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  1. lmm

    Olli Juolevi | #48 | D

    who do we have that off what the bolded provide for Tampa? I'll give you Vasilevski = Demko but other wise I see a lot of high projection
  2. lmm

    Olli Juolevi | #48 | D

    your answer does not satisfy my question
  3. lmm

    Olli Juolevi | #48 | D

    Are they though? they are pieces for sure. And they are pretty good. but what about them says contender? Miller was on a contender that found him expendable, then Tampa went on a 2 cup roll the other 2 were stars on a bad team I gotta say OEL is better than Edler was last year, but I also have to ask, is he better than Edler at 30 years old?
  4. lmm

    Olli Juolevi | #48 | D

    you missed 2021 Boeser, Petey (for as long as he stays) Hughes (for as long as he stays) and Podkolzin.. those are the firsts Demko, Hoglander , Woo (if he makes it ) Klimovich(if he makes it) the seconds Lockwood, DePietro + Jurmo (if any of them make it) Rathbone That is his body of work It may still be the best drafting in Canuck history But I don't see a cup or a dynasty do you?
  5. 6'1" 187 is now what we call "Good Size"?
  6. hmm Dowling scores at 6 minutes of the first then ends the game -2 Dickinson scores at 16 minutes of the first then does not get another shot on net Correlation does not imply causation Dickinson is the better player, he should be playing more I am not sure Jason Megna couldn't contribute at the Justin Dowling level Green needed to bring Chiasson back into the lineup just to get Dowling off the PP
  7. my question is what has taken you so long to come to this conclusion? some of us have not liked the coaching for 3-4 years and yet we have been drowned out by support from fans like you. how many times have I heard, Green is a good coach Green will grow with the young team Schmidt was 29, Roussell was 30, Benn 33, Edler and Beagle 34 and Loui 35 replaced by Dowling, Larson and Chiasson 30, Schenn 31 and Hunt 33 it seems tat our coach is smitten by old plugs
  8. how many second shots did we get? how many times were there 2-3 Canucks around the crease, around the puck, but a Sabre cleared the puck?
  9. And yet the pundits (who are complete morons and hate the Canucks) all said our defense was not good enough maybe its Jim maybe its Baumer maybe its the defense maybe its the forwards maybe the over-paid defensive forwards were actually better than the new "hoper defensive forwards" maybe last year was not an anomaly
  10. its kind of funny to me that Petey changed agents, said he might not be a Canuck long term then he couldn't get his contract together on time meanwhile people are starting to lose support for Green but no one seems to be willing to corelate the two
  11. do you remember that when the Sedins were winning the Art Ross trophy they had the lowest minutes per game of all the high scoring players in the league? And then Torts came along and upped their minutes but their production stalled more minutes does not always mean more production
  12. I never saw a reply of the Rathbone incident but at first blush it looked like a drive his feet went very high in the air and in slow motion I'd like another look
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