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  1. It’s heartening to see the guys actually put in a decent effort though. Bodes well for next year.
  2. “Mission accomplished: McDavid got to 100 so let’s just get this over with.” Is what they were thinking.
  3. Edler ruining 100 night with his 100th would have been a little bit of numerological fun.
  4. Him and Miller are actually a nice balance in the leadership department. Both bring it and don’t take any crap but in very different ways.
  5. Man, is that it? I hate our “fans” that seem like they’re trying to impress the Toronto (or other team) fans all the time. Or the ones that gripe 24/7 and chirp the team harder than our biggest rivals. I don’t give a dusty hump what other teams’ fans think of us.
  6. That fight was such garbage. Can’t believe no one stuck up for him. With all the turnover I wonder if he has any good friends left in the room.
  7. I know Demko hasn’t been doing that thing where he morphs into a brick wall but he still looks sharp. Big year for him.
  8. Yeah with Crosby. People kinda chose Ovie over him... though I feel like Sid won a lot of people over throughout the years. Bouncing back from those concussions. Team Canada. I have a lot of time for him now.
  9. For sure - I’m fine with Eddie back or if we’d rather go with Juolevi/Rathbone. I was just chuckling at the mental image of Edler making a total poor sport dirty move to ruin the mood while everyone was celebrating McDavid. Dark humour, I know.
  10. Maybe he’s been saving it up... How many 1OA mulligans does a team get? Just impossible to be happy for them.
  11. Edler should just hang a knee on McDavid, retire on the spot and give the stone cold salute out of the arena. Quiet guys are always the crazy ones.
  12. Or maybe it’s just so they can play that stupid 100 point clip for the next 10 years to rub our noses in it.
  13. The league really has nothing to gain kicking us while we’re down right now.. maybe the conspiracy is to finally hand us that 1OA.
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