocket of a wrist shot and he can beat you by putting the puck in the net, going around a defender, or freezing the goaltender and passing it off to one of his wingers. The concern is going to be his overall size, like there was with Scott Gomez, with Brian Gionta and with Patrick Kane, but at the same age he is probably a little thicker and a little bit more compact than they were. He's a great hockey player." Sounds terrific, Great job by Lou, Mr. Gillis and the rest of the Canucks staff. Sound familiar to anyone? Schroeder got 45 points with the Rockford Ice Hogs last season in the AHL. This is why i am not excited about Mr Hoglander. 1915
  15. Lather Rinse Repeat = no cups. 1915