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  1. Petey won a faceoff, that's something. I feel like this third period is going to mean a lot for the way this season is going to go.
  2. The kid is such a beauty. Our team is so much fun to watch now.
  3. Really nice to see how hard the guys fought to come back. Everyone except Miller, I dunno wtf is up with him but we need him to figure it out. A lot more energy in the lineup this year, should be a fun one.
  4. I hope Bo is at home licking his chops for the next time he gets to bitchslap McDavid around. I bet he's a lot less mouthy with Daddy Bo around.
  5. This is the most critical I've ever seen you. Gadj was certainly a fan favourite.
  6. That sucks, loved how tough the guy was. Hoping MacEwen takes the next step this year. We know he can beat people up.
  7. These guys spend their entire lives working towards this goal. If they're as good as Petey, they deserve it. We can't expect everyone to be the Sedins. The players also realize Petey is their best player; it's been said multiple times. I'm sure they'll be fine.
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