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  1. Good to know that we’re not the only market where the GM gets panned for every move.
  2. I saw this on Reddit and thought WTF did I just watch? I’m not trying pass judgement on the person but I’ll just say it’s a head-scratcher why his wife posts this kind of stuff. Weird.
  3. Very sorry for trying to be positive. WTF were we thinking doing that on a Canucks board?
  4. Adam Gaudette has zero points in 10 playoff games Mathew Highmore has 3G + 1A in 9 playoff games ...that’s all I got. I guess we have to hope we got another Motte.
  5. Microchips in the Covid vaccination? Who needs it when we’re carrying them around in our phones. I remember showing a coworker the track-my-phone app on my phone. His over-interest was disturbing as he asked questions about turning it on on his wife’s phone. You can see on a map where your phone has been and where it is now. Good feature to find a lost/stolen phone but at a huge sacrifice of privacy.
  6. Officer Tatum, the guy who puts out YouTube videos like “Stop lying, Men and Women are not equal” or “They are Taking Over Our Country” with a thumbnail of Kamala Harris. Not where I go to get my dosage of truth.
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