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  1. Can we even say the D is the problem? Two(?) PP goals against and a bagel in the goal column. We need to beat Smith.
  2. We could certainly use Brock out there. Was probably our best player last year… if a player of his caliber can be underrated it’s him.
  3. Ah well, that sucks. Best of luck to Zach! Honest question - who’s our resident heavyweight now who answers the bell to drop the gloves? I know we have a few guys who can do it “by committee” but Im honestly drawing a blank here on a guy I’d be excited (as opposed to kind of worried if he got hurt) to see fighting.
  4. Maybe it’s a low key good sign our waiver guys are being claimed?
  5. Yeah, I can’t disagree - they’ll be hard pressed to be average but hopefully that’s all they need to be. Forwards and goalie need to carry the weight and the big money guys need to earn their contracts on the back end. Good news is I’ve thought OEL and Poolman look good so far. I can see management pushing for another trade early on to shore it up - maybe once Hamonic’s cap hit and LTIR stuff settles - but it won’t be easy.
  6. Hopefully Brock is able to go. Miller-Petey-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Garland Hoglander-Dickinson-Podkolzin Lammikko-Highmore-MacEwen OEL-Myers Hughes-Poolman Rathbone-Schenn Demko Would look better with Hamonic, Sutter and Motte but I can live with it. If Brock can’t go Garland plays with Petey and Miller and Hoglander stays with Bo. Bring on the Oilers!!
  7. Yeah it’s a trap question for sure - say you were treated unfairly and look like an entitled whiner or say it was fair and admit you aren’t good enough. The truth is, his circumstances with injuries, Covid and maybe cap situation(?) really limited his chances with the Canucks. I’d be fine with him saying it was unfair even if a lot would jump on him for it. On the other hand, the team feels they’re better off with Rathbone and using Hunt as the depth guy - I think there aren’t many secure positions right now so that’s their bet to make I guess.
  8. I don’t think it was the be-all and end-all but lying on the ground was a bit much for a club thing to get some pride back after last season. At the end of the day the club seems convinced that Rathbone is the way to go.. with Hunt being the obvious fit for “7th man.” Glad we got something instead of just losing him to waivers.
  9. Regular season will be telling. JB did a good job revamping the roster but Hamonic, Hughes, Boeser, Petey, Sutter and Motte’s various situations are putting a ton of pressure on the coaching staff. Based on pre season I don’t mind the level of play - but the top of the lineup and Demko need to be better if we’re going to start on the right foot.
  10. I think people on here and Twitter are taking this Juolevi quote the wrong way. I read this as him dismissing the question - it’s really irrelevant whether he was (or thinks he was) treated fairly. That’s pro sports.
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