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  1. But the tough side is what the sociopaths use and they can fluorish in old school systems because no one dare to call them out. But in a modern society players wonder what the heck he is doing and call him out.
  2. Hardly, he played like a 3 mill but that was on Benning that hadn’t got a clue what players the coach needed. It seems he asked around and was happy with ghat. Not any serious analyse how Loui played and if that style fitted how the coach played. Ferland was over three mill right down the toilet at once. But I chosed Messier due to the overall negative impact he had on the team.
  3. Loui isn’t even close to Ferland. But since Benning didn’t defend Loui after Loui spoke to the swedish journalist Loui was screwed here since you canadians have a soft spot for the chief in command.
  4. Benning hired Ferland withouth insurance due to Ferlands earlier concussions. Isn’t that kind of desperate?
  5. So a player that was aquired to give the team a bit of grit, failed the medics and got no insurance, played only a handful of games and got injured as soon as he fought. The blame is Bennings but the same can be said about Loui, OEL, Juolevi, Virtanen… All players were ultimately Bennings fault.
  6. I wanted to say Ferland because I’ve never seen anyone be as beloved coming here as a saviour and then poof, concussion and LTIR and gone. Then I realised you had Messier and even if I wasn’t around back then I realise that he’s behaviour is much worse and on a level Ferland can’t reach.
  7. Here is a local track(for Petey I mean) with a great message. Old track though
  8. But he wasn’t honest. he protected the coaches and structure at Utica that was bad for prospects development. You might have noticed that the former regime is gone like the wind. PA has probably heard from Dahlen directly to make a judgement himself. So all the changes that led to Abbysford may be from how Dahlen was treated there. No more prospects that falls through the cracks like that. So while Benning was dishonest he saved his own face so he didn’t get so much critic from fans and led them to hate a young prospect. That is completely wrong and I’m perplexed that you don’t see it. Alex wife and Dahlen suffered from online harassment due to words from someone that clearly doesn’t know how words affect people. That kind of people isn’t fit to be in a leader position.
  9. He talked about young players not willing to(play in AHL or something like that) So he talked about both Dahlem and the finnish prospect that went back to Finland instead of Utica. The worst bit was that the hate from Canucks fans forced Dahlen to stop using internet and in the process his family had to go through it all. I hope you see the hypocary from Cancuck73. For me it’s worse when a GM direct hate towards a young prospect that hasn’t any experiance of how NHL is compared to an experianced NHL player that is extremely good loocking and has a lot of admirers. Alex have a problem everywhere he goes and that is something a lot of the players got. Some cheat and some don’t take the offers available. Groupies has been a reality for many years. The new bit there seems to be that they attack the wives and that is really bad.
  10. He was the GM and very much responsible for what words he use. No GM should throw a prospect under the bus in that way. Especially since he knew how passionate the Canucks fans are. But you continue helping him trying to save his face. A girl online isn’t even close…
  11. I would say your defense of Benning still while you’re being a hypocrite in this case.
  12. As I said, I only talked about the short vid and we seem to have a mutual understanding of that. The fun part, or sad…, is that when I brought up this subject(harassment online) regarding Benning throwing young prospects under the bus I was ridiculed. Posters like Dazzle still mock me for it. Dahlen was harassed online and none here talked about Benning as a bad person still he was the guy starting the hate online.
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