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  1. Any chance you could post a link? I did a quick search but I couldn't find anything.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's confirmed that he will not play.
  3. I'm a die hard Whitecaps fan and am a fan of the Netherlands internationally. I don't claim to have a favourite European club but I follow Tottenham, Dortmund, Ajax and PSG (cause of Ibra).
  4. I had a pretty good first week (second place currently). Ayew was my saviour.
  5. Just a heads up that Wednesday's game against Montreal in the Canadian Amway Championship final is on at 4:30 on sportsnet world.
  6. My team name is Who Ayew No clue who my starting lineup will be.
  7. That makes two of us. Actually it might have been the year before. I have no idea
  8. Christian Benteke just signed for Liverpool for £32.5 million.
  9. Good point. Pep would be able to elevate his game like no other coach would.
  10. Great signing for Bayern, but I don't understand this from Vidal's perspective. Juve are trending upwards, have a more historic past, made it to the champions league final last year and are overall better (my opinion) than Bayern.
  11. I wish you would check your PM's more! <3 :P

  12. I'm currently trying to rebuild the maple leafs. In year two I claimed Jaroslav Halak off waivers and he played great as a backup but I didn't want him for another year so I flipped him to Boston for a first and a second. As soon as I did that Boston tried to trade their backup (can't remember who it was). Then at the beginning of the season the waived Halak so I claimed him again and flipped him on draft day to the Kings for 2 firsts.
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