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  1. Hello Snugglebug how u doin.:)

  2. thanks for your message :D

    I love the area im in. the people are great, its quiet and everything we need is within a few blocks.

  3. i owned my first house in north delta. on chalmers place off 52nd and scott road.....they built a school right behind us. i coached little league baseball there and in newton....we moved from there to smithers in 1973.....i started the men's softball league there. how do you like it there?

  4. LOL..... POKE!!!!


  6. It's a nice area for going biking and some parties but not much else to do. Why did you decide to move to Delta?

  7. inah, i didnt, i havent actually done much around here despite living in the area 2 years

  8. Hey I was from North Delta also. Did you go to Seaquam or ND?

  9. damn you're cute! I just wanted to say hi.

  10. Thats why we are looking at relocating to the maritimes (NS or NB) different type of people, different scenery different lifestyle

  11. A whole lot of nothing. =/ It's been sleep, work, sleep, work again, for the past couple of weeks for me. I NEED A CHANGE.

  12. not much :) whachoo doing?

  13. HI THERE! :) What's up?