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  1. Well, if Miller could use Petey as a passing partner more when he attacks Petey could have reached that level the last season. I have stopped counting all the times Miller just rushe into ozone and and only has Petey as a decoy. Petey on the other hand always involves his linemates in the game. Remember that Petey got close to ppg in his first season without Miller so I believe it's Miller that benefits being beside Petey. How is Eichel working defensively? He got a lot of minus but that doesn't always tell the whole story. I don't know because I haven't seen much of him
  2. Just ridiculus... Why retire without 5 mill? Would you do that? And if he plays in AHL or Europe he doesn't have to bother about escrow wich is really high now due to Covid 19.
  3. Fleury is really old and is already second on his current team. What happens if Demko doesn't cut it next season? Rely on Fleury? 6x5 on Marky and we got him for five years if not Seattle take him. If we have him the whole period he's as Fleury after those 5 years. I don't get why people here talk about goalies that either is to old or want too much(Holtby). If you guys want to cut cap, why don't you focus on goalies around 2 mill that really is a backup if you want Demko as no.1. Clarke is much more important than Fleury. And while we're at it. How is the statistic between Marky, Holtby and Fleury?
  4. I think we can trade Loui against Brown and Tierney. Their ownsers save 11 mill if so. Then we can ship out Baertschi, Roussel, Benn, Beagle, Goldobin etc with a little retained and help them fill up the roster.
  5. If so the team could have dealt with Vegas easy. Teach 'em to not spend any more energy than necassary.
  6. Why bring up MacEven? He didn't know how to position himself in the playoffs when the going got tougher. So Loui and MacEwen is on different levels. Salary wise it's too many levels above but still... Loui is better than MacEwen for now.
  7. Well, Loui was missed against Vegas. When he plays his linemates get the chance to play as they want. As Horvat said himself. It's odd but it's also a fact. Horvat suffers when he has to play more defensively. You need different types of player on the ice. If we go deeper into this it was Benning who signed him. Green that adapts a strategy that makes Loui redundant.
  8. Loui is someone who really can teach the youngster about positioning... Stop whining so much.
  9. Loui actually gets more money in AHL due to the hefty escrow, so he might accept it for at least next short season...
  10. I trust Ian Clarks advice to Benning. If he thinks Demko is ready to take over and be no. 1 for the next 2 years I'll accept that. But if not, give Marky what he want but protect Demko. With Marky we can reach play offs with our current team withoit any upgrade. If Demko needs a few years before he reach that level why rush him and put a lot of pressure on him now?
  11. Our real window is in 2 years when Luongo, Loui et al has disappeared. What we have now is a little bonus.