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  1. Happy to see Nathan MacKinnon front and centre on the new banner
  2. Thank you @Patnat96 for the negotiations. I’m sad to see Wennberg and Gregor go as I’ve had them both on the team for a long time. Wennberg was a guy I took in the inaugural CDCP draft in 2015 and I’ve had high hopes for him since his 59 point breakout season. The long-term deal I signed him to after that year was easily one of my worst mistakes as a GM and after 3 years of waiting for him to return to form, it’s time to move on. We think that our next crop of young forwards, will be able to replace Wennberg's production for a fraction of the price. Gregor was a draft pick I made in 2016 and it was a pleasant surprise to see him actually make it to the NHL. I think he can carve out a career as a bottom six guy. Likewise, Terry has a bright future in the NHL as a two-way middle six player. Given how well we did last year, I would have loved to run it back with the same group to see if we could beat out @JE14 and his juggernaut Hurricanes for first place. Unfortunately, things had to be moved to create cap and roster space. Before the trade, Vancouver was $400k over the cap and had Terry and Gregor both in the minors due to lack of open spots on the main team. We’ve been talking to a lot of teams over the last two months and this trade seemed to make the most sense. Getting back a 2nd round pick and a solid prospect in Gildon get us good pieces for the future when the current core gets old. Gildon is a physical, offensive d-man who will produce well in this league if he makes it. Kyrou is also a guy @maroe and I have been a fan of for a while and we hope to see him take the next step offensively. Happy New Year everyone!