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  1. Who's shoes? Vaccines are for old variants already spread, just like the flu. You will NEVER get out ahead of it. Not unless you legit lock the world down for 2 month, even then unlikely.
  2. Why? It's just gonna happen later and later. You can't hide from the flu or a virus. The shots you get are for already spread variants. This is madness.
  3. Why? I hug my kids, see my kids, see my parents and grandparents and none of us have been sick. You can't explain something that has not happened to us, at all. Hey, lightning might strike you and kill you so don't see your family or hug your kids? We are wearing masks in public and enjoying our lives.
  4. Based on what? This has been the longest two weeks to stop the spread of anything I have ever heard of. The experts haven't gotten 1 thing right on this. Not the timing, how it's spread nothing.
  5. Why aren't you hugging your children?
  6. I think rates went up today. No one knows, that's for sure. It seems like a supply and demand issue with red tape keeping new places from being built. Now they are fast tracking but they were already chasing. We're in, so we're happy. I feel bad for those still chasing week after week, house after house.
  7. Nice detached in Abbotsford. Feels like sellers are maybe thinking a change is coming and we submitted early and they took it.
  8. Take a flyer on him, just make him put his gear on in the bathroom and have an out clause on his contract to terminate.
  9. Earth is where the media is a problem, earth.
  10. Leave the people alone who go on Oprah to air their dirty laundry? Sure.
  11. They do read them as well.
  12. We got into the market. Didn't have to compete on a home that was taking an offer in 5 days. We wrote early, no subjects and the sellers took it. Finally.
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