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  1. Yes but the 70s Habs had a protection rule in place for Quebec players if i am not mistaken through the 60s so they held an advantage at the time on home grown talent.Once the gates opened up they had a lot of the same issues everyone else had after there 70s run. Its not easy to scout, develop, have success , rinse repeat. Every team is trying to do the same thing. Benning as a great drafter is getting the team to its foundation players. Now the trick is to tweak with trades and signings to compliment the roster. Thats where a Pat Quinn was so good. Benning has a ways to go here yet.
  2. I have also watched every season. Along the way one of the biggest improvements we made was getting our own farm team and not sharing it with other teams. Our players developed our way. We have not done a great job of it historically especially with players we want to be the power forwards. Jim Sandlak, Cam Neely, Jake. Its a more difficult player to develop and you need patience which neither the organization nor the fans in this city have. Bertuzzi made it, He might be the exception. Most of our stars came in ready to go either through trade (Naslund) or exceptional work ethic and talent. (S
  3. would you consider a no trade clause for either of these two?
  4. After digesting this trade it looks better to me. need top 4 D man- accomplished 3 C -accomplished shed cap, accomplished Upgrade top 9 -accomplished The length on OEL's contract is a concern only as we pay the recapture penalty. Picking up Garland is a plus. Sign Hughes and Petey to reasonable term and cash and we might even have enough left to sign another seasoned defenseman other than Elder. I would say aggressive Jim has done a good job here. A little edge on the fourth line might be nice but not necessary. Start the year having a little cap room for the TDL would
  5. Against Minnesota and especially against St Louis we looked fast. Against Vegas we looked slow. this past season i fail to remember any breakaway that was created by foot speed. We are not fast enough up front so i agree we need to upgrade for that, however the forwards the Blues trotted out were a step behind us in the bubble. Vegas was not. they have the mix of size and speed we need to emulate. The size on the back end again is about surviving the playoffs healthy, or reasonably healthy. As for could we have beaten Vegas , if not for that ridiculous save Lehner makes off Boeser we migh
  6. I dont disagree we will be a better team next season. The defense still needs more than just a structure change. They are not strong enough to compete with the better teams. QH is a minus player and will have a lot of work to do to improve that. We still do not have a legitimate number one defenseman, a replacement for Edlers declining capabilities, or the size on D to off set the lack of it up front. Our top 6 forwards are fine. Adding Podz in will help and perhaps thats the opportunity to allow Petey Bo and Miller to center their own lines. Bo becomes the 3 C. It still doesnt keep the p
  7. This isnt going to happen unless we fix that porous Defense.
  8. I was simply defending Myers as he has played fairly well but perhaps not up to his 6 mill salary. I agree we have options. I am just not sold on the fact that we can add a BETTER player than Myers at a team friendly cost reduced Cap deal. We got Myers in Free Agency and thats what cost money. I just dont see players who have the choice lining up to come to a last place team and taking less then they can get on the open market. I agree we have options but very little other than more money to offer to come to this team at this time..so we overpay again. I dont have an issue exposing
  9. the cost of living here is much more than Florida. It costs more to live here. Gas Food and yes the income tax difference is very large. Our income tax takes away any advantage the exchange on the dollar provides. Vancouver is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. I agree wholeheartedly on the fact the player has to want to be here though.
  10. no they do not. In comparison to T bay where they pay next to no taxes and here they pay a large income tax. it isnt even close to comparable Alf.
  11. I arguing the same thing you are. cheers
  12. I just thinks its unrealistic to think that will all happen. HOPE is not a strategy. Its like looking at who we can draft before the draft lottery. Not much point wasting arguing about it. WE do need to replace Edler and if possible with a cheaper option. id love to see Mayfield come here but having played in T bay he has the tax advantage to be considered. What he will want to play here will be much more than he was making in T bay.I dont know much about Hakanpaa but there are bound to be plenty of bottom pair D men available. I just want to see how Schmidt and Myers do in a regular regular s
  13. Ok not looking to start an argument here but it would be the same over payment we paid for Myers. Id rather we stand pat with what we have and see how they do in a regular season not covid shortened, in the divisions we play in and with the travel that should be. It is rocket science to convince players to come and play for a last place team when they control where they play. its not hard to understand that. Thats why Myers got what he got. if we let him go and roll the dice on another player of the same how does that help us. Also if they are willing to sign for less how are they any be
  14. Thats how we got to Myers and his big contract that you want to trade away. So we just insert another body that wants 6 million a year in the open market. im sure you realize that there will be plenty of teams competing for those players including the teams they played for last season.
  15. Lots of ways to eat up that cap quickly in FA
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