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  1. Hopefully everyone stay safe. I work with kids and many parents are worried atm. I'm surprised some families are still going to travel during Spring break.
  2. Well yeah, but no one we can blame Miller. He's arguably the best forward through the year.
  3. Pettersson has been frustrated for a long time. After multiple missed/non calls, his emotion probably boiled over.
  4. We know he's not Jordan Bennington, but damn...he's saving ones like brazal's, but letting in ones he should have.
  5. Fanta thought it was hand pass. Demko needed to have that one. Wasn't even a great angle and a back hander. My god.
  6. We all know there isn't any guarantees into the playoffs until the "X" is etched next to the team's name in the standing, but if you're gonna choke with 16ish games remaining, us fans (them included) have a reason to be upset, especially losses to teams that aren't even in the playoff race (NJ, OTT).
  7. 1- As much as I want Markstrom back, there is a possibility he won't. 2- Management protecting the 1st in the trade was a cautionary move, that move was proven to be maybe unnecessary 60 games in when the team displayed the capability of closing out games, scoring and most importantly our "tree" in the net. As I see it, management has the same expectations as fans...to enter the playoffs. If this expectation was a non existing factor, no need to trade for Toffoli when Boeser went down.
  8. Curiosity, what was your expectation for this team? From what I can tell, we've been sold on the idea of playoffs (Miller, Ferland, Myers), and playoff experience to a "young team" is also very valuable. The frustration many of us have is them selling us this "hope" of making the playoffs for 60 games, then show us $&!# for the rest...
  9. To me, he looks SUPER frustrated. You can tell by his sighs...unfortunately, his D teammates are failing him.
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