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  1. Classic CDC, freaking out when somebody posts a fresh, well thought out take that goes against what they want to hear.
  2. Waive Wyatt Newpower Madison Thompson
  3. Avalanche waive Zachary Sonora Tomas Vomacka
  4. First Name: Pakiam Brandon Last Name: Ali II Date of Birth: (07/23) Place of Birth: Singapore Nationality: Singaporean Second Nationality (Optional): American Primary Position: LW Seconary Position(s) (Optional): RW Height (cm): 181 Weight (kg): 88 Handedness: Left Jersey Number: 64 Junior Preference: College Starting Team*: Rocky Mountain RoughRiders (or some other Colorado based team) Player Type: Grinder Role: Offensive Role: 18 Defensive Role: 10 Total Role Points: 0 Staff Attributes: Adaptability: 9 Ambition: 13 Determination:
  5. Avalanche release Tyler Parsons Chad McInnis Cam Morrison Avalanche recall Patrik Muharemovic Matt Bentley Liam Murphy
  6. Colorado calls up wes elser
  7. Congratulations to Borre Odegaard for being a 19 year old selke winner
  8. Avs release #51 Maxim Williams #14 Jonathan MacLean #1 Tomas Vomacka Avs send down #41 Isidro Aguanno Avs call up #39 Rafael Brown
  9. Avs release #46 Jordan Cornelius #50 Thierry Gygax Silvian von Bergan Stefan Duff
  10. Avs call up Ryan Donaldson Send down Wes Elser
  11. avalanche send down #39 rafael brown avalanche recall #1 tomas vomacka
  12. Avalanche Waive #1 Tomas Vomacka. Avalanche Name #30 Tyler Parsons as starting goalie.
  13. #9 Yan-Pavel Studnicka - #15 Lallo Chukro (A) - #55 Darius Giaser #27 Chad McInnis - #11 Sebastian Svensson - #13 Valeri Nichushkin #70 Romain Zenafi - #22 Borre Oregaard - #36 Karsten Steinke #41 Isidro Aguanno - #14 Jonathan MacLean - #51 Maxim Williams #6 Jere Jokela - #44 J.T. Larkin (C) #24 Ty Smith (A) - #8 Ali MacLean #4 Madison Thompson - #2 Wes Elser #1 Tomas Vomacka #39 Rafael Brown Associated Players #64 Pakiam Brandon Ali #50 Thierry Gygax #23 Ryan Donaldson #88 Patrik Muharemovic Retired Numbers #19 Joe Sakic #21 Peter Fors
  14. Colorado Avalanche Leadership Team
  15. Avs send down Pakiam Brandon Ali and Recall Isidro Aguanno
  16. Avalanche also call up Pakiam Brandon Ali Rafael Brown Borre Odergaars Send down/Waive Isidro Aguanno Jordan Cornelius Thierry Gygax
  17. Avalanche call up Ali Maclean but if hes stuck in juniors or something call up Wes Elser
  18. Colorado claims Mattias Westermark
  19. Avalanche send down Isidro Aguanno Avalanfhe call up Sebastian Svensson
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