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  1. This is definately the best offseason I’ve seen here.
  2. Do you really think it's better to put fuel to the fire? Why not take a middle approach instead of instigate. If he had chosen to be mature instead of a reaction, everyone had enjoyed his post.
  3. Well, he just admitted that he choose title because he thought people here was too negative towards Benning. Trolling might be too strong though. Biased is better. English isn’t so easy when trying to find similar words.
  4. So why do you want to make things worse? There is no reason to put Benning on a piedestal because fans here sometimes come with negative criticism against him. There a lot more here that is positive because they see that we are going in the right direction.
  5. Look at me as an objective person. That can give some hints. If you look at me as biased you miss the point of my post. It’s indifferent if it’s hockey, medicine, science… I want credit to be given to the right person, at least an organisation that gives credit to the right people. When Benning gave credit to Delorme it was a strategic choice of him wich in my view is very wrong. Benning should be honest and not pad ”his” people as Inge was on his way to retirement. Benning know Inge very well. This is my objective view in any similar situation. This is
  6. I don’t hate Benning. I just think he’s bad communicator wich is key for a GM. He might be good at drafting but GM is more than that. You should only use the word ”hate” if it’s really strong emotions. It’s not strong emotions when I just give honest answers to people who post to me. Benning got credit for being honest so… By the way, I don’t believe people are so stupid when they talk about me, Benning and Dahlen so they must be trolling.
  7. Well, it’s easy to troll so keep on. You could have chosen another title and talk a bit more about the Canucks instead of Benning. Just the fact Benning had the oppurtunity to pick early is different if you compare with Gillis. So when there is a lot of factors that has to fit in perfect It’s not because of One GM or One scout. As I said, without Inge in the organisation No Petey. And because people seem to misunderstand, yes, one scout or one GM can determine wich player it is that drafts but on the whole it’s not because of one scout or GM. So why bring forth Benning ahe
  8. If so I would be jealous of this post that was really good without trolling anybody…
  9. I was more into that the opening post was more into Benning than the Canucks. I got no problem with the facts. Then it all steered far away when a lot here like to troll me.
  10. Well, when did I not use logic or objectivity?
  11. They are neanderthal… How many allegations against coaches in AHL and NHL has seen the light the last years? It’s a sign of players turn coach and are stuck in old times.
  12. I give credit when credit is due. Inge Hammarström opened the eyes of this organisation and Benning made the final decision. Benning could have gone another route and skipped Petey so Benning was very important. Do you know what objectivity means? I’ve seen a lot of positive moves this season primarerly but also last season with Benning as GM. Moves that might lead very far into play offs. That is objectivity. But that doesn’t mean I close my eyes when he makes mistakes. Also objectivity…. Might be useful to try some objectivity.
  13. Nope, the way Benning handled it. That Dahlen doesn’t play for the Canucks is just how it goes. It’s ridiculus to think otherwise. It’s like Petey should be mad why Växjö didn’t hire Dahlen. So please, think before you answer. If you had read what I wrote you should know by now what it’s all about.
  14. Again, the title of this thread is enough evidence. A title meant to troll those that don’t think Benning should be a GM for the Canucks.
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