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  1. In case anyone thought this was a joke, it isn't.
  2. I can confirm that now there is a "message boards" on the fan tab. Maybe they put boards in plural because they just kinda want to include the new board also ?
  3. Maybe for mobile. On my desktop, the forum is no longer under the "community" tab. And it isn't showing anything for a message board or forum under the "fans" tab
  4. But why ? This is unprofessional of Canucks Sports and Entertainment. The forum closes on Oct 1 check is bouncing.
  5. They never said what year By -SN- 09/15/2023 Dear Canucks fans and forum users, We want to thank you for your passion, your millions of posts and your interest in our team and this site. It has been an incredible journey and an entertaining experience. Unfortunately , the time has come to shut down this forum and turn the page on what has been an incredible novel to read. It will remain active until the end of the month and be closed October 1st. Be sure to follow us on social media and download our mobile app ()for breaking news and content on your Vancouver Canucks. We also look forward to seeing you at Rogers Arena this season. Go Canucks Go! - Canucks Staff
  6. How many days can we meme lord ? I dare someone to start a thread with swearing in it....
  7. Wakes up. Sees CDC alive still. What in the living f u c k is going on. Maybe they are having a hard time disabling the forum part of the website without disturbing the main site itself
  8. I heard that the old one from Rogers is going to abbotsford
  9. They should give this forum to the Abbotsford Canucks. Like they did with the old scoreboard
  10. I think its gonna be 12 midnight tonight, lights out
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