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  1. It's russia... If a payment was made to terminate a contract there wouldn't be any witnesses. EDIT: Worth noting first post on page 666 Burrows do we really need him 525 pages. WOW
  2. On Toffoli. Regardless of the fact that I agree between Jake and Toffoli I would prefer to have Toffoli. Current cap space = $0 as I understand it Caucks had to be under the cap pre putting Ferland on LTIR to begin the season. Soooooo Jake $2.55 Toffoli $4.25 not sure how to make the math work?
  3. It is interesting to see the amount of NHL regulars hitting the wire this season. 6'4" RW scored 22g in 18/19 makes 2.15M. Owners and GM's clutching their purses tightly this season. If per say the Panthers for instance continue to win and appear in a playoff position down the road. They would theoretically be in a position to load up for the playoffs without spending a single asset.
  4. I voted no. Not because I dont believe in Motte but because I do. I see flashes of Alex Burrows in him. He needs more time honing his craft in the trenches.
  5. I personally would. I bet he wants the start let the kid keep rolling. If he wins it will be good for his confidence if he loses he will get a rest.
  6. I like Tryamkin just fine. Just pointing out the obvious that if he wanted to be playing here he would be. A deal would have been made by now between Avto and the Canucks. He would have signed this offseason. Or years ago never have signed with Avto in the first place. It's weird to me how some people never seem to have gotten over him leaving us.
  7. Mike Gillis application for GM of the penguins. https://imgur.com/a/Rxx2Hmf
  8. Not sure if this is legit???? Mike Gillis son apparently leaked MG's pitch for the GM position Follow link for entire document. https://imgur.com/a/Rxx2Hmf
  9. It stands to reason that if he wanted to be here he would be already.
  10. He chose not to sign with the Canucks already several times. His wife didn't like it here, he didn't like the weed culture of the city, he didn't want to put in the level of commitment and effort to be in the NHL fitness wize, he didn't want to have to earn his minutes over vets annnd he didn't want to watch video of Chris freaking Pronger. If he wanted to return to the Canucks he would have already. 1. You think he will sign with us because of Stockholm syndrome? 2. You're right all of our D have earned their way to the NHL through commitment to the process. As much as I was a fan of Nik for the season he was here. I just don't see how anything has changed where he would sign here if he hasn't already. He seems quite content where he is until the Canucks no longer hold his rights.
  11. Eels preferably shrieking.
  12. I love Schmidtty and I want to see him get his chances to shine. However I think right now especially we need Schmidt logging a butt load of mins even strength.
  13. I will personally be shocked if he ever returns to the Canucks.
  14. I don't know if Olli has top 4 in his future but I would like to see him on special teams. He could be fantastic on PP2 he moves the puck really well.
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