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  1. that is very Sean Avory of you you are the model of a modern Mod!
  2. did you talk about hiking? about how she likes to repel from mountain cliffs, or find an invigorating walk to the store a good work out? Good on ya for getting back in the saddle. dating is fun I am pretty unfocussed in my regular world, but I only have time for one woman I threw this woman in the river 8 years ago, we 've been having a great time since I don't live in Van so I'm not much help for hiking spots though have fun
  3. i am not sure who said what to whom, however somebody thought signing Loui to a 6 year contract would get the Sedins one more kick at the Cup. I know Trevor said it out loud, but it must have been said in quiet too.
  4. good point, I guess I have been watching too much Ninga Warrior maybe give the choice of A-B-C difficulty
  5. from the 3 you suggest I'd go with Mt Fromme If she wants a hike you don't want to go to easy and look like a soffty... unless of course you are worried about gettin yer ass whippped
  6. I just listened to this last weekend
  7. how long til he is trraded to Carolina and bought out?
  8. How is he an upgrade on Stecher? the exact same size same number of points over the last 2 years 3 years older gone -29 over the last 2 years while Stecher is +19 over the same span Vatenen had a couple of good years back in 15-16 when Scott Neidermyer was his coach