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  1. Scatchard was an underrated beauty! Talk about a blast from the past. We gave up on him way too early. In the seasons after we traded him to NYI he popped in 21 goals and 27 goals while fighting anyone who messed with his teammates. I like Madden’s feistiness. Fighting’s obliviously not nearly as necessary in today’s game, but grit still is, and I think when Madden physically matures he can add that element to our team, as well as skill.
  2. Yeah I noticed Gaudette doing not so good on the dot as well (other than that he was a beast). If he makes the team I think he’ll likely be the third line centre. This could allow him the luxury of having Sutter on his wing who can then take a bunch of the draws until Maholtra trains him to hopefully be a beast at that as well
  3. It’s so nice to hear someone else say this. My friends are getting sick of my Dahlén love lol! Honestly his his game is tailor made for the new NHL. He’s going to notch a lot of goals for us. And to top top it off he’s got such a positive personality. In the video of Lind mic’d up, Dahlen was hilarious. His teammates and fans will love him.
  4. Does anyone know if game 2 is being streamed? Thank you
  5. That’s a solid list. Very close to what I had as well. After watching Hughes fitting right in at the World Championship I moved Hughes into the 3rd spot ahead of Zadina. Also, I love that you had Miller in your top 20. I definitely would’ve picked him in the top 20. I think he has an insane amount of raw talent and that with his swag personality and confidence on the ice that he’s going to shine in NYC.
  6. So you’re saying that you hope he has better feet than Foote... sorry that’s my dad joke for the day lol
  7. Totally hey! Several times throughout the game today I found myself breathing a sigh of relief that we took Pettersson lol. And even though there was no question that we were taking Hughes when we he was still on the board this year, I was so grateful that he fell to us and we didn’t end up drafting Wahlstrom like many of the mock drafts had us doing. Wahlstrom looked pretty average today and just like in the final minute of the U18 gold medal game, in the final minute of today's game Jack Hughes gifted him a cross ice pass and Wahlstrom failed to bury it in the open net. I know i
  8. I really like Woo’s game. If there’s one word to sum it up it would be “Solid”. He’s obviously physically solid, laying hits effectively and often, but he also often makes the solid plays such as clean outlet passes. I really think he could be an ideal defense partner for Hughes as his game can compliment Hughes’ game; he can skate well enough to hang with Hughes, he can go into the corners and come out with the puck more times than not, and he has crisp passes. Woo’s subtle game (although there’s nothing subtle about his explosive hits lol) can work well
  9. Just finished watching the game (it’s so awesome to have this level of hockey in the middle of summer). Quinn was unbelievably entertaining to watch! He completely steals the show every shift. I can’t wait to eventually watch the magic that he and Pettersson are going to conjure up!
  10. I would’ve loved to have watched Hughes with the big club this year (although he probably will play the last handful of games this season... fingers crossed). Nonetheless I’m a little relieved by his decision because I want to see what Juloevi brings in camp, and I also think that Pouliot and Hutton are both too young to give up on quite yet. I might get flamed for saying this, but I think there’s a decent chance that Hutton has a bounce back year. Apparently he’s training like a beast and is hungry for redemption. Knowing that Hughes is waiting in the wings, Hutton an
  11. I was listening to NHL network on Sirius radio today and they were talking about Woo potentially playing on Hughes’ right side one day if all goes well. If Woo can become what we all hope he can, that could be a deadly pairing. Woo using his speed to close in on an attacker, then blowing him up with a hit. Woo retrieves the puck and feeds Hughes who uses his edges and dangles to make everyone look like pylons. Ahhh, one can dream lol
  12. Oh I totally hear you. I’m so sick of being a bottom feeder. Now that we’ve got a probable #1 defensemen in Hughes and a probable #1 Center in Pettersson, lets start winning again. While I’m dreaming though I might as well dream big; how about we win the cup but still manage to draft first overall by trading Tanev or whoever to a contender in the offseason for their first rounder which isn’t lottery protected. Then they flop and we win the lottery lol!
  13. Listening to this interview with Jack and Luke Hughes, towards the end of it the reporter asks what Jack thinks about playing against his brother in the NHL on day, and Jack replies saying that his “preference is to play with him.” Oh please hockey gods allow that to happen. If we’re draft high again, but not first overall, I say offer them every pick we have in that draft and even sweeten the pot if we have to reunite two great brothers in Vancouver again.
  14. I really think Hughes and Woo are going to be fan favourites. Watching Jett Woo highlights and interviews the kid screams character and plays an entertaining gritty, face paced game. Not to mention that he’s named after Jet Li (true story)... I don’t know why but that makes me like him even more lol. Soon our arena is going to be packed with Horvat, Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes and probably Woo jerseys.
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