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  1. Funny that if you compare for goals at per 60 at 5v5 the bottom 6 look a lot more middle of the pack.
  2. I’ve certainly adjusted my opinion of acquiring guys in their late 20s who bring grit/toughness and also play good two way hockey. If Dorsett, Prust, Roussel and Ferland are to be believed (and 4 players is hardly a proper sample size) it’s buyer beware.. even if they still have game it’ll disappear with an injury sooner than later. So maybe with those guys at least it was some poor judgement, even if they were exactly what this team has needed and quite frankly still needs.
  3. Yeah, I’m basing that comment more on recent trends that seem a lot more lopsided. Motte was our team bottom 6 leader for 5 on 5 ice time and he was producing. Weaker teams like Detroit who are up the list also have a lot less discrepancy between 2nd and 4th lines regarding ice. Another factor, we lead the league in PIM and our bottom 6ers get a good chunk of their ice time on the PK - not prime situation to put up points. The biggest issue, of course, is still Jake and Gaudette putting up doughnuts night after night. Probably the 2 everyone would have chosen to keep to enter the season, besides maybe Motte.
  4. I agree some context is needed here: Green has absolutely ridden his top 6 into the ground this season and those top 2 lines are 100% loaded up. We dropped Miller to the “3rd line” last game and if you flip his stats with Jake we’re dab smack in the middle of the pack (not fair, I know, because he didn’t score those points with 3rd line teammates.) The other bit of context is simply: who had Jake and Gaudette (both at .5 PPG paces last year with a good chunk of goals) combining for 3 points through 20 games? Those would have been who I pegged for “depth scoring” this year along with Motte. I think a few guys pointed out that Jake was due for a regression based on shooting % or something.. but not 1 point in 19 games regression. Jebus. Throw in that Roussel usually scores at about a 28 point per 82 game pace and he’d be in line for 11 this year... and there’s why the depth scoring is in the tank. Not to always tie things back to JB but damn - how is he responsible for his two young depth guys regressing from career years to almost NO production? Then yeah maybe too long on the contract for Roussel but OF COURSE he has a career-derailing knee injury half way through the first year of his deal - one which he was playing very well. Some of the pit we’re in is just plain old bad luck.
  5. Yeah, that’s such a bum take. The Oilers were a bunch of prima donna 1OAs who paid lip service to “playing the right way” but were content to rack up points and party. “You had a group of players that talked about how they wanted to make the playoffs, and talked about how sick they were of losing, and then by Game Three after losing 6-1, they’re straight out to the bar to three in the morning, lighting up the night life scene in Edmonton. Like, come on, give me a break. It was to the point where it was ridiculous where the lifestyle was way more important than actually playing the game and making the playoffs. Like I said, talk is cheap. “Even in practice, I came from a group where you’re practising against guys like (Patrice) Bergeron or (Zdeno) Chara, and you’re going at each other, like game intensity — and that is how you get better. That is how you be a playoff contender. That is how you be a champion. And you try to instil some of those values. We had some other guys who had been on the playoff teams and they had the same frustration. They’d come and practice hard and there was a group of guys there that had like, it was too cool to try hard. Derogatory terms for trying too hard in practice. That’s the culture, right. I don’t think that’s our issue at the moment. I’ve been over it before and this year is like that perfect storm of crap to start the season and now it’s more frustration and second guessing themselves... not that they don’t care. I still see this as a character group. On the other hand: It was a combination of problems, Ference said, including hardcore pressure from the fans and media. “That aspect of feeling, uh, like more so scared to make a mistake and be the whipping boy rather than being bold and taking your chances and having that confidence to try the play. I think some guys might get into that role of just being scared to be the whipping boys… You take less risks. Your urge to win and be bold is less than your urge to not be the whipping boy or stand out. I think that is one aspect. “I think that the quickness that radio or newspaper or fans jump and attack their own guys is horrible. I think that the (lack of) quickness to defend players within the organization. I remember Jeff Petry or Schultz getting raked over the coals and nobody coming to defend them and just trading them after they’ve beaten them down for months, then trading them. It’s like, ‘God.’ It’s not just for those guys but it’s for other guys on the team, you’re looking at it and saying, ‘They don’t have his back. Are they going to have mine when it’s my turn to be the whipping boy?'” I mean, that sounds familiar. Maybe it’s our stupid media and our Twitter fan base going full Oilers. From:
  6. Pretty clear to me we should to try and find a way to get Pearson done to a reasonable deal before we look to flip him though. Makes spreading out the talent a lot more realistic.
  7. I like this - or something like it. Maybe I’d keep Brock with Petey to still have that true blue “first” line. I was saying earlier I was hoping to see Miller get dropped down to a different line - and Green did try it last game. Not only do I prefer a bit of balance / roll 4 lines approach but I like that this gives the coach the option to load up the top 6 if we need a goal - one of our problems this year IMO was that when we got down early we were already “all in” maximizing offence with combinations and ice time.
  8. Meanwhile, we have Podkolzin hopefully here (and healthy) by the end of the season plus a bunch of guys having great starts down in Utica... including Jasek, Lind and Gadjovich.. plus Rathbone has been shot out of a cannon. I don’t expect all those guys to pan out... but Pods + one of the Utica guys seems a safe bet. With some continued luck from the pipeline the bottom 6 might get a boost pretty quick and just in time as Petey and Hughes get their deals.
  9. I’ve said I’d like to see us rent out our expiring FAs this year too but let’s not forget how excited we got around Goldobin or Dahlen. Most of the time these “shrewd” moves are all hype. What do you expect to get in return for Sutter and Pearson that bumps us from mediocre to contender?
  10. Hard to judge Macewen on production “per game” as he’s averaging less than 8 minutes per night. Part of the issue is Green riding his top lines so hard.
  11. The bottom 6 have struggled to add secondary scoring but not for reasons anyone predicted. Jake and Gaudette have followed up career years with ZERO production. Perhaps more predictably, Roussel has proven he’s out of gas after that knee injury. That’s 3/6 of our bottom 6 - including two young guys who even if they maintained production from last year would have been a huge boost. I think people get defensive about the bottom 6 regarding Sutter and Beagle - who I think we could live with and have a fairly respectable bottom 6 with those two even at their salaries. The PK has been decent. Need more from the wings, though. We’ve been overall lucky with injuries this year but Motte adds a huge punch to that group.
  12. Myers logging top minutes on the club during a rough season makes it difficult to properly assess him. Much like how Edler used to get dragged through the mud during the Willie years. I don’t think he’s quite Edler-level solid but he does more good than harm and like others have said, we’d miss him. He’s also the whipping boy du jour on the back end due to his contract - all of his mistakes get identified, called out and therefore magnified.
  13. Yeah, It’s a fair criticism in a general sense - I’ve agreed with that for sure - but our record this year belies the talent on the roster even if the bottom 6 (and below) has bloated salary. Its just lazy for media to go back to that well when there’s other reasons the team is struggling. It’s not like Loui’s $&!#ty cap hit caused us to be shut out - we still have top-10 firepower on the roster and enough vets that we should be able to play semi-respectable two way hockey at least most of the time. Is it just plain bad luck? Coaching? Psychological issues? Poor internal leadership? (Probably some mix of the 4) but I roll my eyes when the guys getting paid to ask those questions lazily point the finger at the the cap situation. I’ve even read (Drance, not Dayal) fire out a whole column defending Green and angling at JB. I mean, fine I guess, but the talent JB put together, while flawed for sure, is greater than what we’ve seen this year - for the first time in his tenure as GM. People are content to just pile on him (and again, I think he’s gone this offseason) but there are issues well beyond that at the moment. All the bad contracts disappear in a year and a half. Right now we’re Oilering - that’s legitimately concerning in decade of crappy hockey despite good top end talent kind of way.
  14. I was high on Green but he’s certainly lost the reigns on this group. Kids look lost and vets look frustrated or disinterested. Obviously not all of them all the time but.. geez. Aquilini seems content to just ride it out though. Likely wholesale changes to management and coaches in the offseason.
  15. That’s such myopic, pandering tripe. The “on ice product” was a game away from the WCF this summer - there’s considerable on-ice issues to sift through before you can properly make that assessment.