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  1. Yup. Virtanen or Draisaitl for me as well. Virtanen is like an Evander Kane lite. Draisaitl looks like Kopitar.
  2. It might not fall completely on Torts, but it's easier to change a coach that dismantle a team with a bunch of NTC.
  3. If ever so happens to magically get this team into the post season it would be impossible to fire him then...its just better to do it sooner than later. You don't have to be an expert to see majority of the team has tuned him out and as long as the Sedin's are on the team, there is no way of playing the type of game he wants while there still here.
  4. Why do you think Torts went into the dressing room after the game during the media session to talk to Kesler? He was basically telling Kes, "Thanks for saving my ass tonight and playing a hell of a game" I'm pretty sure Torts knew if he lost tonight his head would be rolling out the Rog tonight.
  5. Uhm, Edler is more physical than Hamhuis. The only time you'll see Hamhuis actually hit someone is if he's laying a hip check on someone, other that that he's more a stick on puck defender.
  6. Heads need to roll. Gillis needs to be fired and so does Torts, because this losing streak falls on the coaching as much as it does the players. Aquilini didn't fly out to Montreal to join the nucks on the road trip for no reason.
  7. Sportsnet is only good for watching the actual games, other than that there hockey analysts/analysis and there sports highlights suck compared to TSN.
  8. @Warhippy Oh btw i'm a Canucks fan. Nobody wants Edler thus why just about EVERYONE in Van wants him gone and no other team wants him unless we take back their mediocre trash.
  9. Take your homer glasses off buddy. There are no 22 yr old centers/wingers (O'Reilly has been playing wing all season on the Avs top line) that are on pace for 30+goals (which would lead our team) and that can play a two-way game. Edler alone isn't going to get O'Reilly. Just head over to HF Boards and the Avs fans want nothing to do with Edler along with a boatload of other teams fans.
  10. Everyone keeps labeling him as a center, but he's been playing wing all season due to the butt load of centers the Avs have (Duchene, Stastny, Mackinnon)
  11. The only things stopping Kassian from being a force is his defensive play and his confidence (although he looked good tonight) Defensive play can be taught and once that happens Torts can trust him, therefore giving him confidence and that would lead to him playing with Sedins. Its only a matter of time for the kid. It will happen.
  12. I dont think some of you realize the Canucks have to beat out teams like the Kings, Sharks, Coyotes, Avalanche, Ducks just to make the playoffs, and now teams like Jets and the Stars are literally right on our tail. Considering we have 1-2 games on teams ahead of us, I think its time to maybe not hit the panic button, but at least have our hand hovering it. We're not going to make the playoffs with our current roster.
  13. It was no one on that 4th lines fault. The Santorelli line decided to make a change on the back check, and for whatever reason Torts thinks its a good idea to throw out his 4th line when they had their 1st line out. Torts has no idea how to work a bench. His style of coaching is just throwing out his good players all the time. Why not hire me, because I could do the same...
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