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  1. People were getting excited about Miller coming back my point was he was just as likely to not be the fix as he was to be the fix actually it is much more likely that one player wasn't going to be the fix Plus you are very condescending, and clearly not that very insightful to figure out what I was saying
  2. you do realize that defense pairings don't always play with the same forward lines usually only on the PP and PK
  3. In other words the Box will be open tomorrow
  4. yup pretty much We know that Miller will help to Balance out the lines and the Canucks will be running their full roster therefore if they come out flat footed Monday the problem wasn't Miller it is something else
  5. or here is a question, is the problems the Canucks having go deeper then just missing Miller?
  6. it means it is possible that he could be but at the same time be careful cause it could mean he isn't
  7. depth at forward isn't a bad term he gives depth at forward could mean in the Bottom six or a at top six first line depth in this case it is latter
  8. People keep mentioning that he was are leading scorer but I pray that is not true this season other wise it might mean Petey took a step back
  9. Be careful people, Miller might not be the answer to all the Canucks problems but he will help the Canucks PP and give them depth at forward so maybe he will be the answer to all their problems With Miller back Virtanen plays against those he should be matched up with and Motte hopeful will not be seen on the PP anymore
  10. The best change up they had was to put Motto on the PP so we might not want to see what else the coaching staff can think up
  11. We should be careful Miller can't fix everything but he will help our PP and give us forward depth ok maybe he can fix it all