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  1. So, you say Benning is a head scout. I thought he was a general manager... My bad.
  2. Check out Lee Childs books about Jack Reacher, Dollar is the first book in the serie. Start with the first book and go for a ride in a sort of modern western. It's really hard to say only one book.
  3. It looks like a coaching issue. Look at how Petey evolves. The coach wanted something else from Petey so they start changing him to something else. That process can take a lot of unnecessary time if you force the changes and it is probably whats happen with both Petey and Dahlin. i really believe coaches in Sweden has a much different approach to how the develop players. I haven’t much faith in the NA approach.
  4. More like a month if you’re a bookfan. Robin Hobb is a good fantasywriter. A slightly different tone, approach.
  5. The Flames play close to the same system but are better with passing the puck. Similar to when we had our great run last season. And the Miller way is close to neanderthal... I believe one reason Petey stumble is the wise words from the crash and burn Miller. I' m not sure why Green/Benning thought he could learn Petey anything.
  6. I think he’s good enough but he needs another coach that let him play as he should. So if he’s traded to the right coach he can succeed
  7. Well, he’s a strange kid. He has the chance of a lifetime and doesn’t grab it. Shortsighted...
  8. Ok But a local kid bleeds Canucks and give everything he got for the team. A mercenary can never get there.
  9. I’m not stressed. if you count the time from Myers were signed til the start of season 22/23 Benning could have planned a happy ending instead of all the half assed deals
  10. Ouch, and Shea is a local player. That was a really bad drafting.
  11. How am I obsessed with Loui? some posters here are obsessed with size. I say we should have used the money on Schmidt and Myers to get a real gamechanger. Then Stecher is valued as a third pair. Nothing more. stecher is of better value than Myers. Is that so strange?
  12. Edler is on his way out. Either that or he’s gonna be cheap. No need to talk about that when he got into a top ten list.
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