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  1. I should love Petey on PP2 because it either free up space for PP1 or Petey. Something like Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Virtanen Hughes 2: Pearson, Gaudette, Petey, Höglander, Edler/Schmidt
  2. Great to finally get some action again. This session will be the first season I get to watch some real rivalry between two teams, us and Flames. So I ser a great future that starts with a win over Oilers, 5-2
  3. And? I’m not a member of this love’in thingy you guys got going.
  4. Au contraire, the same love homophobes have for homosexuals... It's deeply rooted in their souls.
  5. No he doesn't. He was in press box last season and probably in taxi squad this season. So the place he occupies is on his ass. Do you really want the young players do that instead of playing? The only way he gets in the playing roster is if Green needs to tighten up the defence due a lot of injuries and Louis good defence. Wich players like Gaudette and MacEwen can't handle yet.
  6. Exactly, so why is everybody here obsessed with him? Some strange love/hate relation?
  7. Well, last year he was in the pressbox till injuries tore up the team. Is that to be gifted a spot? Now, the max is to sit still in a taxi squad without playing a whole season because we have so many good players. He is really good at positioning himself and it helps his team. As you saw with Horvat last season and under the scrimmage yesterday. So as a last minute call it's good having a sane defenceminded player to pick. He won't get many chances under this short season. His only chance is if a few players don't get it defencewise or a lot of unlucky injuries, wich we all don't want to see. .
  8. If only more fans understood this.
  9. By the way, where is the pub in Timrå you talked about?
  10. As AJ says... Why bother about a player that won't throw away his rights(no one on this forum would do it either) and won't play much. He played only because of injuries last season, Leivo par example. He didn't have a place on the playing roster last season. He will probably be in taxi squad due to Green like to have our younger players playing and he is experienced enough to know what to to if is a lot of injuries. He might get pushed down if Green will rotate the squad. If so will the best beside the goalie, be taxi players.