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  1. better not be, a 70% NHLer is way better 100% AHLer if they feel a little weak they better play these guys would play with far worse injuries, these guys are going to be a bunch a babies over a little covid flu
  2. or Dipietro is out and they are just bring up a third to replace Dipietro both Demko and Holtby are off the covid list Nine Canucks players come off the NHL's COVID-19 list | Offside (dailyhive.com)
  3. I am not labelling him as a bust. But he is more likely to be a bust then to fill a significant role on this team. If he can not be a top 6 I just do not see him filling a bottom 6 role. He has a lot of competition in front of him to make a top 6 role.
  4. Who are you going to replace Myers with is the question. The team is already going to be thin on defense next season
  5. The truly sad part of Tanev leaving, is he will never replicate what he did for the Canucks in Calgary. He came in as a young guy to a veteran core and became that Vet to the new young core. He was a true mentor. The respect he had in the locker room all the fans could see it because it literally could not be contained in the locker room and flooded out. It was sad to see that JB did not see how important a guy like that is to a team. I put Tanev right along side a guy like Linden
  6. Covid has nothing to do with it, it is the loses of the last offseason I am referring to. Our whole Defensive structure took a hit. From defense come puck possession and from puck possession comes Offense. I am mad about the Tanev loss to this core. Edler and Hughes have not been the same.
  7. Why do people Like Lind this is a real question 22 years old, 6 1 186 pound which makes him a twig, We do not need another Brandon Sutter on this team. Has not gotten into an NHL game. And he played in the WHL where thy are not cranking out that many good players in the last little while. I personally would pick someone other than an WHL player. OHL or USHL is developing far better players I would say in the last 10 years at least
  8. I would be perfectly fine if people wanted to talk about the OP I do not even like Virtanen
  9. You would not even know who Lind was he would be playing on some other AHL team
  10. Haha As a fan we get to judge but if you saw the comments prior I used the word Judging as joke. I was comparing the two players.
  11. In the Beginning of the Season Utica was not playing so they decided to keep him on the couch instead of practicing and developing him with the big boys.
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