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  1. Texas itself would be fine. It's when the other states currently being subsidized by California join the new country that things would go sideways.
  2. The creation of a new country facing massive economic hardship from the get go?
  3. Unfortunately most people have rotating IPs these days, so that doesn't work now. I just think it's hilarious that the same bitter, old, sad man feels the need to come back to the sports forum he's been banned from multiple times to post his MAGA $&!# before starting the cycle all over again.
  4. I don’t think anyone in this thread wants anything else than fair elections. It’s just hard to believe the election was not fair when Trump’s people, and those who simply want to see Trump win, fail to provide evidence to the contrary when it matters. And yeah, when Bill &^@#ing Barr says there’s no evidence of fraud, it’s probably time to pack it in.
  5. So how do you square that with Bill Barr, a man who could politely be labeled a highly motivated, partisan hack due to his using the DoJ as an arm of Trump’s legal defense, coming out moments ago and saying “ya, we got nothing” on widespread voter fraud?
  6. No, this: 1,500,000 votes were send to P.O boxes, in some cases 35,000 to one P.O box.... In case you did not know, Votes are not to be counted if send to P.O boxes. Of course, if you’d like to clarify the rest and break it down sentence by sentence so that the average person can digest the data, that would be great too.
  7. I’ll readily admit that I am a layperson when it comes to data analysis, however your first sentence seems to confuse and conflate a vote and a ballot so if you could clarify a bit there, it’d be appreciated.
  8. I’m a bit envious that you’re in a position to wake n bake so hard on a Tuesday morning.
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