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  1. I grew up in White Rock, then Surrey, and now live in Calgary. The city is clean, relatively quiet, super close to the mountains and the Bow is beautiful. It may not be Vancouver, but how many cities compare to Van? The people for the most part are super nice. I've ran into WAY worse people growing up in BC than in Calgary. Yeah, you definitely have your racists, and your ignorant assholes. Can't deny that. However the majority of people are hard working, honest, friendly people. The Flames are really not nearly as bad as you make them out to be either. Sure, they have
  2. Yep. Exactly this. Some of our fanbase is so high and mighty about other teams, it can honestly get pretty pathetic. Even just look at this forum alone, all types of fans.
  3. And that's the problem. Too many people have the "it doesn't affect me so I don't care" attitude. Selfish, entitled children.
  4. I mean I mentioned this earlier but it's pretty obvious. Guys coming off a respiratory illness and forced to play the schedule they have to in order to catch up. I don't see this ending well, I think we see several injuries. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. The AG trade doesn't sit well with me, but what do I know. I liked the guy a lot, I wanted to see him with us for one more year. This thread should be fun.
  6. Even IF guys recover in two weeks, are they really going to be in any sort of game shape? Being laid up for 2 weeks is going to be brutal for their cardio. Especially considering it's a respiratory disease. I think if at all possible we need to call the season for the Canucks. This just isn't a good idea. Forget hockey.
  7. Buffalo ties it with 3.6 seconds to go. Buffalo cup run inc.
  8. Yeah, I was laughing about the "roughing" call too. Couldn't have been a more obvious elbow. I was reading a reddit thread and someone mentioned that for someone making 100K a year, that's $40. I'll pay $40 to elbow some coworkers.
  9. It was a late, intentional elbow to the head. Imagine Rous doing that to anyone.
  10. Oh is it because of games played? My bad, was just looking at points right now more than anything.
  11. I just don't see how Montreal chokes bad enough for us to pass them. Unfortunately I think we'll on the outside looking in. I think I'll be cheering for the Jets if we don't end up making it in, liking their team.
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