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  1. This is either incredible satire or I've found Jimbo's sock puppet account.
  2. I should have time to play now if the game's still happening.
  3. Should be a great depth guy for Utica in a couple years. Smart thinking, Jimbo.
  4. Sorry guys, I can't make it for nightfall so I'm placing my vote now. Can't believe I'm doing this but I just can't argue with my gut. unvote; vote luckylager LL, if you really are the sheriff then I hope you're not quitting and I'm reeeeeaaaaally sorry.
  5. Did you mean to quote a different post? That's good to know though.
  6. Wait. If lucky is telling the truth, the mafia could kill me tonight and let the town lynch him tomorrow. At that point, we need lucky to hit scum with his N1 investigation or we're in serious trouble. Can't believe I'm warming up to lynching a claimed sheriff tonight.
  7. Not a big fan of Davo as one of the wagons tonight. Never played with him before but I'm not getting scum vibes off of his posts. Anyone want to make an argument for him as scum?
  8. I'm having an internal crisis because every fibre of my being tells me lucky is scum, but lynching a claimed sheriff in day 1 also seems like sub-optimal play. And no, having a counter claim from another possible sheriff doesn't do us any good.
  9. Right, I see what you're saying here now. lucky as fake sheriff can lead the town along with green peaks while the mafia takes them out each night. Hmm.
  10. It's pretty standard for sheriffs but I can't remember if kingpin investigations are like that. Regardless, the odds of the KP hitting the sheriff in one shot aren't great so I'm not going to worry about it.
  11. And I'm saying all of this while agreeing with the people who think lucky is scummy as $&!#. He's been playing within his scum meta, and claiming sheriff early in N0 is an incredibly strange thing for the real sheriff to do.
  12. This is my thinking as well. The only exception I can think of that would make sense for the mafia is if they have a Kingpin who nailed the real sheriff already and are planning on taking them out tonight. I don't think N0 KP investigations are standard here though, and this is a pretty unlikely scenario anyway. Odds are if LL is telling the truth, he'll be mafia killed tonight. If they keep him alive, he can openly share his peek next round and there's no way that's good for the mafia.
  13. Actually, I'm curious what everyone thinks about lynching lucky tomorrow night. Yes or no?
  14. I like falcon as one of the options but not sure about the other. What about you?
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