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  1. It was really her juvenile TikTok video that she put out that seemed so at odds with the kind of professional you’d think would be in charge of something as important and dangerous as arming weapons. Also now apparently the A.D. who handed Baldwin the gun and pronounced it safe did so without even bothering to look at it, as well as the gun was supposed to have been armed in his presence and kept in his sight at all times. Neither of which happened according to the latest report.
  2. This link is to a story quoting Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough speaking about it. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/dont-expect-ei-lose-job-222649057.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=ma
  3. Reminder: These are not new regulations. After reading the Government of Canada EI website it doesn’t seem like it matters in this case whether you were deemed to have quit (voluntary leaving) or were fired. Voluntary leaving is considered without just cause if you do not take every reasonable opportunity available to you to avoid unemployment. If you were fired for your own misconduct, which includes failure to follow safety rules or company rules, you will not be paid regular benefits. Of course if you are denied benefits you do have recourse.
  4. In the period between Sept. 4 to Oct. 21 in BC there were 3 deaths in the 20-29 age group and 12 deaths in the 30-39 age group. The numbers are rising in the under 50s rapidly.
  5. This video is from a propmaster’s channel and sheds some light on protocols that are in place but not followed. This is the head armourer for the film, responsible for seeing that all protocols are in place and followed. She has since deleted all her social media accounts. I generally try not to judge a book by the cover but have to admit I don’t find this tweet terribly reassuring. https://twitter.com/TeresaFreeThink/status/1452003565090783235?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1452003565090783235%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Ffampharmapro.in%2Fwoman-in-charge-of-guns-on-alec-baldwins-movie-set-deletes-her-social-media-accounts%2F
  6. It was great to see us on the right side of 50% on faceoffs finally. Seattle is going to struggle hard this year if they don’t improve on that, Riley Sheahan was 1 for 15. Oooofff!
  7. Honestly that’s the poorest I have ever seen him play. Not just ineffective but actually a detriment to the team at times. @luckylager’s post summed it up better than words! Having said that I still cut EP lots of slack. He’ll play his way out of this funk and when he does this could be a very potent group of forwards.
  8. That’s the way I saw it too. Green didn’t put Highmore on Petey’s line, he put Petey on Highmore’s line…
  9. I admit I’m not a big stats guy nor am I one of Drance’s biggest fans so I’m just providing his explanation. I do agree that if VP is going to sit for more than a few games he definitely should be in Abby but I’m hoping he gets back in soon.
  10. For those who keep asking why Podz was scratched, here is Drance and Dhaliwal talking about it in their podcast. To summarize TD he says that by every underlying metric Podz is the most lagging forward. If any of his stats aren’t 12th poorest then they are 11th. They also think that if he is scratched for more than a couple of games he should probably go to Abby for his development. They talk about this at 16:20 https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/canucks-bounce-back-vs-blackhawks-as-vancouver-prepares/id1481428435?i=1000539430045
  11. I have been searching the EI rules regarding both quitting your job and constructive dismissal or termination and can’t find any rules that have been changed for this. I could be missing something but it looks to me like the government is just clarifying the interpretation of the existing rules for people who may decide to refuse thinking that they will qualify. In any case if a person disagrees with EI’s decision on their case they still have legal recourse but don’t expect timely outcomes with or without a pandemic.
  12. Former Saskatchewan PPC candidate now taking up ICU space in Ontario. More in link.
  13. Not so. I was I charge of the program bringing PPE into our plant and enforcing the new rules. Some employees were resistant at the time and did lots of complaining but decided to acquiesce when they learned they had to comply or be let go. It was their choice.
  14. I saw them in the mid-seventies at the Pacific Colosseum ( I think…everything was a bit hazy…) and fell in love with Ann and have been ever since. I’ll feel better when her appearance is confirmed though as this is just something I saw on Reddit.
  15. We’ll find out how good their ice crew is today. They held a concert there last night so the ice could be poor. Let’s hope not and the fans get a chance to see the game played as well as possible.
  16. I’ll be honest I never really knew much about DC before this as I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to him for whatever reason. Now with this controversy I’ve learned much more about him and realize I’ve been missing out. IMHO there are two basic rules when poking fun at others. #1 is to be able to laugh at yourself, all your little foibles and idiosyncrasies, your weaknesses, and all the stupid things you have done/do. If you can’t laugh at yourself you have no right to make fun of others. #2 never be mean-spirited or intend to cause pain when making jokes. After that comedy is probably the best medium for bringing people together and for bringing about a change in attitudes. Lenny Bruce taught us that something could be dirty and funny at the same time. Joan Rivers taught us that a woman could be scathing and still be funnier than most men. George Carlin taught us the hypocrisy of language and moral outrage at words. Archie Bunker showed us the waste and stupidity of racism and homophobia while and at the same time showing the human side of it’s origins and the ability to grow and change. Kathy Griffin taught us that the right cancels every bit as well as the left, (even bad comics can teach us something.) Personally I thought @RomanP said it best back on page 3. He was offended by Dave’s space Jew joke so he stopped watching and being a fan. Didn’t ask anyone to join him or cancel his show, just stopped supporting him. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Think of the comedians who changed your biases and perceptions over the years and how much we would have missed if we had cancelled them. Almost every comedian has offended the sensibilities of their time.
  17. Rules change all the time for everyone, employers and employees. Terms and conditions are updated regularly for everything in life. As an employer I was forced to adjust to every new edict that came down the pipeline whether it was health and safety, transportation, storage of hazardous materials, etc. I could either abide by the new rules or be shut down. There came a time when safety boots and hearing and eye protection rules were brought in. Employees were now required to follow the new rules as a term of employment or be terminated. Don’t like wearing safety glasses? Goodbye, go find a job where they aren’t required.
  18. Looks like it was a pretty good atmosphere here in Abbotsford. On a side note a local hot dog king and reluctant hero has won a contract to sell his premium hot dogs in the arena. You made have heard the story of the owner of Lully’s Food experience who donated his kidney to save the life of a virtual stranger. These are Nathan’s Famous foot longs from New York, not cheap but worth every penny!
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