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  1. I cant imagine myself ever doing that ! Besides, since I dont wear makeup, a guy cant really see me look any worse right ? It can only get better ! Or at least that's my way of looking at it :)

    No ! It's not a bad thing ! It's like a new picture everytime I come here !

    I know :) I dont know if I really wanna be recognized on cdc, that would be kinda we...

  2. I do ! Just not one that I follow consistently. Well actually, I dont really follow it all all :o

  3. I don't even go on ! Seriously, I don't :)

  4. i dont know ! that just sounded like a cool line !

  5. i dont know ! whenever anyone said rk, i always thought it was a girl ! good to know that you're not :)

  6. i dont know, i just do that a lot :)

  7. i dont like you !

    thought we were on a nickname basis 8-) ferry mcberry ? i take it back, never gonna call you that again !

  8. i dont love him like THAT ! He's not hot, i love him like every sports fan loves an athlete. Im not physically attracted to him :)

  9. I dont own a diary !

    I'm apart of the athletic encouragement squad... which means I go to ever football game and sit in the stands to cheer... I dont go to ubc :(

  10. I dont show my full face on cdc :o you've gotta be close enough to have me on msn to see my face !

  11. I feel for you coraline :)

  12. I forgot to sign in as invisible :)

  13. i get it, i get it !

    do i look black ? :)

  14. I had a picture up once !

  15. i have good ideas :) you should have him wearing contacts since he thinks its geeky to wear glasses.

  16. I know ! I dont like it either ! Now I'm friends with people whether I like it or not :o

  17. i know ! neither am i :)

  18. i know girls who dont let their bf's see them without makeup :o they even wear it to bed :|

    you take a whole lot of pictures btw !

  19. I know what you meant !

    It was okay :)

    No one ! I usually have it as that :) I hate seeing my name on the bottom of a thread !

  20. i know what you were going to say 8-) 8-)

    no ! :) i like making that emotion only :)

  21. I know, that was gross !

  22. i laughed :)

    no ! neither !

  23. i like your gallery :)

  24. i love it when things get super busy ! that's when i thrive :)

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