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  1. Why did the rangers get such a bad playoff schedule? It seems like they have more back to back games than any other team.
  2. The league forbids him from talking about other teams player in the public, and he will get fines. There is nothing to gain by admitting what players are injured and what their injuries are, or else they will be targets. Admitting that you will ask players to waive their NTC's will cause free agents to reconsider playing here, and will make current players worried about being traded instead of focusing on playing. A lot of his job is negotation, which means he would be at a disadvantage if he reveal his hand, strategy, or what players he is targeting. There is no point in firing Gillis since whoever replaces him will have to retool or rebuild and usually those GM's who take on sinking boats usually get fired right before the team becomes successful again. (ex: Nonis, Burke, Tallon, etc)
  3. How did Dalpe do last game? This is his chance to show he can be in the top 9.
  4. Probably the same reason I put a disc into you, press your power button, sit back and press your buttons for hours. While staring at something on top of you, for hours.

    But then again I don't know why you read this comment.

  5. Why'd I read your signature?:(

  6. Banned cause this thread is too long to read it all.
  7. Doesn't really add much but good read anyways: http://www.moosehockey.com/moosenews/407/1886 Noel seems very smart, Schroeder seems to know what he must do to improve.
  8. How would I go about to get invited to go to a draft?
  9. Is the internship focusing on Operations/Equipment management or coaching? Good read, I can tell that you seem really excited about it.
  10. Banned cause I haven't banned anyone in awhile, yet this topic is always appearing on the top of my content list, due to all the people I have been neglecting to ban.
  11. Wow your sigs and avatar are/were too distracting but very nice.

  12. Banned for posting above me. Also I'm going to ban the person who posts below me for trying to ban me.
  13. Banned for making long ban post after making fun of me for having long ban post.
  14. Banned cause I need a reason to ban you for then I could say something else in this topic. If you look at my last post and the persons before mine I actually posted mine 1min before the other person, but it made the other persons post appear before mine, which made my ban be irrelevant and made me look like a fool.
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