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  1. It’s truly an old as dirt strategy. Unfortunately, it happens to work.
  2. His name comes up all the time and it’s usually based in old anti-Semitic tropes of him being a scheming Jew when he happens to simply be one of many extremely rich, old white men around the world using his power and money to influence politics in a manner he deems favorable; just like the Koch brothers. Los Angeles and it’s quiet at the moment but we did have protests the day the Louisville DA announced no one would face accountability for Breonna Tayler’s murder.
  3. Of course. I’m not advocating shooting cops but then there are plenty of people who’ve gotten pissed off and committed violence because of their anger. No overlords needed.
  4. It’s either a Marxist Nazi plot or the consequences of living in an age where blatant acts of injustice can be shown in more or less real time to any person with a cell phone, and it rightfully pisses people off. We’ll never know.
  5. @Zfetch I’m sure you thought you were saying something profound with your post proclaiming that the average age of the girls you’re attracted to is 13 but that definitely falls into the “why in God’s name would you ever say that?” category.
  6. Those would be pretty grim movies considering most of the casts are dead.
  7. Can we start comparing the administration to the Nazis now that they’re mass sterilizing detainees?
  8. It’s been a minute. What did I miss?

  9. I don’t think the NHL did that intentionally, nor did I say Bettman was a white supremacist; and none of the tweets I posted claimed so either. That’s some pretty pathetic straw manning right there. However, when the son of a president who’s currently pushing a white supremacist agenda looks at your supposed show of solidarity for BLM and thinks it supports his agenda, it’s pretty clear the NHL missed the mark entirely.
  10. Enlighten us then, what’s the link between Epstein and Hanks?
  11. Damn, more of that by mail voter fraud Trump swears up and down will conspire against him: