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  1. Maybe Green and Benning should stop grooming Petey to be a 1st C and let him be a winger. When Petey has been fully grown around 25 they can start the C project. Let Horvat be 1st C with Petey and Boeser. Miller 2nd C with Höglander and Garland. Maybe switch a winger so you split the small gritty ones.
  2. If the instructions contradict Peteys natural interna drive and skill it can take some time and that is what I’m talking about. Do you remember when Miller ”learnt” Petey? That is hilarious.
  3. Green has said before that Petey listens. So I trust Green…
  4. Definately, but he works a lot more in defence now. So it takes a toll til his body gets stronger. But I would still build the top line around Peteys mind than Greens statistics.
  5. Petey has struggled more than the beginning of this season…
  6. He’s been coached/groomed and if it’s the right way to go with Petey, I don’t know. I would have taken Peteys strengths and then build the line round him instead of rebuilding Petey.
  7. Interesting that Gillis is around still… I think more than a roster has flown by since I came here snd that was when Petey started. Is Horvat the only one left since Gillis? And who is cherished the most and captain of the team?
  8. How do you know this? My take is that bad communication isthekey problem. And that the Canucks didn’t offer Dahlen the possibility to play for Timrå.
  9. Are You serious? Did Green bag skate his players during the season? I don’t have a problem with it if it’s a training method they have but as a punishment it screams ”neanderthal”.
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