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  1. Not at all. Noticed you're too hideous to even try.

    Grow up, punk. And you'll be reported if you show up leaving inflammatory comments again. K?

  2. Aren't you embarrassed to have a picture of your ugly face on a public forum...Ouch

  3. I knew this thread was coming after somebody suggested one in the "OMG SNOW" thread...
  4. yeah, 2nd round, i was gonna surprise her but you fracking ruined it....faggoyel

  5. are you going to take ur gf to the canucks game

  6. stop creeping my profile GAYel

  7. So, I'm hungry, and I don't know what to eat. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!
  8. Nice. I know quite a few ppl from that school.

  9. Oh. Well, I like it. Which high school did you go to?

  10. No, just went to school there. I'd die if I lived there

  11. Do you live in Delta?

  12. my friend terence wants to go out with you mzcrosby87

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