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  1. Probably worth pointing out that the salary cap in this database is around $44M, so salaries are roughly half as much as you'd expect them to be in 2020-21.
  2. St. Louis releases Lev Starshinov
  3. Edmonton does seem to have finally turned a corner, but they've done so by adding a lot of good vets who are on their last legs. If they're going to compete for a cup, it's going to be in the next year or two before things fall apart. The Bruins and Canucks are probably your best bets. All of the other interested teams have a legit #1 goalie and you'd probably be fighting for ice-time with them. Let me know which team you prefer and I'll put the trade through.
  4. I'd say Frank has a shot at being a number 1 goalie but just needs to get the hell out of Ottawa (pretty realistic tbh). Let me know if you're more interested in finding a place where he might get #1 minutes or if you'd rather prioritize winning a Cup over starting duties.
  5. Latest update is on the site. Congrats to Tomas Travnik and Pakiam Brandon Ali II on winning the Stanley Cup!
  6. USA won Gold, Russia won Silver, Sweden won Bronze.
  7. Latest update is on the site. Congratulations to Robert Stano (AGAIN!) and Andrei Suppressnikov on winning the Stanley Cup! The Thrashers are a freaking dynasty.
  8. I've simmed too far to check for sure, but I can guarantee that the Blues didn't make the SCF at least. I'm guessing they were knocked out in the third round.
  9. Latest update is on the site. Congratulations to Robert Stano on winning the Stanley Cup (again)!
  10. Will try to get an update up either tonight or tomorrow
  11. Actually, the Blues lost in the SCF to Atlanta. Walker was injured and missed a couple of games.