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  1. Yo yo, I think the sig issue concerns file size. Anything over 500kB = removed. I'll try to make that more clear in the rules again.

  2. I'll just point out the nutcase has been banned.

  3. Nope, don't have a PS3 or NHL 10 :)

  4. Sigs can't be over 400x200.

  5. Sorry, but the rules are pretty clear.

  6. That is a better idea...I will make it so. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, there are just a few changes I'd like to notify everyone of, some are noticeable already, some not. First, we have two new Assistant(s) to the Regional Manager, canuck2xtreme and hockeyville88. c2x will join the team of Sexy Al and bieksa3- moderating Trades, Proposals, and Fantasy. hockeyville will join Lager Hog and debluvscanucks in Canucks Talk as well as General Hockey. Both are known as solid contributors and have great reputations. Feel free to send them a nice welcome message, and try not to pester them too much yet. Second, a slight restructuring. Hockey talk is now ordered at the top of the forum list, and the Feedback forum has been moved to the bottom. All big news will now be posted via blog, or by a pinned thread in the relevant forum. Third, new emote! It may take a while for them to propagate, and they're a little shy, so my apologies if they randomly disappear from time to time. Fourth, the limits on reputation points have been bumped slightly to 5 positive and 2 negative per day. Use them wisely! Thanks, SN
  8. Sorry, felt bad doing it :(

  9. Absolutely awesome. Glad you had a great day, you deserve it(especially after that travel).
  10. I'm still trying to figure out why anyone likes twitter.
  11. Should be able to post now, you were just validating.

  12. There were a few hours where the mods weren't exempted from the list :)

  13. I refuse to make any. I figure if you want to change something in your life, waiting till January 1 every year to do it is kinda dumb.

  14. Nah, those have nothing to do with it :)

  15. Your profile is alright, I don't see anyone having a legit complaint about that.

  16. Yeah, the face is from 2001 :)

  17. Yeah, kinda lost my old one :(

  18. Hey Spaniel, if someone deleted your photo off photobucket, then yes, it will disappear here.

    A good alternative is to upload it to our gallery here.

  19. I approve this message.