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  1. So who's going to be the Vice president who runs everything? Klobachar? Clinton? Pelosi?
  2. Trump is very intelligent. He's played the media and the democrats like a fiddle and their big response is a guy who has multiple instances of very inappropriate touching caught on camera who can't get through a sentence without fumbling his words. From the side boob fondling to the hair sniffing...it's really gross. That combined with Biden's constant verbal blunders Trump will absolutely annihilate him. I almost feel sorry for the guy! He seems like a decent human but he will not beat trump. You'd think with so much time on their hands they'd have found a better candidate to beat
  3. So, a franchise of a team is on it's way out and a stanley cup winning coach comes in....The team isn't the right fit? Gotcha He made the team into a team. Sestito was doing good. We were playing with purpose and weren't out of contention. Like, think about the facts....we got rid of a stanley cup winning coach because he reacted too strongly in defending the Vancouver Canucks. We basically put the fail stamp on a guy who would thereafter move on to coaching again successfully leaving this tire fire in the dust. Can we start being real?
  4. It is what it is. Do we want to win or play gi-joe hockey player drama?
  5. All of that gossip BS means nothign. Torts won a cup. He later came here and apparently what he saw prompted him to react in such a way. Then, randomly he was so mad about his team that he apparently didnt care about went and got himself fired because his workload was so non existant. Honestly....Im so lost. What was it again? I'll tell ya. Torts said the core was stale...what he meant was the country club plan had run its course and was still being played out even though its sustainability was obviously not there....and yea. I wish we won in 2011 too
  6. What if we stuck up for him and kept him after that big blowup ? Could be a different team. No willie desjardins. No Travis "I'm a millenial too guys!" Green. I mean......It would have just been too perfect that Vancouver, the receptor of abuse by refs etc actually had a coach with a set. I mean. Gosh.
  7. As the game progressed It seemed like we were the superior team physically...Hopefully with time we prove that. If we aren't given that opportunity it has to be taken or someone needs to do something to shake things up. You know, Coaching!
  8. Also, as the series plays through I bet we stay fresh longer. As the younger players get used to it we'll come back.
  9. Oh and also I apologise for what I said about Ferland pre-game 1. For now. He seems to have his $&!# together. A Litter less drama and more old school coaching and leaders truly leading we might have a series
  10. Refs were kinda lame but the boys didn't push back and try to take the game into their own hands. Overall the Canucks played better, looked better, but the Wild got more pp's and had better luck.
  11. Struck a chord did i? So you're saying I am a snowflake for wanting our fanbase to stop treating their guys like personal hygene cleaning devices? I'm sorry. I just think we're better than that! You're free to think what you want man but I personally feel like we've all paid enough dues as fans to start acting like a real franchise.
  12. Greener just wanted to get a look at some other players. He knows Jake more than any other coach with all the time they spent together in Utica. No doubt in my mind he'll be on the opening roster. The question is more what his role will be. Will he be focused on hitting and intimidating or scoring? Can he juggle those two ends of the spectrum. I hope the desperate housewives (no offense to women intended) karen crew can give it a rest for five minutes and shut the heck up and help steer the fanbase to supporting the team instead of disecting jake's body every year and posting pictu
  13. Why would we even get a guy like this who played the way he did against us? After hearing his interviews I don't see him lasting more than one game. I don't have a PHD but he seems done like dinner. I mean....what was he for the flames really that year? A guy they probably gave ten redbulls to and told to raise hell. Now....why the heck, would we go get a guy like that and keep jake on the proverbial bench? I get its a business but either ur in or ur out. If anyone thinks a guy whose been on the bench for over a year with lingering brain issue
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