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  1. You’re probably right, I was kind of ticked for a bit but I’m over it now. I agree with amigo though I would have been interested to hear Travis’ answer. At least Eddie was out for a while at the end.
  2. Worth noting that he was playing with Hamonic a lot tonight. What a valuable guy he is becoming. Let’s hope we can get him re-signed.
  3. The funny thing is he said earlier that he wasn’t going to watch any hockey in the playoffs so I guess he’s just here to see the Canucks lose. Cause he’s pissed when they win.
  4. ...wants players to get experience but make sure they don’t win. Stupid players...
  5. We were given a rough time frame and told to put it on our calendar and call if we haven’t heard from them. My suspicion is that vaccinations will be ahead of schedule before that time and we’ll be able to book sooner.
  6. That’s amazing. I had to look that up to see if you were serious. I wonder how he still gets horses because at this rate every time his horse wins it would automatically be suspect.
  7. I give you Phil “Hot Dog” Kessel. Almost impossible to believe that this guy played in his 900 consecutive game on Saturday. It seems diet and fitness aren’t everything in sports.
  8. New announcement from the New York Rangers. Warning: I am just slightly suspicious that this may not be genuine.
  9. If you are eligible by age, when you register online you will get a reference number and be told you will get an email to set up the appointment. My email took less than a week and booked the time for the appointment.
  10. If I’m not mistaken Gaudette is also eligible for arbitration in the off-season so that may also have been a factor, both in the trade and value.
  11. What’s Baffert’s problem? It’s not his fault, you can’t help an addict until he’s ready to accept help. Just say “neigh” to drugs. Donald Trump called a horse that won the Kentucky Derby a "junky" after it tested positive for a banned substance. "So now even our Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit, is a junky," Trump said in a statement posted to his personal website. "This is emblematic of what is happening to our Country. The whole world is laughing at us as we go to hell on our Borders, our fake Presidential Election, and everywhere else."
  12. Kole Lind, 6 games and somebody is writing him off? Remember how we all wanted to get a look at the young guys? I guess 6 games is all they had in mind. I don’t know what he’ll turn out to be but Cull loved him in Utica and couldn’t speak highly enough about his work ethic as he was making the change to center. Let’s give a chance people before labelling him a career minor-leaguer.
  13. I pretty much agree with this except I’d like to see more of Boyd before we cut him loose. He was starting to look a little more comfortable last night and getting that goal might loosen him up a little but he definitely needs to show more to stay.
  14. If you could see how I’m progressing with my lose 10 lbs plan you’d cross me off the list pretty quick.
  15. I’m very excited about next year, hopefully with fans in the stands, maybe hear a cowbell being shaken to pieces! I also hope that the whole coaching/assistants thing doesn’t drag out too long. It would be nice to hear an announcement on that soon as well on JB. Get all the torches and pitchforks over with in the off-season and start fresh in the new year.
  16. Well now I didn’t say it was a strategy. It’s just a comment on the Oilers, not a plan for us. Matter of fact I didn’t even say it was good for our team. Look at the players we’re getting a look at now like Lind, Rathbone, hopefully Gadjovich, maybe Lockwood. I’m excited seeing these guys. We need to make the best out of the situation we’re in.
  17. IMO if McDavid had missed as much time as Pettersson we would still be having a four-way turtle derby for the last spot in playoffs. It wouldn’t be pretty but games would be meaningful.
  18. I don’t like it either. I have tried to stay away from that thread and the JV Suspended thread for exactly this reason. People are posting things that are actually causing real harm to someone’s life simply to fit their own narrative and opinions. Neither Gaudette and his wife, nor Jake or his accuser will get justice on a hockey forum. It’s one thing to throw out our opinions on a GM or coaches or the way someone is playing but I don’t want to have any involvement in ruining lives. I recently saw an unflattering picture online of one of our additions to the team this year and thou
  19. I don’t think either one of them should be eviscerated. Both were operating within the Covid rules and guidelines that were in place. What those rules should be be is a fair and necessary discussion.
  20. That’s my feeling as well, but aside from FAs his signings of any our own FAs & RFAs will have salary/term/nmc all under the microscope. Take the hullabaloo over Pearson’s contract for example. I agree that we are at the beginning of the next stage of growth where we now can start to rely on the guys that we have drafted and developed and fill one or two holes. The amount of young talented guys on the roster next year should be exciting.
  21. Exposed by McDrai, no kidding, right. What team in the North hasn’t been? I’ve been trying to find the stats on their points vs each team but haven’t had any luck. I think Vintage posted them a short while ago and if I remember right the Canucks were about average. Don’t know if that has changed since though. In any case I’m also in the camp that thinks coaching needs to improve. No matter how well the pp might have been under Brown in the past it just seems stale and lacklustre now. It seems like we just trot out the same thing time after time. So many games where a pp goal could
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