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  1. Okay this is just sad. Any chance the NHL will see sense and not make them play a flipping game on Friday? Yes, I do know the answer to that.
  2. JB said Petey would be meeting with his doctors in the next few days, and they will know more then. Seems unlikely, but we'll see.
  3. Yea, I don't understand why the calendar is different from the schedule on this link. I hope it isn't 6 in a row: https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/canucks-season-resumes/c-323495968
  4. I just remember an interview with Hogz where he talked about not being able to go anywhere, just out for walks. They weren't allowed to go to each other's homes for dinner, so you would think restaurants would be out.
  5. I have been wondering about that. Are injured players results possibly not reported? Though, it would make sense if he didn't get it since he wasn't at the practices in question. Though I did read that he was skating on his own at some point, so possibly in the arena.
  6. Jeff Paterson: Nate Schmidt the latest #Canucks player added to #NHL COVID list
  7. Interview with Bo's parents: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/bo-horvats-experience-reminder-human-side-canucks-covid-19-crisis/
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