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  1. Honestly, I would have been okay with trading Schneider for the 9th overall pick had we taken Nichushkin. No disrespect to Horvat as he is a great 2 way centre player who is good in all situations but from what I've seen of him, he is a slightly lesser version of Kesler. Not as good of a shot but better passer. Nichushkin is going to be a monster in the NHL, probably the best power forward winger you'll find in the draft. 6'4" almost 200 lbs at his age. Imagine a line of Jensen/Schroeder/Nichushkin - Sniper/Playmaker/Power Forward. Oh well, crying over spilt mlk now. I hope Horvat proves me wrong and turns into a star.
  2. Banned for averaging about 41 posts a day.
  3. saw it in one of your post i think...

    good to see a fellow goalie here :)

  4. magic :P

    nahh i just saw it in one of your post, nice to see fellow goalie here

  5. Yes I play in net. How did you find out I was part of goaliestore?

  6. noticed youre a part of goaliestore, do you play in net?

  7. I want the Calder, GTFO Skinner and Couture.

  8. Banned because you guys resurrected my thread and did not inform me so I could participate again
  9. Like to see you come back to Vancouverland

  10. For the above unsolved..."All Remaining." and "All Solved" and "morning from night.


  11. Banned for being Canuckletux but not having a Penguin in a Canucks tuxedo... That would be sweet...
  12. Banned because banning is the point of this thread.
  13. Banned because the more I look at your username the more I get annoyed by it
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