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  1. Imagine the day of Dahléns first NHL hat-trick against the Canucks?
  2. Maybe he didnt improve point-wise.. In leadership and all the defensive aspects he improved alot this season
  3. Didnt have photoshop time left but replace the canucks with Canajun And ofcourse use the right shades of blue and green.... Make use of everyone(?)s favourite logo!
  4. I'd for sure fo with a name that "fits" with the Canucks either on the Orca side or the Canuck side Name taken from the latin name of the Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata) The sad thing about it is that in never travels as far north as Canada.. Would be amazing if it did! Abbotsford Feresa? I'd for sure fo with a name that "fits" with the Canucks either on the Orca side or the Canuck side - maybe Abbotsford Canajuns?
  5. If its the same Petey as the teen Petey here in Timrå i have a hard time seeing him going for the biggest deal possible... If its helps the team win i guess he'd rather play for 7m aav than a 10m aav.. I wouldn't rule out a 8yr 8m aav contract. The only teams i could see with the cap and draft picks to offer sheet him is Hurricanes, Flames and Red Wings.. No idea whom of those would go for it though.
  6. He never played in a Canucks game. He grew up in Maple Ridge, BC. Signed by the Canucks for the 17/18 season and played in 58 games for the Comets (10G27A)
  7. Well, my bad last game.. Forgot to predict a Canucks loss... Jets win 4-2 Dubois GWG
  8. Contyunuing my awesome stats on getting the canucks 2 points I hope! 4-2 canadiens Toffoli
  9. So easy to get the 2 points... Just predicct the opposite! 4-2 Senators White
  10. Well, I think im 2/14 or so when predicting a Canucks loss so lets continue that awesome statistics! Senators win 5-2 Tkapuke GWG Canucks score first
  11. Coilheads win 5-3 McDavid GWG Obviously No :D
  12. 5 am?! Thats wonderful! Love this start time... (geting up for work at exactly 5 am) More of this please!
  13. Well, since it worked The last 3 Times... Here is for the 2 points! Canadiens win 4-2 Toffoli gwg
  14. All The games canucks won i predicted a loss so ill do this for the sake of 2 points.. Canadiens win 5-2 Toffoli gwg
  15. Lets tet this again.... 4-1 leafs win Nylander gwg Leafs score first
  16. He didnt feel like he was geting a chance to get into his game in utica, and afger his monoculisis and concussions he needed to get back into The game, hence The Sharks let him go to Sweden. After a good year all SHL Teams wanted to sign him (there is no such thing as a minor league team owned by a shl team here like the NHL/AHL). This year he felt like Timrå had a good chance to be promotwd to The SHL again and he wanted to stay in an attempt of bringing them up again, this time for more than a year. This year he has been evolving, being team Captain and improving his sight, pass
  17. As The score has been The complete oposite to my predictions lately i Will go with a 4-1 winnipeg win, Dubois gwg and NO canucks PP goal
  18. Ok, there has to be a win this year, right? Canucks win 4-2 petey gwg
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