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  1. Yeah, I somewhat feel if a player requests a trade than they should expect movement clauses to be pushed on. That being said… we have no idea if he’s asked for a trade or if teams are just interested because the structure our defence somewhat lends itself to moving him.
  2. Yeah would have been pushing 20 goals in 82 games. 6’2 230
  3. Whatta ya mean dream???? It’s super realistic! And with all the offensive minded guys on the backend it might just turn into a nightmare some nights….. OEL Dobson Hughes Meyers Juolevi/Rathbone Hamonic
  4. While I’m here…. At what point does the NHL start considering a way to bump the draft age up a year? I feel like there could be some positives to making a move that gives teams an extra year to watch players as they mature. just a thought.
  5. I mean…. Mirenberg (or however you spell it) isn’t small.
  6. I agree. It’s like I said though, Brackett has been the reverse scape goat. Anything good he gets credit for so Jim Benning doesn’t need to. Apprently @kilgorehas more inside information on who was responsible for which picks than I do though
  7. There are a few guys every year who surprise and make the jump but it would be just that, a surprise (albeit a pleasant one lol).
  8. He’s gonna be our fourth line C out of camp
  9. Huh. I guess Judd must have dressed up as Delorme to push drafting Petterson….. All joking aside (before you blow a gasket), Judd did a good job. It’s just disingenuous to give him credit for all our good picks and somehow remove him from responsibility for our less impressive ones. it’s like Brackett has served as the primary excuse for anything good that has happened in the organization so people who don’t like Benning don’t have to give him credit for anything good that happens.
  10. I mean…. Everyone else is passing on them so maybe we do to?
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