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  1. I do like the concept behind this deal and a big fan of OEL and Garland. But I wish the sequence began with getting Philadelphia's 14th pick and a 2nd for Nate Schmidt (not Buffalo) and then trading that 14 overall to Arizona in the OEL deal while we kept our 9th overall. Always better to have your cake and eat it too. That would have left us with two 2nd's and enough cap space to replace Schmidt.
  2. newgm

    The Abbotsford ______

  3. I'm a Jim Benning fan with regards to his judgment of talent, but it's really too bad that JB isn't President of Hockey operations (like B. Shanahan) instead of GM, then he could have Judd Bracket as Head of scouting and JB could still practice his passion and his natural eye for talent in concert with teaching/influencing Brackett. An experienced deal maker (horse trader) should have been hired as GM under JB as President. JB's eye for talent is undeniable, but his propensity to over pay on contracts (capologist Lawrence Gilman should have been kept) and more importantly trades is an obvious flaw. Now that's assuming most of his signings and trades are his call? The acquisition of JT Miller is a very good move, but including a first round draft pick is an unfortunate risk to say the least. It's evident from watching the draft with Aquilini sitting at the table that this transaction including a first round draft pick must have been approved by FA. There's no way that FA approves giving up a first if he didn't agree, he could've have fired JB on the spot. The owners are the owners and can interfere as little or as much as they desire. Makes you wonder exactly how much the owners are involved in micro managing this team?
  4. It's a curious story, Benning claims that Delorme was very vocal about EP early on. An unnamed local scout insisting that Delorme come and watch EP is at least plausible, but you'd think that someone living nearby where EP and Dahlen played would have been contacting Thomas Gradin as opposed to Delorme over in Canada?
  5. That works both ways, Juolevi D-zone play, turning play up the ice with crisp first passes certainly contributes to his teams transition to offense, so one could also wonder how Juolevi's game might have impacted London's big line's performance? Many moan and groan about a D-man like Edler, except when you consider the teams win loss record when he's not in the line-up, same as Salo before, so many whiners about him getting injured a lot, but he was quietly one of the most effective D-men we've ever had. As for offence, no one can say what his ceiling is until his been in the league a couple of years, Doughty had 8 more points his draft year in one less game, what does that tell you, nothing.
  6. Wow, you're one bitter puppy baby monkey.
  7. After losing out on the lottery, dropping to 5th and then missing out, by Dubois going at 3 and Jesse P at 4, everyone expected Tkachuk at 5, so the initial surprise of Juolevi was a bit anti-climatic. The top 3 forwards were considered potential franchise players and seemed to separate themselves, the fact Columbus coveted PLD as much as Benning isn't shocking, so Benning, true to his word picked the D-man with the highest hockey IQ with arguably the best chance to be a number 1 PMD, JB obviously feels that Juolevi is less risky than Tkachuk. His size, hockey IQ, defensive positioning, offensive upside and mobility along with his success at every level was judged by Benning as second to none and less risky overall. A rare combination too valuable to pass up on given the opportunity to make the pick. Hard to disagree with the logic, and while I'm disappointed at our lack of good luck, I'm perfectly happy with the pick and knowing we finally have a solid D-man prospect with the tools to elevate his game to potential elite status. Those that argue that he wasn't ranked as a true number one should look at the list of Norris trophy winners and where they were picked, that should put things into perspective.
  8. newgm

    Cole Cassels | C

    There's absolutely no reason why Cassels won't regain his form. Doesn't make much sense to give up on this talented kid, it's quite possible his slower recovery will allow him to become a much better player long term. Rushing kids to satisfy irrational tanking strategies and forcing kids like MCann and Virtanen into roles they're not ready for is far more likely to have damaged their development than if they'd been sent back to junior for another year. It's like beating a dead horse, no matter how obvious it is that these kids don't reach their potential for at least 5 years, the delusional instant gratification crowd wants to launch baby dream teams filled with rookies, regardless of how much evidence is shoved down their throats about such ridiculous strategies, only teams with seasoned veterans win championships or win at all, indisputable fact.
  9. Etem is a great addition and a no brainer to stick, can't believe how many suggest he's let go. At worst he's a more physical Hansen, who can play up or down the lineup and he's still got significant upside. JB isn't a fool, you don't find that combination of size and speed and physicality and write it off at 23.
  10. He's growing in confidence every game and has already had a significant impact on our defence. The return of Hansen and Tanev, Platooning our great goaltenders with Tryamkin helping to shore up the front of the net has helped us win three in a row, although we're still allowing too many shots, it's a circus watching us trying to clear our own zone when Tryamkin's not out there. Tryamkin's a great start, but we still need to move some bodies and upgrade our defence. Wish WD would go with Pedan, he's not giving this kid enough time to get into the flow, makes no sense.
  11. Notice how with the adjustments required for speed and smaller ice, Tryamkin has only 2 penalties in 9 games while he's crushing guys. Something maybe special about our smooth skating Russian bear.
  12. Parise was eligible for the 2002 draft and elected to go into the 2003 draft a month before his 19th birthday. Kesler, Vanek and Parise were all eligible for the 2002 draft but prior to the 2004 lockout high school players that went the NCAA route had to chose or elect that if they opted into the draft their freshman year they lost college eligibility, so some waited until after their freshman year to enter the draft. Those rules no longer apply, but If Boeser did the same thing he'd be in this years draft class.
  13. Personally I don't care what anyone says, even if it's border line, it's a free country, "supposedly". But, I just got suspended for nothing near what you said, so please let us know if you get suspended, just curious?
  14. Trudeau is more of a communist than Putin, so you're probably right. Free Vodka for everyone.
  15. If the Canucks don't make the playoffs and Utica does, it's likely that Nikita will play both for the Canucks and the Comets, so he'll see what it's like in the AHL versus the AHL.
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