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  1. Really liked what I heard from him on his first media availability zoom today. Seems like a real team guy, great sense of humour. Can see him fitting in really well.
  2. Nate Schmidt. We have a Dman. Left shot but hey...
  3. It is done. Toffoli to Montreal. We lost them all. Sigh.
  4. Seriously. This hurts more than I thought it would. And to Calgary? Damn. That said, 4x$4.5 is way too much, Benning was right not to go there.
  5. how is there no crying emoji in the CDC??
  6. 2x$4.3 for Holtby?? seriously?
  7. Holtby signed by Benning. sigh.
  8. Inevitable, but damn it hurts. Our MVP goalie. Going to be a lot of weight on Demko's shoulders now.
  9. This is awful news for us. Great for Manny, he deserves everything he wants, but this will be a huge loss for us. Still, I am beyond happy for him. Toronto does not deserve him though.
  10. Not at all. So much better than any of us could have expected. I am proud of the team, absolutely. But to not show up to a Game 7? 15 shots is embarrassing. The blame goes to Green and Brown. Demko was a stud.