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  1. I'd love to see contract negotiations from start to finish. Even if it's just some sort of mock negotiation, I think it would cool to see the inner workings.
  2. lol no thanks, I'd rather all offseason. Seriously though, I hope he's worth his contract. We'll have enough people dissecting OEL all season, we don't need another target for the fans/media.
  3. Green is getting so much love from the players. Shows what the fans know. That was a sweet interview with Schenn, I can't wait for next year.
  4. All I know is I'm so &^@#ing hyped for next season.
  5. I was hoping he'd work out better though, I loved his initial interviews. Oh well, good luck in Winnipeg.
  6. Too bad, Holtby is a beauty. Good luck to him. Maybe to Vegas for some more goalie controversy
  7. Can't wait till he starts the season for us and lights it up.
  8. Oh you guys are doing this again huh? Same crap you pulled getting me all excited for Larsson! Please let it be true
  9. I don't think anyone here has a problem with Drance reporting stuff like the Canucks have a cap problem, or that we have bad contracts. The problem for me that they (not all, granted) ask silly baiting question and spread false rumours. Literally lying just to stir up drama.
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