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  1. About Dougie. What is there to like about it ? That's near superstar money. And as overkill of term as you can get these days
  2. Just when his stock was really high years ago. He's a 5th over all pick that didn't live uo
  3. I've been away for awhile. The cap must be up a bit if Grandlund is getting that kind of money.
  4. Lecavleir to the Flyers 2.0. What were they thinking. But someone was going to over pay. Anything over 2 years is a risk. He could have probably got 4 or 5 on a 2 year deal. Im curious what the Dallas board thinks of this deal
  5. Just shows what a tragicomedy free agency can be. Everyone knew they were buying at the peak with him and Parise. The players themselves probably knew too. Having a mega deal bust in your legacy isn't good but you gotta go for the money. This contract is for too long. Reminds me of Vincent Lecavleir to the Flyers for 5 years after his mega deal buyout bust. It will be interesting to see if Suter can live up to this contract. He sure didn't on his last one.
  6. Oh man. I seen Sutter and thought we signed Ryan Suter
  7. Then this deal is palatable. Hopefully he will recover his game a little. He made no secret of how he didn't like collecting a check on a losing team
  8. I quit being a full time fan after we drafted 5th in 2015. They put that new order rule in after the Oilers got McDavid. Who's the first team to get burnt by it ? Us.
  9. For some context, if OEL was a free agent this summer, we would probably be one of the teams interested. What kind of contract would OEL get if he was on the market today ?
  10. You have to pay to get. OEL's contract is the pay on our end in this deal. 2 million retained isn't painful and the deal wouldn't have been done. But people will forget this really fast. And will hate this contract with all of their heart in 6 months
  11. The Canucks taking a big contract from the sun belt. This reminds me of Ballard and Booth. Hopefully this isn't the token boat anchor contract on the team. But everyone has them.
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