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  1. What a call. And good on you for taking some of those gains to help the farmers in India. Fck Modi.
  2. So that's why my portfolio has been going nuts lately. The arbitrage on Apha to Tlry when they merge is crazy right now.
  3. Thanks Guddy, I liked the guy and appreciated when he stepped up for teammates.
  4. Whattttttttttttt......first thought is I don't like this trade at all. I wanted to see Dahlen and Pettersson together on a line. Like others have said though, it's probably best to trust Benning on this he knows more than any of us do.
  5. It wouldn't make sense from Iggys point of view. He wants a cup why would he come here?
  6. anahiem is going to be a scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy team
  7. yeah but to suggest he has a great chance of making the HHOF before he's played a min is a bit premature
  8. if florida doesnt take shinkaruk our 6th and the roster player for 1st then fck them cuz even that is overpayment
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