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  1. JB wouldnt be doing his job if he didnt call and talk to every players agent and every GM in the league routinely. No stone unturned. However I dont see Hoffman as a player we are in particular dire need of. Would prefer a 2way 20goal scorer over a 1 way 30 goal scorer.
  2. Nobody grows by being handed a fish. As I said I wouldnt want to subject Pete or Bo to having a linemate that shows up one night and disappears the next.
  3. Why. Did he earn it? Did he put in the work? Is he partying in kelowna rn? Did he show up in the playoffs? IMO Baretschi is more deserved of a chance to come back. Virtanen can waste in the bottom 6 until he gets his act together or washes out. I wouldnt want to subject Bo or Pete to having a linemate they cant count on night out.
  4. Think he bulked too much after the Clifford hit. Hopefully he comes to camp more lean the twins were some of the most durable players to ever lace up and they were never overly bulky and owned the corners down low.
  5. Sign him play him in the top 6 inflate his stats then trade him when his value peaks. Or keep him if he actually turns the corner on his work ethic.
  6. So back to my original proposal then. Sutter at 50 Virtanen and a pick/Juolevi. IMO Wrathbone Offence and possibly even Breezer defence are passing Juolevi on the depth chart left D.
  7. That was my original post before edit. I changed it to benn because I thought benn was a fan fav when he was there and they litterally have the worst d
  8. When TT was acquired the cap was set to increase. Covid hadn't hit. Circumstances changed. I believe at the time the intention was to sign him. I think also how the team performed while TT was injured also showd that our biggest weakness was on D. Quinn shouldnt have been put in the position he was and him getting ground to a pulp night out was unacceptable. We need a legit 1b back there. JB is going to have to move salary before he can make the splash nessicary to land the big fish.
  9. I hope JB lands his whale. Move Eriksson, Rafferty and 2 1sts for Ekblad Stralman.
  10. Signed to be traded at the deadline. No contenders had the dough to pony up