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  1. I beat vintage to the biggest signing thread
  2. Vancouver Canucks Elias Pettersson - TSN.ca Pettersson was directly quoted "My agents do all the talking (with the Canucks), and then they inform me about what's going on," Pettersson said, as translated by Hockeysverige's Uffe Bodin. "Right now, we're not in an agreement, but I'm not worried that we're not going to solve it eventually. Both parties need to be happy in order to find a solution, but I'm not worried about that." "l want to stay there (Vancouver) now, but I also want to play for a team that's winning and has the chance to go far into the playoffs every year," Pettersson added. "I feel like we've got a chance to do that next year. If we have that chance when my next deal expires... I don't know. I just wanna play where there's a chance of winning." Note, Pettersson is a RFA therefor, will eventually sign with the Canucks This format of signing has been verified by the MODs in the post (signing) Islanders sign Zach Parise
  3. can you call it a re-sign if he was never played for this team. I think it should say the Canucks signed Jason Dickinson just like the news release says Or are you right because he was traded to the Canucks prior to UFA and therefor, was still signed to his contract when he was acquired
  4. Just my quick take on an offer sheet no one is about to give up 4 first for for any 1 single player SO there is only 11 teams that could offer sheet EP EP won't go to Ari, Buf or Ott (EP wants to win) so that make 8 remaining MTL Dal and Car don't have enough cap space and Min has there own RFA to sign So now we are down to Nash, NJ, Det, Sea and NJ and Det probably are in the same categories as Buf, Ari and Ott so it is probably a long shot for EP to sign with those two clubs So realistically 2 teams could offer sheet EP or another RFA in the league Nash and Sea. Seattle could do it to the Canucks it wouldn't hurt them to much Sea and Van will never be trading partners but I am sure Van would match it. Nash would benefit greatly they have the cap space for it and they desperately need a #1 center. Min does come back into the picture if their RFA goes to Russia. But if they aren't willing to pay Kaprizov I can't see them forking over the money to EP.
  5. Honestly if EP wants to dictate everything then let him sit. If it is a sign and trade deal EP will have had to agree to the trade. Without the sign part of the deal it is just a rental price the Canucks will get. I am not one of those people who fears him walking at UFA or letting him sit. (Note I think this is all a moot point, First I think the deals for Hughes and EP are already done it is just better to announce them in September then in the dog days of August Just like BB and BO. Second, I think this team is ready to win now and in the future and if they are winning EP will re-sign).
  6. First, at this time of there careers EP is far better than Henrik was. You posted prone meaning i.e. something that could project in the future. So if you want to play that game I can say EP is prone to be far better than Henrik.
  7. We are going in circles. I think you didn't understand me on the trade part if by the 4th year the Canucks got a sense of him wanting out i.e. he doesn't want to re-sign with the team. Could easily give him a NMC for the 1st 3 years. But no 4 year term with a NTC attached to it on last year. Plus it would most likely be a sign and trade anyways I can't see a team trading for any big name for the type of assets that would come back. I wasn't at any point saying the Canucks would want to just trade him willy-nilly. The point is a 3 or 4 year has no difference in what happens. If EP wants out he will get out. The difference I guess would be how they structure the contract. EP can't dictate to the team that he will just walk
  8. Lol I guess Henrik is better then Gretzky Or 99.9% of the league. Henrik was 1 of the few who was able to stay healthy. The truth is EP is a far better player than Henrik. Henrik never played as aggressive as EP does and. EP makes Henrik look like a 2nd line center.
  9. Why can't the Canucks just trade him in the 4th year if they get the sense he is just going to walk. How is it any different. Nothing stops the Canucks renegotiate a new contract in the 4th year with him if he wants to stay. It all comes down to if he wants to stay or not. The truth is what he says now has no bases on where the team is in 3-4 years. If the team is winning there is no reason he won't re-sign. If the team is losing the Canucks should trade him anyways and get going on a new rebuild.
  10. Best deal is to buy a UFA year and sign him to 5 years. Good for the Canucks because they get him for 5 years and they have the cap space for it good for EP because he will get more money guaranteed and give him a chance to see where the team is
  11. 3 year deal is like 4 he can just sign his qualifying offer and then walk. I don't understand people like you you guys just don't get it. If he walks at UFA the team probably has bigger issues. Why strap a great player to a sinking ship. Trade him and rebuild the ship makes more sense to me. Better to have him want to leave then to be stuck with him like the Sedins. If we could have traded the Sedins the rebuild would have gone 10 times faster. All you can see is the now. 4 years from now if this core can’t cut it cut it lose and try again
  12. 3 is like 4 he just has to sign is qualifying offer and then walk. This is why I don't understand the hang up on not signing a guy to his UFA year. The Canucks have cap space to sign him to 4 or 5 years just do it to the longest term possible within the cap and who cares about the UFA thing. If he wants to stay he will if not well the team at that point probably has bigger issues or he just doesn't want to be here. Either way who cares
  13. A 3 year deal is like 4 he gets a qualifying offer after 3 years and takes it then he can walk. If a player wants out there is little a team can do to stop it from happening. Anything 4 or over brings him to UFA. If the team wants a long term commitment they have to fork over the money for a 8 year term even then EP has to agree to sign it.
  14. HAHAHAHA you are comparing 30 year old's to a 21 year old using your logic if Maker is better defensively and they are the same age and roughly the same amount of points Hughes is worth 8 million on a 6 year deal.
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