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  1. Still remember the line when Winnipeg got the Jets back.. “what does this mean for the league?” ”Edmonton is now the 2nd least desirable place to play.” Also - shows he doesn’t want to leave THAT badly.
  2. FWIW I’d bet this has nothing to do with the club trying to bring back Hamonic.
  3. I would think this is as a 7/8 guy.. minimal AAV but gets 2 years for a little security? That would be awesome. He’s shockingly only 31 and brings a bit of muscle.
  4. He’s “replacement level” - right. That’s my key to know someone has no idea what they’re talking about. People throw that phrase around as though Guillaume Brisebois or Ben stupid Hutton would put up 40 points a year if they just got a little PP time.
  5. No kidding… some of those interviews were so awkward. We’re also so saturated with media and pseudo-media he probably got asked that like 12 times.
  6. OEL’s agent just ripped the Vancouver media for being negative on Donnie and Dhali … there’s a little narrative that keeps popping up lately.
  7. RIP to the two best nicknames on the team. “Big Tuna” and “Shotgun Jake”
  8. Two years of this forward group is pretty nice to look forward to though. Should be pure entertainment most nights! (And the D group aren’t shabby in the O zone either.)
  9. True… Brock, Motte and Rathbone only ones up next summer (with the Loui recapture off the books) and then hopefully the cap goes up. I didn’t realize we had 2 years of Hoglander… but when he’s up so are Bo and Miller and you’d think they can get decent raises if they want. I can see where Dayal was coming from - even if you can afford to keep those guys there might not be money to improve. I think Alf is on to something in that we’re going to see a few trades go down as we continue to round out the roster. JB has his work cut out for him but so far, so good as far as I’m c
  10. To expand a bit, my mind is responding a lot to what I heard from Harman Dayal on one of those billion podcasts out there. While I usually find him fairy measured on Twitter and the Athletic he was kinda going off on the OEL trade. His biggest gripe was lack of ELCs coming in the pipeline to support the solid top 9 JB has put together. It’s a fair point… however it does ignore the possibility that we can recoup cheaper / younger players now that we are finally (hopefully) in a position to sell high on a piece or two.
  11. Ha! I think we’ll do great next year. Just calling it like I see it regarding the cap / prospect pool though. We haven’t really experienced “too many good players” in a loooong time and hopefully that’s where we’re headed. The bad news is, in a cap world, it’s hard to keep everyone. The good news is that should help add picks/prospects that we’re short on.
  12. Actually I think Kermit is doing back flips now that Jake is bought out.
  13. I agree - the “hard” decisions (somewhat ironically) come if this team finds success. It’ll be hard to keep everyone if they keep improving. (Although selling a piece or two might be the built in way JB revitalizes the prospect pool.) If we flop again it’s pretty clear JB is canned and the new GM can start moving guys out to recoup picks and prospects and re-something around Hughes and Petey. It’ll be sad to see some guys go but I don’t think anyone would question it too much and you can bet a guy like Miller won’t want to stick around if we suck again.
  14. I think this was coming even without the allegations. Hockey-wise it’s a shame because he had a ton of potential and seemed so close sometimes to really breaking through. Can’t wait around any longer though - it’s all hands on deck this season. Jake (and Gaudette) had their chance but now it’s Garland and Podkolzin time.
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