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  1. Do him the respect and write his name right as this will probably be the thank you thread for him
  2. Wow I like this post this years by far Our young core is done with losing if they get into the playoffs I expect great things
  3. You like most don't get it if Halak plays like Holtby does he deserve to be here and cost the Canucks an extra 1.25 mill
  4. Remember people I wrote this topic I am a big fan of MD and believe he is far better than any backup we got or could have got for the cap hit
  5. People I didn't write the contract JB did I just interpreted a scenario I think is highly probable
  6. In that scenario I would say MD becomes the starter he would over take Halak
  7. If doesn't mean rooting for it. I just think MD is Better
  8. Demko goes down this team is done This isn't for just the Canucks but 90% of the teams I hate that responds any team lose their starter it is an up hill climb
  9. No better off if Halak plays like shi#t Or they could be
  10. What if Halak performs like Holtby JB learned his lesson
  11. Not me thinking like that JB did I just translated it
  12. What if Halak proforms like Holtby are you going to stick with Halak JB won't he gave himself an out
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