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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. you should get Blades tickets. did you know that Mike Green of the Capitals played with them?

  2. you and your all Russian fantasy team lol

  3. we are from the same place :P

  4. plz don't make your first post a thread in the proposals section.

  5. i'll try, but i still have alot of requests i need to fill out.

  6. wow! i have never seen proposals get locked up, but you have had all 15 of your posts locked up lmao

  7. well its too bad but it looks like your wrong

  8. god dam it i hope your right

  9. congradulations on being the all time post leader on CDC

  10. why do you have more posts here than in leaf.com?

  11. leafs are dead

  12. oops nvm your 80 away

  13. your only 30 posts away from being the all time poster on CDC

  14. man that roster is anything but realistic

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