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  1. Another beautiful song on the rain theme.
  2. Wow, thanks for posting this. It brought back memories of the story on Sportsnet or TSN about Jonathan Pitre the “butterfly boy.” It was a heartbreaking story of a young Ottawa Senators fan with E.B. who allowed the cameras to follow him through the painful ordeal of bathing & bandage changes to bring awareness to this horrible and deadly disease. The strength and courage shown by this young boy and his mother and his true happiness at meeting the players was inspiring. Sadly he passed away at 17.
  3. Thanks for that. You obviously have a much clearer recollection than I do of his days in Pittsburgh as I didn’t follow them very closely. That certainly makes it more understandable why they asked him to waive his NTC to go to Vegas.
  4. He had a bit of a reputation (unfairly IMO) of not coming up big in the playoffs. Murray was in the net for their last two cups and add that to his contract and Pittsburgh made a large mistake.
  5. Gallagher needs to pot one of those greasy goals to get everyone going and loosened up.
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