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  1. is there no edit function any more? edit above. Rock Lobster was the 70s
  2. followed by Blister in the Sun and Rock Lobster.. 80s greatest hits
  3. well I already think Jimmer is stoopit so it would be redundant to repeat that sentiment So I guess the only Q I have left is why not $6X6?
  4. ,and watch Jim and Travis fall in love and sign them for +$3M for the next 3-5 years because they are "Glue Guys" Here is a little Crazy Talk from Virtiboys home town
  5. remember the last guyJim called "a Glue Guy"? he had about 50 games left in his NHL career given the up and down play of the entire team this season, I am not sure I will ever understand what Jim sees in this "Glue Guys"
  6. pretty funny really many of us wanted him traded for assetts like other teams theat are rebuilding would but you think if you for sniff some roses for a couple of hours all of us who did not want him signed at all will suddenly realize "Oh golly gee, I am sure happy about that signing now" and you are the one talking down at us about sanity?????? Oh wait, It happenned, suddenly, just now a light has been turned on... I love this signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I see a NTC , which is not protection from the ED but it still sucks
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Give_a_Sucker_an_Even_Break
  9. I say Covid sometimes causes brain fog that lingers for months and Jim should have been relieved of his duties until there was proof he could think clearly
  10. I have the exact same feeling as when we traded for Potvin and Boothe and when we signed Ericksson should we just start mailing our grocery bags with eye holes and JB ' initials to Aqua Velva ?
  11. I was wanting to hear from all those Faithful Fans who said, " All Jim's bad contracts willl be gone next season, almost like he had a plan and knew what he was doing" what say they now?
  12. the above is from the Hinnistroza thread and why past Canucks are not welcomed back When I see this.^ I think that is not the right attitude about player relationhsip I don't hold anything against Sven Baertschi or Michael Ferland but they were not good contracts to sign If Hamonic wants control over where he plays then it should be on a one year contract The Canucks are over loadedd with "Clause" contracts I do not feel it is about holding grudges You are 30, you want a MNC I'll sign you for 1 year That would be my poli
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