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  1. Sorry, i haven't been following this much lately. I was under the impression that she said masks help but aren't perfect. Not sure what you mean by glory holes but Albertan tourists are Ok if they never leave their vehicles. (That was a joke) My sister lives in Calgary, are you saying she can never visit her family ever again?
  2. I believe them, especially Dr.B but i don't believe a damn word that comes out of the states right now, especially NYTimes or CNN. NYTimes is the national enquirer.
  3. Hogwash? Dude, they say right in it that some masks that are sold aren't effective. If you feel so safe with it on, go into a spray booth with only that on. They conclude by saying those tests proved they kept droplets out while talking, thats great if you have a drooling problem but when you sneeze, it comes out with such force that droplets are then atomized. They go right through a speedo mask.
  4. Those masks don't do much. If you want to keep particulates out, you need an N-95 mask on. You'd be breaking WCB rules if you showed up to work in a spray booth wearing a speedo on your face. So you're at risk of ingesting toxins at work and the WCB has rules to make sure you don't get sick. They wouldn't say ' oh yeah, just put a glorified doo-rag on your face and your good to go.' You need a respirator with fresh filters that need to be changed every 8 hours while dealing with vapours and you need a N-95 mask for dealing with particulates, That being said those hokey masks are bett
  5. Give it a rest , man. He was playing Sutter, Schaller and Ericksson ahead of him all year. Looijng invisible for 10 game sis utter BS, those are the game Green would only give him 5 minutes a game. How many times has Sutter, Schaller and Ericlsson looked invisible this year. Even Boeser had long stretches of inconsistency. Green refuses to define Virtanen's role. The guy juggles the lines so much, one day Schaller's a 4rth line bum that couldn't even crack LA's lineup, the next day Green has him on the second line. Honestly, who do think is the better player, Goldobin or Schaller. Sc
  6. He's the 5th best winger on the team, it's not even an argument. He's being dogged by the coach given 4rth line duty while putting up second line #'s.
  7. Feels weird but we agree once again. Torts tried turning the Sedins into 24 minute a game, also Pker's that blocked shots and look how that turned out. The were worn down by the second half of the season. Virtanen being scratched or given less than 10 minutes a game isn't doing his development many favours.
  8. I think the extra roster spots were just for the preseason game, Green thinks Schaller is a far better player so it's a lost cause at this point.
  9. The Kanes are ABLE to party. It must run in the family. I think Evander Kane got a bum rap in Winnipeg, we all just saw last night how big A$*#oles the Jets can be. He was holding a stack of cash like a phone in a photo in Vegas he posted. Big deal. Then he wore a track suit to a team meeting when they were told to wear suits. Sounds like they don't get his humour. Whats the big deal? Why would you be required to wear a suit at a team meeting? It's not wall street. He is a good player that scores lots and fights, he even fought Moonraker (Chara). Don't know what the issues with the
  10. Yep 20 goals and 40 points with 13:00 average icetime, 4th in hits, one of the best Takeaway/giveaway ratio's. No PP time, yep he's sure a bad player but he had more points than Sutter, Ericksson and McEwen/Ferland combined this season. The players he can't compete with all of the sudden. Green still has to prove he can win, didn't look like he had them ready last night, maybe he should focus on getting EVERYBODY ready, not just Jake.
  11. Sutter was absolute trash last game, can't even keep up and the player that shows up and pulls his groin every training camp because he shows up out of shape. MacEwen is going to be good but he's not quite there yet and Sutter was trash last night so Virtanen is by far the best option. It's a no brainer.
  12. Sutter was terrible last night, they have him to kill penalties and he takes a lazy one in the offensive zone. Motte, Beagle, Horvat, Rousell and Pearson can kill penalties and Virtanen can replace the speed and 40 points from the third line they were so glaringly missing last night. The Jets are an example of outcoaching Green. They had beat the Canucks 10 times in a row before last nights game and 14 of the last 15. I think it's because Maurice is a smarter coach, i hope i'm wrong and it's just one of those hockey things. Some teams just match up well against others. That being sai
  13. Hard to believe all this $&!# over a player that mishandled the puck and got frustrated and threw a hit. You guys have zero evidence to back up your claims other than a 30 second clip. People that think they know every thing don't need proof i guess.
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